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Lost All Hope Spn X Reader
    It had been a week since the accident. You went out on a bender every night to get rid if the pain that the plain old numbness didn't get rid of. Who knew a patch of ice could change someone's whole world. One night stumbling you if the bar you ran into some old friends who stopped you from being vampire chow. You hadn't seen the Winchesters since you had officially gotten out of the game several years ago. Since you were too far gone to tell them anything and they didn't know where you lived they took you back to the hotel with them for the night.
    When you wake in the morning your head pounds with the beat of your heart. You get up and wander to the bathroom where you splash water on your face and neck, which helps at least until you can take an actual shower. You cone out a
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License Plate
    It had been a long hunt, Sammy was locked up at Bobby's still, and it was a very weird hunt. You and Dean had had to hunt down a nest of vampires, and get a ghost. Neither you nor Dean are as good at researching as what Sammy is, so it had taken a little while to get things done. You'd been in the car for what felt like forever, and were extremely bored.
    "Hey Dean, wanna play a game?" You say sitting up from the backseat.
    "Sure why not. What is it?" Dean looks over as you crawl to the front seat to get a better view.
    "Its called the License Plate Game."
    "Yeah I know it Sam and I used to play it." Dean throws a grin your way.
    "Good that means I don't have to explain the rules. Whoever has the most by the time we get to Bobby's wins. As soon as I find a piece of paper I'll keep track." You dig through the dash until you find a scrap piece and a pen.
    "No cheating and I've already got two." De
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Jack Sparrow X Reader(pt3)
    You woke up with a stretch, that causes you to roll off the bunk you were sleeping in.
    "Ow." You say pushing yourself up. You head towards thw stairs, but decide to explore a bit, see if maybe you can't find a hat. After rummaging through some boxes you find a bandana, but no hat. You call it good figuring there are better things you could be doing then worrying about a hat. You walk up the stairs to the main deck, and see Jack standing at the wheel talking with Will. You walk towards them.
    "So what's the deal with (Y/N)? She seems quiet fond of you." I call to Will, checking the compass and adjusting our course just a little bit.
    "She's quiet usually, likes to speak her mind from time to time." Will walks up and rests against the railing of the quarterdeck.
    "Ah, but you didn't react to th
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Newt Scramander X Reader(Son)(request)
     You sigh in boredom, your tired of this train, and you just want to be home with your exceptionally un-boring family. Your Aunt Queenie was visiting and you couldn't wait to see her. You wished that you could go to America and stay with her for a summer, but for some reasons Mom and Dad discouraged you from doing it.
    The train comes to a shuttering halt, and you jump up excitedly. You say good bye to your friends and wish them a safe trip home, everything is still kinda rocky from the war.
     You step off the train and immediately see your Fathers head. He is a, of course, surrounded by people asking about his book , what he's working on now, what he plans on for the future. Your Mother looks like she's about ready to cause a public incident. Again.
     "Excuse us we are trying to pick up our son! (Y/N) where are you?" She shouts staging your father behind her.
     "Over here Mom!" You shout over the cro
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Jack Sparrow X Reader(pt2)
    The sun was just breaking the horizon, and you were struggling to shore. It had been a rough night tied to the mast of The Black Pearl. You hadn't slept a wink do to being surrounded by pirates, the way some of them had looked at you (shiver). They had left port sometime in the early morning hours and after going a decent distance decided that it was okay to throw you over. It has not been a fun day so far. At least they had the courtesy to not bind your hands before throwing you over, so no chance of drowning.
    You're only half a league from shore when exhaustion hours you like a cannon ball. You barely drag yourself to shore before collapsing, you hear the shouts of nearby soldiers and the rattle of their swords.
     "'Lizabeth," you say barely conscious as the soldiers pick you up  and half drag you to somewhere. You fade in and out of consciousness, you have no clue where they're taking you. A door opens, closes, your taken down a fli
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Angels and Demons Pt 2
    "Good morning Volt," I say sleepily.
    "Good morning Cheyane, your breakfast is ready. Happy birthday." He smiles sadly. Volt has always told me everything, except for what happened to my parents. But that's what he's so anxious about today, Volt was worried about how I would react to whatever it is he wants to tell me.
