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Naked suprise :iconwerewolf-hero:Werewolf-Hero 5 0
Father's home
Delia looked up and saw a man she thought she would never see again. Her ex-husband Riley. He was walking up to her with a big grin on his face like he didn't disappear when they found out that they were having twins.
"Looking good Delia," Riely said his Lucario by his side. "How are the kids."
"They're both doing well no thanks to you," Delia said getting up form her patio chair. "We had a boy and a girl Ash is a Pokemon trainer he's out but not far and Domino is inside." 
"Ash was my kid?" Riley asked surprised. 
"Ohh so you met?" Delia was angry "So if you didn't know Ash than you never would have guessed that Domino was captured by team rocket when was just a baby!"
Riley was speechless he just stood there for a while but before he could say anything Delia continued "But I guess you wouldn't know that. You went off to who knows where with Lucario. Ash was headed down your path two always looking for victory in a new reign but at lea
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Beach Blizzard.
This had to be some kind of joke. The tropical resort was experiencing a blizzard. It was so bizarre to see snow on palm trees, tikis, the beach and wort of all the outdoor party venue. There where disappointed guests from far and wide.
Ruby and most of her team were saying in a nice room on the third floor with two bedrooms "Well, at least you have fur." Ruby scoffed looking to her girlfriend like most of the guests she was dressed for the weather they expected not the weather they had in a cute little red sundress.
"Well, my tail isn't going to do me much good." Weiss was in her normal clothing stroking her snow leopard tail. She looked to Yang who was getting out the Kotatsu Never before has Ruby been so glad that they were so popular around here despite being totally unnecessary. Penny was still recharging she had to much fun last night. Blake wasn't in the room she dissed to join Pyrrha in finding food
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A Link to the crown
Bowser looked down at the form his body seemed to be trapped in.  that crown looked like just a normal power up but no matter what happened it wouldn't go away Bowser was stuck like this. He tried using other power-ups he doesn't even want to think about what happened there especially the catsuit.
And had a resemblance to Princess Peach but a good 2 feet taller with dark skin red hair and  defined muscles, he or rather she still retained the sharp teeth horns and tail  of what he used to look like any could still breathe fire but he couldn't take over the Mushroom Kingdom like this is on subjects didn't even recognize him. Not even his own children. 
After a long sigh, she said: "I don't think I can stay in my world anymore."  After thinking about it a little longer she decided to take refuge in the Super Smash Brothers dimension. "I've got to find something to wear first."
She easily found a big and tall w
:iconwerewolf-hero:Werewolf-Hero 2 0
[Note in this fanfiction everybody will own Pokémon they don't and the anime canon even if only one will be plot relevant. Also, Ash probably has two many Pokémon with him if you think about it.]
Ash has just returned home from Alola. He a great new batch of Pokémon during his time at the islands and was excited to show them all to Misty true she saw some of them during a class trip back to Kanto and when she came to visit but there was one in particular that she didn't get to meet his newest water type Pokémon. 
Much to his surprise Misty and Brock were waiting for him back at his place. Misty had a big smile on her face and Brock seem to be making final preparations on a welcome back feast.
"Hey Misty," Ash said with a big smile didn't expect to see you so soon. "
"Well, your mom and Prof. Oak went with you this time so really who else was there to greet you back." Misty cheerfully responded.
"Anyway, it's great to see
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Alolan vacation by Werewolf-Hero Alolan vacation :iconwerewolf-hero:Werewolf-Hero 6 2 Alolan Tangla by Werewolf-Hero Alolan Tangla :iconwerewolf-hero:Werewolf-Hero 3 0
Zombie stars
This story takes place in a mass crossover role-play I've been doing with my best friend for years. I've done other stories that take place in the RP but this one will be more integrated into the culture of that world. So you might not understand all of it.
Pyrrha Nikos was pacing around bedroom the small home she shared with her team this dimension was a nice afterlife and since both the living and the dead can come here easily she can keep in touch with her friends. But she can never go home again. Nobody ever said she couldn't go into other worlds however this is the first time she wanted to. She was excited to see her new favorite musical group "live" back on their own world she was nervous about actually going
"Franchouchou" she muttered to herself looking at her own undead reflection in the necromancer who helped her after her fight with Cinder was amazing but still she didn't look right she was much paler and her skin had a green tint to it her
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Snow Leopard 6
Weiss was reaching for her front door with her growing circle of friends gathered behind her, besides Jaune, she stopped just before she turned the handle "we can't just go out with a girl that died on national television in our group something is bound to notice." 
"Allow me to demonstrate another one of my upgrades." Penny closed her eyes for a moment her red hair turned black and she removed the ribbon from her hair. "An important thing about is to disguises is to keep them simple."
Weiss blinked a few times before responding with "are you sure that's enough of a disguise?" 
Penny's mood shifted she stiffened up and her smile at her face she started saying in a different tone of voice cold and condescending "You would be surprised how much of a disguise simple change of attitude is, idiot!"
Everyone took a step back from the robot Ilia turned bright yellow for a moment. It was at this moment that Jaune decided to return from the wash
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Mature content
Welcome to the Jungle 5: Rescue :iconwerewolf-hero:Werewolf-Hero 2 2
Engagement finale
[Remember this blast from the past? Probably not worth the wait but here we go]
