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TW3: Corvo Bianco Estate House SFM model


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TW3: Corvo Bianco Estate House SFM model


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dogs and wolves

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HP- Marauder MEME


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Hybrid fox line - pay to use


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Equestrian Studies


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Writing HORROR

When writing a Horror story, one must begin with a Monster. The most terrifying of course, are the ones you don't notice, or refuse to notice. The ones right next to you. "The most dangerous werewolves are the ones that are hairy on the inside." -- A Company of Wolves Making a MONSTER Think, who are the people that walk right up to you every day – and you let them? • Your neighbors • Your co-workers • Your friends • Your lover • Your parents • Your siblings • Your children Now imagine if one of them was a man-slaughtering or even man-eating Monster? In reality, it happens all the tim

art refs

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Pirate Raven Skirt

embroidery patterns and insp

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DKOK Rifle Lucius pattern

cosplay ref

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Free Cat Lineart


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inspiration from adopts and other stuff

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Avira - SOLD

my adopts characters

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Sewing Tutorial - The 20,000 Leagues Journal


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plushes not patterns

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Thylacine Stripes

extinct animals

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Big Bad Wolf


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Book of Monsters - Antipodist

horror gore etc

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creation games

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My new Fiance... WTF?


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Imprisoned by the Dove

A tear to his mother's eyes, Whispers of her love. The tortured son, here he lies, Imprisoned by the dove. The light of him evades my eyes, In whispers he may speak, The worry of his mother ties, His life to this small peak. This tiny boy may often fight, Against the spirit of death, For his small  sometimes invite, Intruders to his breath. Although, loving arms do provide, A warm haven to his eyes, The evil sickness eats his pride, And forces toward his demise. A tear to his mother's eyes, Whispers of her love. The tortured son, here he lies, Imprisoned by the dove. With time, his eyes grow gray and dull, The sickness

friend stuff

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persian cat skull stock


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SAI Tutorial - Lineart

digital art help

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Pose study11

child refs

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Sleeping/Basic pose

laying- twitter banner refs

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What I Wore 01

clothing refs

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Mossy log Stock 05

backgrounds + settings

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Pit Bull Tutorial

dog refs

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October Frame

textures n patterns

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Say wha?

wings n birds

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Shuu Transformation WIP2


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Homestuck Rogue Class Design

homestuck crap

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