    "Dad what's wrong?"
    "I... nothing Cheyane." He plasters a fake smile on.
     "Okay, when are you going to tell me this big secret about my parents?" I ask with a flutter in my stomach. Volt sighs, deeply.
     "How about we wait until after school. So you're not distracted by it all day, okay?
     "Fine, but I expect you to start talking the moment I walk through that door!" I say walking out the kitchen door.. I hum happily as I walk to school. 'I'm finally going to learn more about my parents.'
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Jack Sparrow X Reader(pt1?)
         A/N: (h/n) = horses name
   You were happily riding along next to your fathers carriage, you are on your way to Captian Lorringtons promotion. You didn't really want to go Lorrington was an ass but your father being a lord and you as his daughter were required to be there. The only good things to come out of ceremonies is that it gives you a chance to see your best friend Elizabeth and ride you chestnut (h/n).
    You had on brown trousers, a black sailing shirt (like what will wears 99.9% of the time except black not white), and deck boots they work well both for sailing and riding. Your hair is bound up under a hat, yes many people mistook you for a boy but that was how you preferred it. Better to be mistaken for a man and left alone than a woman constantly harassed, in your mind at least.
    Suddenly there's a crashing noise you look back at the carriage and its stuck and the wheel looks as though it has cracked. You s
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Peace in the Rain
    It started when she was little. Helena would run and hide under her covers during a thunder storm. Back when they scared her, back when everything was simple, and she had not a care in the world. Back before a hydroplaning car crashed into a tree, before her father died.
   Now she's older, and knows that the storm thunder and lightening can't hurt her, not really. Helena still misses her father very much, when it rains she is reminded of her father. Of all the good times they had together, when it was just the two of them at home, or when he got home from work at night. When Helena's friends asked her why she stands outside in the rain, she looks at them smiling and says
                  "I find peace in the rain."
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Snape x Reader (one shot?)
(A/N) I found this the other day. For some reason it popped into my head and I went looking, I had a hell of a time finding it but I did. This is probly only going to be a one shot but maybe not. I hope y'all enjoy.
    Never thought I'd be back here, you think walking into the Entrance Hall of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The only difference is that this year you're a teacher in stead of a student, like so many years ago.
    "Well, well if it isn't (f/n) Potter." A voice you'd recognize in a large crowd says from behind you.
    "Good to see you to Serverus." You say heart fluttering in your chest.
    "You're late (f/n) all the other teachers are already in the Great Hall." He sneers.
    "Lead the way!" You say brightly, hiding the fact that your hurt just a bit from how much hes snubbing you. He w
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DracoxReader(Harry's!Twin!) 14
  "Hermione do you have anything?" You ask in desperation looking through yet another book to find something to fight a dragon.
   "Nothing, I'll ask Harry if there's anything he forgot to tell us about this task." Hermione sighs closing her book and rubbing her eyes.
    "We've only got a couple days before the task and if its a spell Harry still has to learn it!" You flop over the table resting your head on the book, letting out a deep sigh.
    "We've almost got it we just need to make sure Harry's told us every thing he knows rules wiseso we aren't crossing any lines that could get Harry disqualified." Hermione says getting up and placing a hand on your back," Now don't you have a date with Draco?"
    "Crap I almost forgot thanks Hermione!" You jump up and head towards your and Draco's table at the back of the Library. He's already there, balancing his chair on its back two legs. Yoiu walk up behind him and drop a kiss on his forehead.
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Angels and Demons pt. 1
I am the daughter of an angel and a demon. I must never be found.
My father was human when they met. He had sold his soul a year before he met my mom. She tried everything she could to save him. In the end it was futile, they came for him. My mother finally raised him, but it  was too late, he gave in hoping to be let back into the mortal world, if he embraced his fate. My mother still loved him, and he still loved her. We spent a year together as a happy family before they found them together. I'd been hidden, an orphan until a strange man in a trench coat found me. Today is my twenty first birthday the day my adopted father promised to tell me everything...
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Too Cold!(SamxDeanxReader)
    It was late, you were dozing in the backseat of Baby when the temperature seemed to suddenly drop. You bolt up right smacking your elbow on the door.
