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Skeleton Crew Reissue Cover by RickGriffin Skeleton Crew Reissue Cover :iconrickgriffin:RickGriffin 308 17 Paw Patrol Husky Base by Wolf-Prince-Leon Paw Patrol Husky Base :iconwolf-prince-leon:Wolf-Prince-Leon 10 0
Mature content
[Request] To Study a Pokemon: Buizel [TGTF: MtF] :iconsynariatales:Synariatales 18 1
Ottermelon Action Poses (Page 3) by Temiree Ottermelon Action Poses (Page 3) :icontemiree:Temiree 165 47
Learning the Hard Way, Part 1
Learning the Hard Way
by Wolf-Prince-Leon and GinTheWerewolf
“Um... bro? Don’t you think using permanent pink dye on Anna’s Pikachu is going a bit far?”
“Probably, but we don’t have time to go back. If we don’t do it now, who knows when we’ll have a second chance.”
“...No, I’m not doing this.”
The older kid looked at his little brother and sighed “Well… it’s no fun if i do it by myself so i guess we’ll have to cancel this one”
“In fact, I’m done with pranks.” The little brother said, jumping out of the tree.
“Oh you’re not serious, are you, Tommy?” the older kid moaned, following him “You said that like… five times last week”
“This time, I’m serious. I’m done with this. mom and dad said if we don’t shape up, we’ll never have our own Pokemon, like every other kid in the neighborhood. I’m done w
:iconwolf-prince-leon:Wolf-Prince-Leon 10 7
A Brother's Selfless Love
"Oh no..." A professor ran to a little Squirtle. "Did Project Delta effect you, Vincent?" She asked, picking up the Squirtle.
"Squirt- Squirlte," The poor thing cried.
"oh, Here." The professor placed a collar with a tech-like tag around the Squirtle's neck. "Okay, try to talk now."
As the squirtle attempted to speak, static noises came from the collar which eventually cleared up into legibal english words, "Squir-ah, wha-tle, squirtle squirt squi- me? I-tle..."
Soon enough, "Can you understand me now? Oh... I can talk again!"
"Thank goodness," the professor sighed, "the translation collar works."
"I... sniffed the vial... out of curiosity..."
"That vial specifically said, "DO NOT TOUCH," let alone smell it!"
Vincent, his mind now younger, began tearing up. "I'm sorry... I really am."
"Oh, don't cry." The professor gentle cuddled the squirtle. "I can care for you as a Pokemon, everything's gonna be just fine."
4 months later...
"You sure you wanna get your Pokemon from Professor So
:iconwolf-prince-leon:Wolf-Prince-Leon 13 3
Thomas Buizel Poochyena: Ch.48
It was little then several minutes until we exited Tiny Woods and were walking past the West Rescue bases. I felt great! My first mission was a success. I couldn't believe it. Best of all… we had a THEIF help us! How rare is that! We had made it to the bridge as Batsu stopped walking.
"Everybody, stop," he said, "There's something I want to address."
"What is it, Batsu?" Sasuke asked.
"I want to talk about Thomas for a second," he said turning to me, "It's pretty strange how he forgot how to fight after this incident, and today he's saving the day with amazing abilities that would require months of training."
"Yeah, that reads suspicious all over him. How can the pipsqueak do all that crazy battling, yet not dodge a rock I throw at his head?" King agreed.
(HA! See? I told you! In the last chapter, I betted you that Batsu or King would question me about that! I just knew that would come up when we were coming back! I just knew it!)
"Batsu, come on. You and King have been on Thomas'
:iconmrawesomematty:MrAwesomeMatty 11 65
BUIZEL by Infusions BUIZEL :iconinfusions:Infusions 271 24
Second Delivery (AR/Babyfur)
Second Delivery
Nissa, the anthro snake, watched as her three year old adoptee, Leon the Wolf, played happily with Data, his personal kid stork-bot. Nissa was planning to steal random kids from other people, but Leon had truly given her more of a conscience.
