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There's no explanation needed, is it? :heart:
Beautiful girl falls for impressive beast in a castle and has to fight off advances from black-haired, blue eyed hunter.
Not to mention stroking hair and brows as signs of affection or promoting reading.

"Beauty & the Beast" and "Gargoyles" both belong to Disney ;)
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Except Goliath isn't emotionally abusive like the Beast is.
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spottedfur1Hobbyist Writer
Ooh, Lord the dress!
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BurnedSmackdownHobbyist Artist
Both are very good to watch :)
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ElwinRansomHobbyist Writer
I was fangirl screaming when I saw this, I love both Beauty and the Beast and GargoylesLove Nuu 
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aw cute. I used to love this show as a kid! wonder if they ever made the Gargoyle series on DVDs...
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They already have. Check out Amazon. ;)
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shadow55336644Hobbyist Artist
oh and there's another show that's so much like Gargoyles the live action TV show of Beauty & the Beast i swear they must have used the refrence of gargoyles for tha show it's awesome to you should watch it's great.:happybounce: #006: Charizard - Shiny Gargoyle 
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yes but Goliath was more of a gentleman
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6SeaCat9Hobbyist Writer
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ADFTlove Traditional Artist
oh yeah
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SarahGoodwillHobbyist General Artist
I like how Disney did that in Gargoyles
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They are so alike!
My favorite Disney movie of all time and favorite show of all time, together!
reat job on this one!
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Knight-WatcherHobbyist General Artist
my favorite Disney film meets my favorite Disney series... ah childhood memories. Still watch them both... too engaging to not watch.
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AristodesHobbyist Digital Artist
Much as I hate to bring it up in such a fine poster... screencaps are not allowed on DA. Sorry.
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oikg800Hobbyist Artist
what a minute what episode was this one?

and yes that is true about Beauty and the Beast XD
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hmsnikeHobbyist General Artist
The Episode was "Eye of the Beholder" I believe.
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oikg800Hobbyist Artist
ah yes now i remember it now
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Knuczema-the-EchidnaHobbyist Digital Artist
Ever just the same, never a surprise

(i know those aren't the lyrics but yeah)
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writingpoetryforlifeHobbyist Writer
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GeminiWolfHobbyist General Artist
You are so RIGHT about all of that! didn't realize the similarities till now
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You know, there's a big thing on TvTropes on how the two were related....oh, and apparently hair-stroking is the Gargoyle version of kissing...which makes you want to rewatch both and make a tally chart....
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DolphinDisneyOnlyStudent Digital Artist
Combining two of the most epic things XDXD
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moonprincess22Student Photographer
I forget, what episode was that scene from?
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