    "Why's it so cold?" You ask poking Dean in the shoulder.
    "I think the heater just broke." Dean says as he flips some knobs trying to get something, but the radio still works. You'd accidentally smacked Sam's seat causing him to wake up and catch the tail end of the conversation.
    "Does this mean we'll be stopping for the night?" He growls half asleep, laying his head back against the headrest.
    "Yes it does, as soon as we find a motel." Dean says with a weary sigh. You get handed the map and you try to find the closest town with a motel. Luckily there's one twenty miles up the road. You, having had a bad experience with the cold when you were younger, bundle up in as many coats as you can, causing you to look like the Stay Puffed marshmallow-man.  in your opinion you
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    The silence woke her. Why? Because where Linnea lived it was never quiet. There was always some kind of noise. At first it had bothered her a little, but now it has become a comfort. The constant noise let her know that everything was alright. When it stopped it meant something had happened.
    Linnea gets up and peeks out her door. She watched as a bag was carried down the hallway, down the stastairs, and out the front door. Her breathe fogged up the window as she watched the bag get set in the back of the undertakers wagon. She wondered what had happened, what the child had done. Lines knew one thing for certain though, she had to leave this home before she ended up like so many others.
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Draco x Reader(Harrys!Twin!) 13
    You can't believe that anyone would do this! You believed Harry, somebody else put his name in the goblet. Harry isn't as good at charms as you are, and Fred and George had already proved that the age line couldn't be fooled. You and Hermione had even spent one night testing the line and there's no way anybody except the person who put it down could've gotten rid of the age line and no way anybody could've fooled it. You and Hermione were the only ones who believed Harry. Draco was mad at you for not telling him about Harrys' name in the goblet and why she didn't do it for him, Ron is furious at Harry for not telling him, and George and Fred only encourage people.
    You're in the library with Hermione when Draco comes in. pansy Parkinson is happy that you and Draco are fighting because this gives her a chance to get close to him. Draco makes a beeline for where you are Pansy trailing on behind. He stop behind your chair, putting his hands on the table and lean
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His Eyes
    He was still looking at her as if he would snap her neck, and very much enjoy doing it. Tansy couldn't help but smile at the look on his face. Of course it would've been less entertaining if both their hands hadn't been chained over their heads. Tansy's smile causes Jax to scowl causing his look to be even more ferocious. Tansy rolls her eyes and begins to think...
    "If it weren't for you we wouldn't be in this mess." Jax interrupts her thoughts.
    "Me? I'm not the one who was making all the noise! This is on your head!" Tansy hisses, " Neither of us is happy about being stuck in the dank dungeon. And I hate myself for even thinking this but... we just might have to work together to get out of here."
    "I think you forgot 'in one piece'," Jax smirks.
    "Oh heavens no! There's a good chance one of us or perhaps both of us will end up getting shot or stabbed." She says seriously.
    "Oh how wonderful." The disdain
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Mature content
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    It had been a week since the accident. You went out on a bender every night to get rid if the pain that the plain old numbness didn't get rid of. Who knew a patch of ice could change someone's whole world. One night stumbling you if the bar you ran into some old friends who stopped you from being vampire chow. You hadn't seen the Winchesters since you had officially gotten out of the game several years ago. Since you were too far gone to tell them anything and they didn't know where you lived they took you back to the hotel with them for the night.
    When you wake in the morning your head pounds with the beat of your heart. You get up and wander to the bathroom where you splash water on your face and neck, which helps at least until you can take an actual shower. You cone out and see the brothers on the other bed and couch respectively. As you go past the couch Dean speaks.
    "Good morning (y/n) ready to explain last night?"
    "Wasn't planning on it, thanks anyeways." Dean stands, walks to the door, and leans against it.
    "You don't gtpet to walk out on family like that. Especially not after last night."
    "Its nothing Dean just a little bit of a bender, I am of age and am an adult I'm allowed to do these things when life hands me a shit ton of shit."
    "Yeah well I did some checking after we dropped you in bed last night and the bartender says you've been there every night for the last week, he also said it was up to ytouyto tell us why. So start talking."