Kim Possible paced around the redhead was steaming nothing like an unsatisfying mission to get under her skin and they seem to be getting more frequent lately. "Senior Senior has lost his touch probably for the best."
Shego and Ron were sitting next to each other on a bench they weren't sure how to approach her they both took a minute to take in the scenery.
Shego was the first to speak up "Princess I don't think this is the time to look a gift horse in the mouth you realize we're in Paris right?"
Kim responded still annoyed "I have been to Paris before." 
Shego walked closer to the redhead "on missions mon amour. You've never been able to enjoy it."
Ron spoke up "I think Shego is right you two enjoy the city of love I still need to get home though." He turned around and down onto his Kimuniacater "Wade only one to pick up. The girls are going to be enj
:iconwerewolf-hero:Werewolf-Hero 3 2
Snow leopard 5
[We interrupt your regularly scheduled. Faunus Weiss Checkmate fan fiction to bring you Nuts and Dolts. Thank you.]
"Did that crater just say what I think it said?" Ruby said looking over the brim of the hole. Her eyes grew wide she covered her mouth with both hands and she took two steps backward. Tears of joy started to well up in her silver eyes and she stood there speechless.
"Guess we're going next." Weiss muttered, "Following the cliché and all." She made the awkward smile that often follows her attempts at humor she pointed at her tail.
Blake's response was to facepalm and started inching towards the hole followed by Weiss. Fortunately for them, the smoke dissipated before they reached the edge.  As they looked over they confirmed everyone's suspicions contently lying there looking no worse for falling out of the sky and just as they remembered her none other than. "Penny?" both faunus said simultaneously.
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Snow Leopard 4
"You two cats are looking pretty intimate in that box." The teasing voice started to raise Weiss from her slumber. She thought it came from Nora but wasn't completely sure.  slowly she opened her eyes in was confused at first to see pools of the yellow looking back at her. When she was a little more awake she realized that she was indeed very intimate looking with her teammate Blake Weiss's left hand was in her right, Her other hand was stroking her cat ear and Blake's was on her tail.
"Why are we in a box?" Weiss muttered.
"Ruby thought would be funny." Blake answered "do you remember? Or did you have too much sake last night?"
"I remember I'm just not sure I believe," Weiss responded she looked to re-verify that her new extra feature was still there. "I have a tail, good that's the same." 
"And your father got thrown in the slammer for trying to attack you," Nora spoke up from the couch. Then they started to hear kissing noises.
:iconwerewolf-hero:Werewolf-Hero 1 22
Dia de Muertos
"Nora I think you're going to have to reconsider the offering." Chuckled Ruby "Jaune can't fit on the ofrenda." Ruby looked back to the beautifully decorated table before them looking back at her were pictures of her mother Pyrrha and Penny as well as several lit candles and beautiful decorations including sugar skulls.  beneath the picture of Summer Rose were chocolate chip cookies a hair bow was bellow Penny's and Pyrrha's was empty for the moment.
Ruby was sticking to her usual red and black in her dress and makeup but she was still wearing her hood.
"We're supposed to offer Pyrrha what she loved most." Nora was warring some bright colorful festive clothing for the holiday her skull face paint had an unusual lightning and heart motif but looked good on her. The intended offering seems to have been adopted in the middle of his face painting but he seemed to be trying to incorporate pumpkins into it.
"Besides I don't think it would wor
:iconwerewolf-hero:Werewolf-Hero 4 0
Snow Leopard 3
(As of this chapter I am fully caught up on the show now just in time for the next season. As such I'll try to explain my version of Jaune's Semblance) 
Most of the guests have left but Ruby and the other former students decided to stay a while longer. They were all gathered up in Weiss's bedroom. Ruby and Yang were on the large bed, Jaune, Ren, and Nora were sharing the couch with Velvet on her girlfriend's lap. Weiss and Blake however where sharing the cardboard box Ruby found somewhere and brought in as a joke. It might've been a joke but the two of them then looked pretty cozy.
Weiss let out a quick chuckle "this does feel really nice."
"Suppressing your instincts mate." Velvet spoke up "trying to hide them make them really hard to ignore. Every time I tried to cover my ears wanted to go home and dig a hole as soon as I can." 
"You're making that up,"  Weiss responded with a smile. 
"Well, one way to find out," Yang said
:iconwerewolf-hero:Werewolf-Hero 2 2
Snow Leopard 2
"Nora we are already late," Ren said to his best friend.
"It's not my fault Velvet is the one dragging her heels."
Nora might've been an odd match for her older girlfriend but the two were really cute together. The rabbit girl was re-fixing the top hat that she hoped would hie her ears.
"Crikey mate. You expect me to walk right into Schnee manner? Mr. Schee is such a Faunus hatter I'll wind up on the Barbie."
"You'll be fine." Jaune chimed in "Blake's in there."
"Also looks like you don't have to worry about him, " Ren said pointing to a mustached gentlemen being shoved into the back of a police cruiser.
"Crikey!" Both girls set at once before running up to get a better look. The two boys followed close behind.
But before they could start snooping on the scene before them they were greeted by Weiss "Velvet what a pleasant surprise. Nora, Ren, thanks again Jaune too bad you missed the big reveal of what you did for me last night went better than expected.
The three team members exchange
:iconwerewolf-hero:Werewolf-Hero 3 6

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So I hate that fairy type made the types an even number. I came up with Fossil fan type to fix that and now I'm trying to think of things to base Fossil type Pokemon that would also be every other pokemon type.

Wooly Rhino Normal/Fossil
Cave Bear Fossil/Fire
Deinonychus Fossil/Fighting
Dimetrodon Fossil/Poison
Brontosaurus Fossil/Electric
Dodo Fossil/Ground
Gigantopithecus Fossil/Psychic
Ankylosaurus Fossil/Rock
Tarpit Ghost/Fossil
Thylacine Fossil/Dark
Maiasaura Fossil/Fairy

Fossil is weak against Water, Ice, and Steel it’s strong against Rock, Ground, and Bug.
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