She would still adopt kids, but mostly orphans, runaways, or from more cruel parents.
"Robo-Storks, boot revised target itinerary." She said to her new bots.
The first robo-stork stood up. This one was called Kilo. He was modeled the same as the originals, however this one had a smaller robot puppy dog next to it. But there was more to this robo-puppy as its body seems to made of a soft plush material and it squeaked instead of barking.
"Kilo, who are you to target?" nissa began.
"You have instructed us to survey the park. I am to find a child that is orphaned alone."
"Good, Kilo. And Milli, what are you to find?" Nissa asked the second stork bot.
The second stork, Milli, stood up. This one was paired with a medium sized teddy
:iconwolf-prince-leon:Wolf-Prince-Leon 26 19
Final Delivery (AR/Babyfur)
Final Delivery
Leon, Yukio, Zeo, Todd, and Cody were happily enjoying their new lives as three year old children, playing happily with their bot buddies.
Nissa, the anthro snake, and their new mother, was watching with a smiled, with the kid stork bot, Byte. "We're almost there, three more kids, Byte." She said.
"Yes my lady. The list has already been narrowed down. In the meantime, there is something I'd like to show you." Byte motioned for Nissa to follow.
The Anthro Snake followed the little stork bot, curious of what he wanted to show her.
They came downstairs to the ground level of Nissa's home to find a new robo-animal attached to some kind of carriage. Byte started walking around it, showing off the features.
"Its something we thought would reduce the time for collection. The carriage is pulled by Neela here and she gets your new child to ride. They are offered a drink once they start moving, but the drink is milk with a mix of your baby powder in it." Byte paused.
"Baby Pow
:iconwolf-prince-leon:Wolf-Prince-Leon 27 32
Special Delivery (AR/Babyfur)
From a Lab in the hills near the anthro city of Arcadia, a snake anthro looked through a telescope, with disgust. "all the parents with happy little children... while I am alone with the closest thing to children being my robo-pets." She said, frustrated.
From behind the anthro snake came a robotic voice. "Aren t you happy with us, my lady?" It belonged to a medium sized mechanical stork, painted white and had robotic cyan blue eyes.
"Oh, little one." the anthro gently petted the robo-stork. "Data, you're great to be around... but I need a child, a son or daughter..." The anthro sighed. "are your big brothers built and ready to begin Operation: Delivery?"
Data turned its head and looked behind him as two more robo-storks like him entered into the room. "We are ready, my lady. Does my lady have any preferences?"
"Just for fun, bring me an orphaned child. Now first, state the Procedure for capture and delivery." The anthro said.
One by one in order the stork took a turn anwsering. "After
:iconwolf-prince-leon:Wolf-Prince-Leon 32 147
WereVenk Striking a Pose! by Nyaasu WereVenk Striking a Pose! :iconnyaasu:Nyaasu 98 28 Bubsy, he's back! by FlotianChroma Bubsy, he's back! :iconflotianchroma:FlotianChroma 77 3
The Dragon Plush
That day, Jack's parents brought him to the shopping mall. It was his tenth birthday...and just like the previous years, they were going to the plush shop.
Jack loved plushes...he simply couldn't get enough of them. He got plushes scattered all over his bedroom, and he always prayed his parents to buy him a new one whenever he got the chance.
His favorite plushes...were the dragon ones. He loved him, they were the coolest creature on the face of the Earth. Despite his young age, he knew that dragons were not real...but...he wished they were.
And that day, of course, he was going to buy a new dragon plush....a red one, since he loved red. But before Jack and his parents could reach the shop...something caught their attention. There was a new shop just in front of the grocery store...and to their was a plush shop.
Jack's mom smiled. “Hey look...there's a new plush shop there...why don't we take a look? Maybe they got lower prices than the other one”
:iconben300:ben300 225 176



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