    "A friend of mine got in a car accident little less then a week ago its nothing I'm just working my way through it." You defend.
    "Still want the whole story and you are not leaving until I get it." After an intense staring contest where you consider punching Dean several times you finally give in with a sigh.
    "Fine," I say sitting huffily down on the couch.
    "Great I'll wake Sammy up. You want anything to drink?"
    "What kinda question is that?"
    "Here you go," Dean hands you a beer and sits in the chair opposite you Sam still trying to wake up in the other.
    "Cheers," you take a swig from the beer," I met her after I officially retired from hunting, got my GED, and started my new job. It was like things just clicked when we met, we hit it off right away. She was the sister I never had and with four younger siblings still in school it was a whole new family. We would all hang out together sometimes and it was fun. Then last week they were going on a trip to visit their parents. One sharp corner, one patch of black ice, and a truck coming in the opposite direction. Car split in half my friend and her little sister, the youngest of them all, died as soon as the truck hit. One of her brothers was touch and GI for a few days, the other two had minimal injuries. The guy in the other truck was just fine, of course he has to live with the death of two people for the rest of his life, but no one blames him. It wasn't his fault." You can feel the tears streaming down your face.
    "Oh (y/n) I'm so sorry." Sam says with his very sad puppy eyes.
    "So how about you guys what have you been up to." Dean hands you a glass of whisky and you take a drink, loving the burn.
    "This is a long story you might be spending the night here again." Dean warns taking a sip of his own whisky.
    "Fire away bro."
    "Demons? What do you think I am a freaking green horn? They aren't real!" You too back your drink finishing it off.
    "Oh they're real, and a real pain in the ass too." Dean says topping off your drink.
    "Guys I haven't been gone that long! Do you really think you can pull the wool over my eyes?"
    "Well we could show you, but that is dangerous and you and I are down for the count." Dean says gesturing between the two of you.
    "I'm sure Sam can handle it by himself if they're even real." You scoff finishing your drink again.
    "What do you say Sammy let's show (y/n) what she's been missing."
    "Dean I don't think.." Sam starts before his brother cuts him off.
    "Its fine we can handle him."
    "Dean!" Sam snaps, as Dean starts the summoning symbol.
    "There's no harm Sammy. Crowley will  mostly just want a drink as well." Dean says going back to the summoning spell.
    "I'm entirely against this." Sam says sitting back down in defeat. Dean continues about his work until the summoning is finished.
    "What do you want? I'm not to be called like some bloody dog!" Crowley growls upon seeing Sam and Dean.
    "Just proving an old friend wrong is all. See (y/n) demons are very real." Dean grins towards you as you stand and walk to Crowley.
    "Yeah and I was just born yesterday. How can I be sure you boys still aren't just pulling my leg?" You go nose to nose with Crowley trying to tell what makes him a demon.
    "Oh love, you are a pretty thing aren't you," Crowley allows his eyes to change to their red color,then he whispers,"and a very sad girl you are. How can I help?" You stumble back, then look to Sam and Dean.
    "Alright say it's true that he is a demon, how did you boys get tangled in that mess?"
    "Well you see (y/n) it all started when our dad went on a hunting trip..." Dean starts and tells you the whole story, during which time you ply him and Sam with drinks and stop yourself.
    "That is a very long path," you say as Dean yawns, " but you boys are tired and I'd better be getting home. Good night see you tomorrow. " You stay just long enough to see Sam and Dean pass out on either bed, before grabbing Crowley's sleeve and hauling him outside.
    "Alright you're a demon how does the deal thing work."
    "No beating around the bush with you eh love? It's very easy you tell me what you want or need and I make it happen. At the cost of your soul of course and you only have ten years."
    "No take backs, no way the deal can be taken back and the thing I spent my soul on to be reversed?"
    "No that'd be bad for business. And I am a very good businessman Ms. (L/n)."
    "I want you to bring my friend and her sister back. Make it so that the car accident never happened... and erase all her memories of me. Erase all memories from everyone in this town that include me."
    "That all love? Plan on disappearing? What about the boys want them to forget about this accident as well?"
