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Welcome to the Jungle 5: Rescue :iconwerewolf-hero:Werewolf-Hero 1 0
Engagement finale
[Remember this blast from the past? Probably not worth the wait but here we go]
Kim Possible paced around the redhead was steaming nothing like an unsatisfying mission to get under her skin and they seem to be getting more frequent lately. "Senior Senior has lost his touch probably for the best."
Shego and Ron were sitting next to each other on a bench they weren't sure how to approach her they both took a minute to take in the scenery.
Shego was the first to speak up "Princess I don't think this is the time to look a gift horse in the mouth you realize we're in Paris right?"
Kim responded still annoyed "I have been to Paris before." 
Shego walked closer to the redhead "on missions mon amour. You've never been able to enjoy it."
Ron spoke up "I think Shego is right you to enjoy the city of love I still need to get home though." He turned around and down onto his Kimuniacater "Wade only one to pick up. The girls are going to be enjo
:iconwerewolf-hero:Werewolf-Hero 1 0
Snow leopard 5
[We interrupt your regularly scheduled. Faunus Weiss Checkmate fan fiction to bring you Nuts and Dolts. Thank you.]
"Did that crater just say what I think it said?" Ruby said looking over the brim of the hole. Her eyes grew wide she covered her mouth with both hands and she took two steps backward. Tears of joy started to well up in her silver eyes and she stood there speechless.
"Guess we're going next." Weiss muttered, "Following the cliché and all." She made the awkward smile that often follows her attempts at humor she pointed at her tail.
Blake's response was to facepalm and started inching towards the hole followed by Weiss. Fortunately for them, the smoke dissipated before they reached the edge.  As they looked over they confirmed everyone's suspicions contently lying there looking no worse for falling out of the sky and just as they remembered her none other than. "Penny?" both faunus said simultaneously.
:iconwerewolf-hero:Werewolf-Hero 2 2
Snow Leopard 4
"You two cats are looking pretty intimate in that box." The teasing voice started to raise Weiss from her slumber. She thought it came from Nora but wasn't completely sure.  slowly she opened her eyes in was confused at first to see pools of the yellow looking back at her. When she was a little more awake she realized that she was indeed very intimate looking with her teammate Blake Weiss's left hand was in her right, Her other hand was stroking her cat ear and Blake's was on her tail.
"Why are we in a box?" Weiss muttered.
"Ruby thought would be funny." Blake answered "do you remember? Or did you have too much sake last night?"
"I remember I'm just not sure I believe," Weiss responded she looked to re-verify that her new extra feature was still there. "I have a tail, good that's the same." 
"And your father got thrown in the slammer for trying to attack you," Nora spoke up from the couch. Then they started to hear kissing noises.
:iconwerewolf-hero:Werewolf-Hero 1 22
Dia de Muertos
"Nora I think you're going to have to reconsider the offering." Chuckled Ruby "Jaune can't fit on the ofrenda." Ruby looked back to the beautifully decorated table before them looking back at her were pictures of her mother Pyrrha and Penny as well as several lit candles and beautiful decorations including sugar skulls.  beneath the picture of Summer Rose were chocolate chip cookies a hair bow was bellow Penny's and Pyrrha's was empty for the moment.
Ruby was sticking to her usual red and black in her dress and makeup but she was still wearing her hood.
"We're supposed to offer Pyrrha what she loved most." Nora was warring some bright colorful festive clothing for the holiday her skull face paint had an unusual lightning and heart motif but looked good on her. The intended offering seems to have been adopted in the middle of his face painting but he seemed to be trying to incorporate pumpkins into it.
"Besides I don't think it would wor
:iconwerewolf-hero:Werewolf-Hero 4 0
Snow Leopard 3
(As of this chapter I am fully caught up on the show now just in time for the next season. As such I'll try to explain my version of Jaune's Semblance) 
Most of the guests have left but Ruby and the other former students decided to stay a while longer. They were all gathered up in Weiss's bedroom. Ruby and Yang were on the large bed, Jaune, Ren, and Nora were sharing the couch with Velvet on her girlfriend's lap. Weiss and Blake however where sharing the cardboard box Ruby found somewhere and brought in as a joke. It might've been a joke but the two of them then looked pretty cozy.
Weiss let out a quick chuckle "this does feel really nice."
"Suppressing your instincts mate." Velvet spoke up "trying to hide them make them really hard to ignore. Every time I tried to cover my ears wanted to go home and dig a hole as soon as I can." 
"You're making that up,"  Weiss responded with a smile. 
"Well, one way to find out," Yang said
:iconwerewolf-hero:Werewolf-Hero 2 2
Snow Leopard 2
"Nora we are already late," Ren said to his best friend.
"It's not my fault Velvet is the one dragging her heels."
Nora might've been an odd match for her older girlfriend but the two were really cute together. The rabbit girl was re-fixing the top hat that she hoped would hie her ears.
"Crikey mate. You expect me to walk right into Schnee manner? Mr. Schee is such a Faunus hatter I'll wind up on the Barbie."
"You'll be fine." Jaune chimed in "Blake's in there."
"Also looks like you don't have to worry about him, " Ren said pointing to a mustached gentlemen being shoved into the back of a police cruiser.
"Crikey!" Both girls set at once before running up to get a better look. The two boys followed close behind.
But before they could start snooping on the scene before them they were greeted by Weiss "Velvet what a pleasant surprise. Nora, Ren, thanks again Jaune too bad you missed the big reveal of what you did for me last night went better than expected.
The three team members exchange
:iconwerewolf-hero:Werewolf-Hero 3 6
Dipper's Door
