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Random Story: Changes :iconwerewolfking6:WerewolfKing6 0 0
Thunder, Lightning and Rain
Why Thunder and Lightning Come With Rain
Once, a long time ago when the world was just beginning, there were two Sisters, The Storm and The Volcano. The Volcano's job, along with her husband, the Ocean, was to make new land for things, plants, animals, and eventually people, to live on. The Storm's job, along with her husband, The Wind, was to cool the new earth from the heat of The Sun, Wind's brother, so that living things could thrive. Now, The Wind and The Storm had three children, twin boys, Lightning and Thunder, and a daughter, Rain. Lightning was the oldest of the twins, as Lightning always arrives before Thunder, and was tall and skinny, while Thunder was big and broad. Lightning loved to make bright flashes of light, and even made the stars for Night, his grandmother, to wear. Thunder loved to laugh, and his laughter was infectious, even causing earthquakes, as even his aunt, The Earth, was not immune. Rain was the quietist of the three, and always seemed to be smiling for on
:iconwerewolfking6:WerewolfKing6 0 5
The Change
Sometimes we all seek the change,
but few will ever feel the power that it brings,
the freedom it enables, and the sheer bliss it creates.
Yet we still dream of it...
Perhaps, it is because we are unhappy
Might be, because we are weak
Possibly, because are fooling ourselves
With dreams, that will never be...
But some have said, that dreams do come true
Will we be able to become something stronger?
Something graceful, powerful, and noble.
Will we one day, become the wolf?
Well, as others have said:
Stranger things have happened.
I hold out for that day
When at last, we can all run free...
:iconwerewolfking6:WerewolfKing6 1 13
Mature content
Allen and Ariadne Part2 :iconwerewolfking6:WerewolfKing6 0 9
Mature content
Ariadne and Allen Part1 :iconwerewolfking6:WerewolfKing6 3 29
Mature content
Darkeye's Return :iconwerewolfking6:WerewolfKing6 1 0
Puppy 3 by WerewolfKing6 Puppy 3 :iconwerewolfking6:WerewolfKing6 1 7 Puppy 2 by WerewolfKing6 Puppy 2 :iconwerewolfking6:WerewolfKing6 1 1 PUPPY by WerewolfKing6 PUPPY :iconwerewolfking6:WerewolfKing6 0 5
I feel it…
Eating away at me…
Devouring whatever happiness I know…
What must I do know, to ease pain I never truly deserved….
Why do I feel like this, like everything is my fault, like all things hate me…
What am I… why do I exist… why… why….
Why am I still here?
I smash my head against stone…
I hear it crack and shatter…
I’m not real… just a mask… just a ficade…
I reach up, and pull apart the mask… it’s almost out…
The mask splits down the center, sending chips flying…
I reach inside, and pull apart the mask…
And all hell is unfurled…
:iconwerewolfking6:WerewolfKing6 2 7
David sat up, gently moving Susan to the ground beside him. He checked his watch
“Savior,”He gently shook the sleeping vampiress, “Susan, wake up.” She came around a few seconds later,
“What’s wrong?”
“I have to get back. Mother only stopped time for as long as we were on the run. It’s already three minutes past when I said I would return. The leaders are probably at each other’s throats by now. I have to get you home then…” She placed her hand on his arm,
“David, I’m a big girl now. I can walk myself home. Unless of course, you’ve had one of those feelings?”
She glanced at him, questioning. He closed his eyes, and a minute later gasped in air as if coming from deep under water.
“I have to take you home.” He said.
He thought for a second, before offering his arm. She took it, lacing her fingers together with his. He walked her to the edge of the clearing, and placed his hand out in front of
:iconwerewolfking6:WerewolfKing6 1 41
Hatred is a flood
That drowns out compassion
Hatred is a poison
That kills Love and Hope
Hatred is a path
Most often taken in duress
Hatred is a song
That make’s listeners ear’s bleed
Hatred is a word
That starts three world wars
Hatred is a drug
That so many are addicted to
Hatred is a Shadow
That shrouds the light of day
Hatred is a thought
That leads to horrible deeds
Hatred is a virus
That ends the world
Hatred is…
:iconwerewolfking6:WerewolfKing6 1 17
Midnight Run
The Midnight Run
By Leland Brown
   She stopped along the moonlit trail, listening to the sounds of the night, but not really paying any attention to them. In the message he’d sent, David said he had a surprise for her, one that she wasn’t likely to forget. Her chestnut hair, now almost black, fell down her back and with her dark brown eyes, made a sharp contrast with her white dress and dove-white skin. Her mind was on other things at the time, things that they thought important. Right then, she wasn’t so sure. It had been two years since she first met her Fiancée, and in that time, some of their very close friends had died. She glanced at the path, the color a pale white, like bones bleached in the sun. She turned and looked at the rock face behind her. Poached light gray by the moon, it sneered at her with an almost skeletal grin. She looked at the forest, So much like another I know, she thought. A sigh escaped her lips, sending a wisp of fog thro
:iconwerewolfking6:WerewolfKing6 2 45
Mature content
kalira and Picoo part three :iconwerewolfking6:WerewolfKing6 1 3
Mature content
Kalira and Picoo Part 2 :iconwerewolfking6:WerewolfKing6 1 2
Mature content
Kalira and Picoo :iconwerewolfking6:WerewolfKing6 1 2

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  • Listening to: Nothing (But the voices)
  • Reading: Nothing (But your thoughts)
  • Watching: Nothing (But you're expression as you read th
  • Playing: Nothing (But All who beleive what i'm writing
  • Eating: Nothing (But a person's hand)
  • Drinking: Nothing (But someone's blood)
Pretty self explanatory in' it?

I have not finished writing any story, at all, in the past five months. In fact, i doubt i actually will.

I haven't missed it, not really... which probably means there wasn't much for me in it anyway.

Have i given up? Yeah. I suppose i have.

Does it matter at all to me? No, not really.

After all, nothing's changed if i don't so... why bother?

That, and to be honest... i just don't think anyone wants to hear the stories i have to tell.

I do apologize to people who i was friends with on here; this site, no matter what i would have liked to believe otherwise, is not for writers.
It's for artists who work with the visual, not the literary.

Good luck to those who are in Writer's Ink. You may succeed.

I know i certainly haven't.


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and don't forget to check out my other side's account for update on his stories



Leland Brown
United States
Current Residence: Home (Inside his head.)
Favourite genre of music: Anything that has an overwhelming beat to it. Bubble-gum Pop, however, can choke itself.
MP3 player of choice: It's a small one that i got at Family Dollar {i'm poor okay?}
Shell of choice: Pyrite on the WMP
Wallpaper of choice: A picture an aquantance took
Skin of choice: Uh... (Furry, black and regenerative... :) )
Favourite cartoon character: Briareos, Duenan, ClayFace (original), Beast aka Hank McCoy, Bugs Bunny, Sajin Komamura
Personal Quote: What you cannot see, can hurt you. (Touch the tail and you're dead.)


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