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About Werewolf-Horror

Welcome to "Werewolf Horror" - a group for those of us who enjoy traditional horror werewolves: ferocious, bloodthirsty and terrifying.


1. Only submit your original artwork. No found images, premade 3d models, or screenshots from movies, television shows, or video games. Please source photomanipulations. Art thieves will be banned & reported.

2. No happy, serene or romantic furry/anthro/therian drawings, anime cat-girl style wolves, or regular wolves. This is a horror group. We do occasionally accept humorous works, but generally do not want to see tv cartoon styles. Pornographic works are not wanted.

3. Artwork should be of good quality. No blurry photos/scans or scribbles on lined or graph paper. WIPs will only be accepted if they look good as a standalone piece (for example a detailed line art piece that is a WIP for a painting).

4. Literature must have a plot and developed characters (no standalone tf scenes), be proofread and properly formatted (i.e., no walls of text).

5. We'll accept two photos of the same 3D piece to show different angles.

6. Advertisements will not be accepted as submissions. You can call attention to your project in the comments, but multiple comments promoting the same thing will be considered spam and will result in a 30-day ban.

7. Submissions are voted on by three mods. If your work is declined, don't take it personally; move on and keep creating! Re-submitted a declined piece will be considered spamming and will result in a 30-day ban.

For further information about this rule and examples of what is and isn't acceptable, please see this post:…

Donate points toward making us a super group:… :la:







Please bear with us as I get used to the new interface.
Also: new members - if an image is declined, DO NOT RESUBMIT IT.
Mod decisions are final, and resubmitting declined images will result in a temporary ban.
I've been seeing this a lot recently and it's getting obnoxious. I don't have time or energy to give everyone a detailed critique especially when it often ends with the artist getting offended and flouncing off in a huff. Please read the group rules before submitting, and don't take rejection of a piece of art as a personal attack.
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