"Come on bro your greatest desire is right behind this door to let's see what it is," Mable said to her brother.
"No Mable! You can't!" Dipper protested but it was too late the door was already open a crack. Dipper had a good hunch at what was behind that door and now it was coming into view. Or rather she was. It was Mable but a different version of her she was wearing a Japanese schoolgirls uniform and have framed glasses, also her hair was done up in a bun. 
"oniisan!" the girl ran forward and immediately hugged dipper.
"What you want most is the anime Mable? Animable?" Mable asked.
"This isn't what it looks like!" Dipper said quickly.
"Ohh big bother let's do science experiments and play dungeon dungeons and more dungeons," Animable said.
Mable gave a laugh "you have your own Mable and I have my own Dipper."
"Another Dipper?" Animable looked up at her counterpart.
"Yo yo you right over here." Dippy Fresh spoke up.
Animable jumped into the new Dipper's arms. It wasn't long
:iconwerewolf-hero:Werewolf-Hero 0 0
Snow Leopard
Disclaimer I don't own these characters and I'm not fully caught up on RWBY. Things I haven't seen yet only heard about will be referenced so I hope I don't get it too wrong.
Weiss anxiously paced around she has to talk to a friend of hers in secret. "I hope he doesn't think this is supposed to be romantic." She sighed to herself waiting for him. Soon she saw Jaune Ace approach. 
"Hey, Weiss." He didn't look her in the eye he fidgeted as he spoke to her clearly he didn't think it was romantic but he was keeping the possibility open.
"I need you to heal me, Jaune."
"But you don't look like you're in need of healing." He practically launched forward checking out for any hidden injury.
"It's an old wound." She admitted
"You want me to heal your scar?" The concern in his voice was almost tangible.
"Yes but not this one." She said pointing at her face "I have been keeping a big secret one that my friends need to know. My 
:iconwerewolf-hero:Werewolf-Hero 4 2
Body paint by Werewolf-Hero
Mature content
Body paint :iconwerewolf-hero:Werewolf-Hero 3 0
CD and LG 6
[Plumbers training room]
'Alex' was in his Petrosapien form which he named Diamondhead.  Trixie selected this form for its defensive capabilities the sparing robots where actually denting themselves trying to take punches at him.  It didn't take long for Diamondhead to demonstrate he could do more than take a hit, he could reshape his arms into a variety of different blades or shields and fire started as projectiles.
"Impressive,"  said Fiona watching from the sidelines.  "Please, tell me what can Alex do?"
As she asked that question the  Omnitrix timed out. Truing him back into his human form. Alex gave a smile "probably can't do much against your magic. And I don't think the robots are up for more"
"I know how to get physical as well" Fiona took up a karate stance. "How about a little hand-to-hand?"
Alex assumed a boxing stance. "It looks like I have reach and you have flexibility." 
The two beg
:iconwerewolf-hero:Werewolf-Hero 2 0
Akko's fortune
Akko was distracting her. Diane shouldn't let somebody like her bother her, especially during an exam.
"Okay Akko I'll read your fortune and we can see much of a failure you're destined to be." Diane snaked before casting the spell. 
Akko smiled and replied, "then you'll see how much of an amazing which I will be."
"You're standing before Shining Charrot," Daine spoke up. "No, we are standing before Shining." 
"What really?"Akko asked in disbelief.
Diane continued "She's saying something. It is my honor and pleasure to stand before you two the two greatest witches ever to graduate this Academy. Akko you have taken my title as the most improved student at this academy."
She stopped narrating what the vision was showing her. "This can't be right."
"Sounds right to me." Akko chuckled.
"Now she's.... she's...." Diane's mouth hung open her eyes grew as wide as saucers "she's marrying us."
Akko put her hands up
:iconwerewolf-hero:Werewolf-Hero 1 0
The Gourmet Nogibak by Werewolf-Hero The Gourmet Nogibak :iconwerewolf-hero:Werewolf-Hero 6 0
CD and LG 5
[Plumbers headquarters meeting room]
The room was in an uneasy tension. The current chief of the plumbers Captain Devin Levin was doing some last minute preparations, this important meeting hasn't even officially begun yet and already he was regretting letting any plumbers that wanted to sit in and observe. In the room with him was Max, Phil Max's partner after Devin decided he wasn't cut out for field work, Xylene the newly appointed chief of intergalactic relationships, and there first Lenopan officer Lucy Mann she was assuming her human disguise. Joining the meeting via intergalactic video chat were the leaders of the three main races of the intergalactic war Gar Red Wind of the Terramand, Meilleous emperor of the Incursean Flotilla, and Abe president of Galvan Prime. Finally the Creator of Omnitrix who wished to remain anonymous so his screen was just static and only giving out audio and. They were still waiting on the wielder of the Omn
:iconwerewolf-hero:Werewolf-Hero 1 0
Mature content
Island interruption. :iconwerewolf-hero:Werewolf-Hero 3 0
Captain Deca and lucky girl 4
The heroes meet
[Ben's House]
"I missed you to buddy," Ben said as his pet began to affectionately headbutt him.
"Koffing! Koffing!" This strange floating ball replied.
"Okay, calm down," Ben said passing Koffing off of him. "are mom and dad home?"
"Creature is unidentified," Trixie spoke up.
"Koffing."  The floating creature responded.
"There you go!" Ben said.
"Creature remains unidentified but is clearly not intelligent." Trixie Concluded
[Tuch of magic Coffie ship]
"Come back anytime," Hope said before handing a cup of coffee to acute Asian girl in a pink hoodie.
"The boss told you not to flirt with all the female customers," Ken said.
"I don't flirt with all the female customers, just the ones I hope swing my way," Hope responded with a wink.
"That's all of them." Ken chuckled.
Before the conversation could continue the bills of the top of the door started to chime. A strange man walked i
:iconwerewolf-hero:Werewolf-Hero 1 0