    "If you would please, and when you come to take my soul in ten years can you... I mean could you make it look like cancer? Or maybe a hunting accident? I don't want anybody knowing about this deal except you and me."
    "Very specific so as noir to cause harm to those around you, and prevent attention being drawn my way. Very smart girl why did these boys ever let you go? All that's left to do is seal the deal with a kiss."
    "Really? It couldn't be a handshake or something?" You wrinkle your nose in distaste.
    "A kiss represents more then a handshake, don't you read fairy tales?"
    "Yes, but I never really liked them that much. Let's get it done with shall we?" Crowley wraps his arm around your waist, you close your eyes, and he gives you a quick peck on the lips.
    "That wasn't so bad now was it? I'll be seeing you in ten years love. Unless something happens to send you my way sooner." Crowley vanishes without a sound, which you have to say is slightly unnerving.
                                      THREE YEARS LATER
    Over the lat three years you had been to check on your friend many times. She was doing well, married, with a baby on the way. You couldn't be happier for her. Hunting with the boys had been a blast over the last three years. You hadn't realized it, but you had really missed hunting.
    And this was just another hunt, another notch on your belt. Vampire nest in Alabama, they were causing some real problems. They had taken one too many people, caused too much attention to come their way.
     You considered this to be easy even green hunters could take on vamps without a problem, but thus time you were a little too slow. You didn't quite catch all the warning signs. You and the boys thought that'd you'd gotten the last of the nest. You were crossing to meet Sam and Dean a short distance across that abandoned warehouse. About twenty feet separated you and the boys, it was just enough. Something dropped from above, you felt a bone or two snap, then a searing pain in your neck as the vamp started to drink. A scream of pain escapes your lips, then the weight is gone and your head is rushing to meet the concrete floor.
    You feel arms wrap around you before your head hits. Then a voice you can't quite hear calling to you stating something about leaving. Another voice calls out and you recognize and hear this one crystal clear, Crowley calling your soul to hell, you follow.
                                                   Brothers POV

    "(Y/N)! (Y/N) wake up! Stay with me now!" Dean says as he catches her from hitting the floor while Sammy takes out the last Vamp, "Come on open your eyes!" Sam rushes over to check on you. The first thing he notices is that you aren't breathing any more.
    "Dean," Sam says, dejected note in his voice,"she's gone Dean."
    "No she's not Sammy! We just need to get her to a hospital!" Dean has tears flowing freely down his face now.
    "There's nothing we can do Dean she's dead." Sam places a hand on Deans shoulder.
    "She's our little sister Sammy we can't just let her go!"
    "I'm sorry Squirrel, but you have to. Just let her go that is." Crowley says appearing out of no where, " She made a deal. Granted she still had seven years left, but this is and extenuating circumstance that she never disagreed to in our agreement."
    "So you set that Vampire on her you sick evil bastard?" Dean exclaims allowing hate to burn away sadness.
    "No I didn't. I was hoping she would makes it the full ten, but the length of a hunters life is never certain. Do accept my apologies and sincerest wishes on your own health boys. Ta-ta." He disappear just as he came, without a sound.
Lost All Hope Spn X Reader
It got just a bit long, sorry bout that.
    Life sucks, majorly. Everything is going along just fine when one small thing(or very big thing) happens and messes everything up. There are things that happen that make that stupid cliche come to mind of someone saying life's not fair and the other person responding whoever said life was fair? I know understand why that is so annoying. It's one thing for accidents to happen to other people in other places, but when it happens to you or someone you know things just kinda click into place. My oldest if not best friend was in a car accident on Monday. She had all of her siblings in the car with her. She and her little sister died after a truck hit their car coming from the opposite direction.
    I haven'y actually said the word out loud, it just doesn't feel real. And right now I am sick with sadness. That's the only way I can think to describe it. People get sick with worry and I wonder if it's the same feeling. If they feel as if they're about to toss their cookies with one wrong move, one wrong thought. I don't know I just needed to get some of this out, because all it's doing is circling in my head along with the other details about the accident that I know. The only other things going through my head is how she was so looking forward to her 18th birthday, prom, graduation, becoming a travel nurse, getting married to her high school sweet heart, having kids, and now it's just... all gone.


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