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Here at Werewolf-Horror, we're concerned werewolves have a bad reputation and aren't as popular as other classic movie monsters. Our New Year's resolution was to do something about this, and we've voted and settled on a solution.

Rest assured no artwork will be removed from the archives! However, from now on we no longer will accept artwork where werewolves are depicted as bloodthirsty monsters. All submitted artwork should show werewolves in a positive light, as the noble, majestic, misunderstood warriors of nature that they truly are. The real horror, after all, is the human side of werewolves - ugly, wimpy, cruel, environmentally destructive hairless apes. That's why we also will not accept art unless it portrays werewolves as fully-furred with long-snouted, perfectly lupine faces, pawpads, and tails (basically, no human features besides bipedality, thumbs, and dreamcatchers or feathers woven into their flowing manes to show that, like the noble, majestic, misunderstood Native Americans, they have a deep connection with Gaia).

We understand it may be difficult to look past the typical tropes and stereotypes that have burdened artists, so we've composed a list of suggestions that will help artists expand their vision of what the werewolf can be:

  • A werewolf tenderly bottle-feeding a tiny baby raccoon it found while patrolling the forest.
  • A group of good werewolf friends getting together on the night of the full moon to play video games and drink (responsibly, of course).
  • A werewolf bravely defying gender and species norms to pursue his love of classical ballet.
  • A werewolf chef preparing a healthy vegan meal consisting of organic fruits and veggies he grew and harvested in his garden.
  • A werewolf hugging a vampire.
  • Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and all your pony friends in adorable werewolf form!
  • Dolphins and werewolves frolicking in the surf, also possibly with rainbows and unicorns involved somehow.
  • An enlightened werewolf scolding and lecturing another carnivorous monster, such as a troll or ghoul, which is weeping because it sees the error of its ways.
  • A werewolf standing in front of a majestic vista, staring nobly and mysterious off into the distance.

We hope you're as excited as we are about this great opportunity to reform the public image of werewolves as good guys!

Hugs & Howls,
the Werewolf-Horror team
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I've been saying for years that us Wolves need a change in societies eyes.....and not just in the Twilight direction.....blah
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The most scary journal ever
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...This is an April fool's day joke, right? Because Vampires are ftb (for the BIN, not win). :stare:
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Vampires and werewolves are both symbolic for what humans should be: long living worshipers of nature and light!
Farumir's avatar
Funny, if that's true then why were people accused of being vampires and werewolves executed centuries ago? Prff, symbolic for humanity's tendency to have inner demons and proness to savagery and lust, more like. :sarcasticclap:

Yep, this must be an April Fool's day joke, coz' if this group turns in favor of Twilight fans, wolfaboos and PETA supporters; then a lot of people will be leaving this group. :iconnothingtodohereplz:
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Let them leave.  Only those who know the inner truth of the persecuted werewolves and vampires will stay and celebrate their magical beauty! 
Farumir's avatar
Or just clutter it up with anti-human, emo-wolf, sparkle dog, MLP and or sonic, and yiff crap just like every other wolfaboo group does. :sarcasm:
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You have such passion for your convictions!  You will do well in the new age of cuddles and soft winds flowing through werewolf manes!
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I really do think werewolves have been given a bad image and that its time to change peoples perception that werewolves hunt down and kill innocent people which is not true
Freakaru's avatar
I know!  They're actually harmless animals with a deep love of mysticism and nature!  How dare film makers and story writers depict them as mindless brutish beasts!
JoeyLiverwurst's avatar
Absolutely!  Maiming is just as good.
mdizzle999872's avatar
oh yes, twilight is amaz...pfft!!! I can't even type it! :lmao:
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Don't tempt me with ponies and wolves. :3
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You actually had me fooled! Ah April Fools Day, how I can sometimes fall for it. Still doing chats? I'm always their til hell freezes over and no I do not have premium on DA. :D
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Oh gawd I actually fell for it for a minute, thought you'd gone madXD
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I was *this close* to unsubscribing from the group ;-)
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Thank goodness!  It sounds like we made this change just in the nick of time!
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As sensitive werewolves, we'd have cried!
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