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Okay catching up on RWBY I came up with good counterparts for the Grimm. The Bright I think that’s a good name people say the future looks grim or bright. Weiss creates them when, Ruby, Yang, Blake, Jaune, Noria, Ren and maybe more lend Weiss their power to help her summoning something new. 

They are good aligned creates similar to the Grimm that are cute and good protective and helpful. I think I settled on White, Gold, Violate for the color scheme. They are only hostile towards Grimm or in self-defence. They might freak Grimm out. I tried to make a counterpart for all of the Grimm but I came up with a few more.

Beowulf = Amaterasu: Goofy wolf-like ones they like licking.

Ursa = Teddy bear: A large stuffed bear like one that likes hugs.

Creep = Teraspiiner: Creaps are hard to figure out so I came up with Turtle-like ones that till the soil as they walk and spread seeds.

Boarbatusk = Springtail: Flying pigs that use a tail bounce to take off.

King Taiijitu = Quetzalcoatl

Goliath = Elatrump: They play horn music with their trunks.

Nevermore = Lovey Dovey: A dove-like one that plays matchmaker and likes cute couples.

Death Stalker = Fuzjumper: There is no spider Grimm? Well, I will make the Death Stalker counterpart the Jumping spider.

Beringel = Monkey: hmm… maybe this one is a tickler.

Griffon = Hippogriff: They rescue and evacuate

Dragon = Puffy: A plump dragon that’s breath weapon helps make people happier. They also bring rain.

Lancer = Bumbler: They spread love hope and joy like bees spread pollen.

Geist = Fairy: They clean up debris and make it into art.

Nuckelavee = Centaur: They defend the weak.

Seer = Inkers: Squids that like making artwork.

Brtightt without Grimm counterparts.

Meneki-Neko: The Brightt of Luck. They leed people to good fortune.

Unicorn: Healing brightt that heal the sick and injured with their horns.

Dreamer: The Brightt of rest a sheep that lulls you to sleep and ensures good dreams.

Dolphin: Brightt lifeguards.

Archangel: The warrior Brightt looks like a winged woman with a Javelin and shield.
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