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if someone wants to buy me one i'll make a chibi for you 👀
Chibis by WEREW0LFE
please comment if you're interested!!

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Lookin' to rehome a bunch of these guys since I no longer use them or have any story/lore purpose for 'em. 
If they have art they will state so!
Lemme know if any interest you, thanks!

Furry Characters 4 Sale [open]

Tue Nov 20, 2018, 11:51 PM

Character Sale by WEREW0LFE

Will haggle a bit on them! I'd like to rehome them since I no longer have plans for the designs themselves.

Paypal only, sorry! No trades this time around.

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[TWWM] Player Tracker

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 24, 2018, 8:28 PM


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TWWM | Walk in the Woods Ch. 4

Fri Nov 17, 2017, 10:30 PM
The Sunlit ForestArrow right  II Two Paths: The CreekArrow right III Where the Trail Ends: The Cascade Arrow right  

IV What Caught Their Eye: The Cavern

(Featuring Foster #295, 1,719 words total)
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By the time the esk awoke, sunlight was pale and only barely seeping over the crests of the waterfall. It was cool now, though the stone he'd fallen asleep on still warm to the touch and granting him a some comfort against the breeze that made itself known. Still, it didn't take long before Foster shivered, eyes peeking open and adjusting to the blurry dots that formed along the water's serene surface from the star's reflections. He peered up at the sky, following the specks until his eyes were met with a full moon that continued to bathe the cascade in some light, though this was much softer and of cooler colours than that of the afternoon. But he could smell rain, albeit it was distant and perhaps not approaching for some time. 

He still sighed, slowly dragging himself to his feet and stretching to wash away some of the aching in his body, the lull of sleep luring him back despite his lack of need for it. 

As Foster grew to his full height, his attention turned to the forest that now lie dark and flickering with only specks of color from neighboring fireflies. Some of which he speculated were will-o-the-wisps. He knew better than to meddle with the woods at  night, especially in a place far beyond his own home. Something lurking in the dark made his skin crawl, the itch of discomfort drawing his eyes away before they could begin playing tricks. It was when the first raindrop bounced against his nose did Foster make the choice to seek shelter, immediately casting himself away from the treeline and back towards the waterfall. In the darkness, the remaining light gave way to something waiting behind the falls, and Foster moved along the pool's edge with fleetfooted motions and little sound.

An owl cooed from the forest, and it only made him move quicker.

Despite the rush of water and the spray of the mist, Foster found himself inching along a narrow path towards the mouth of a cave just big enough for something like him to squeeze through. It was a bad decision on his part to explore something that might be home to a living creature, but there was nothing that told him the woods would be a better option, and thus he scrabbled against the smooth stone and let the dark, narrow passageway consume him.

On either side he could feel the press of the walls against his shoulders, loose pebbles echoing as they gave way and tumbled along his pelt and to the floor. The cascade grew quieter the further he moved, and eventually he was out in the open of a small, dark space with only two paths to take; one forward, and one back the way he came. 

Beautiful things always seemed to hold darkness. 

The lure of the falls hadn't been by accident, there were no such things as accidents. Only coincidences and the guiding hand of Fate, and for the little esk whose memory seemed to fail him far too often, Fate seemed to be calling to him from somewhere further than where he was. In the dark he could see the mist of his breath, and a slow, aching breeze was pulling it further from the falls, deeper into the tunnel.

This felt familiar; caverns, the cold. The mountains called to him from miles and miles away, but this would do for the night if it were all he was left with. 

He continued on through the pitch black, feeling his way along the slick rock and letting his small paws take the first steps before allowing his head or nose to bounce off of anything. If he wanted, he could float through it. He knew that, but there was something terrifying about being ethereal in a physical world. It was part of why he wondered so much about who he was before. 

A faint, blue light seemed to answer his questions as to where he was going. 

It started off dull, but soon enough there were bobbing whisps of blue and bright cyan that floated like loose embers through the tunnel and towards him, guiding him into a space of openness with air that didn't smell of slowly decaying stone. No, instead he was introduced to a bath of vibrancy.

On every corner there were glowing yet archaic marks that pebbled the walls and the ceiling. But in the middle sat a pool still as the night sky, a comforting lull washing over him the moment his eyes met the crystal-esque surface. He was enraptured yet again for what must have been the hundredth time that day, and something told him that he was welcome to sink and bathe without worry of what was beyond. 

Foster did just that. 

Unlike the water outside the cavern, this was warm to the touch. It felt like a hot spring, soothing both the soul and senses and creating a bubble of warmth and mist that gathered around the glowing specks and made them flicker akin to the stars outside. Foster wanted to make a sound, but he felt himself at a loss for breath and let his eyes shut and his head go under and his features fall to the pool's claim. 

When he opened them again he was still submerged, and below the surface... it was almost as though a lifetime was painted across the pool's walls. They moved as the surface did, always rippling, never ceasing, and they were faded and blurred but the brightness that illuminated every inch of the imaginary canvas seemed to draw Foster in. For a moment he wondered if he was dreaming, but no dream he ever had made quite as much sense as this did.

This was his life.

It was warmth. Home. Familiar. It was a man with rough hands and smooth clothes, a home with warm fires and gentle company. But still the pictures were incomplete, and only fractions of them seemed to make his brain tick and remember details that would have otherwise been lost. A good few of them were too worn to decipher, to draw emotion from, and as he spun in a smooth circle below the pool's surface he noticed how the water's canvas seemed to spiral until it ended at the very bottom, the most scarred and faded of pictures saved for last. But even there the claws of blue did not reach, and Foster forced himself downwards to reach the end of his tale. 

And what an end it was. 

At the bottom, the blue merged with a deep maroon, a soft red enveloping him from all sides and causing his senses to feel that same alarm he had felt at the falls. It terrified him, yet he couldn't move. The water wouldn't let him. 

With his attention only focused on the scene below, he watched as the red gave way to the mountains where he lived, to the rise of jagged slopes and of half-fallen trees and snow, and as the pictures melted together one after another, he saw the stains. The marks. The face. 

His face. 

And it was only a moments worth of visuals but it was enough to dethrone the esk from his wonder, and his body resurfaced in the minutes that followed. With a rough splash did Foster break the crystal pool's stillness, the waves crashing and colliding against the blue stone and washing the glowing blue specks, distorting them. Foster's chest hammered as he staggered up and onto the stone, his tail remaining submerged while his chest met the ground with such ferocity that it shook him from toes to head. And then he sobbed. A dry, aching sob ripped through him, stormlike, and he burrowed his face into his limbs and let the quiet cave echo his cries.

For a time it was only him, alone, with nothing but the memories of what was lost. 

Eventually he went silent, eyes half shut and mind blank as his gaze drew over the pool's surface, scorning it for its temptation and revelation of things he wished he never saw. It made him bitter, angry even, but not a chord of muscle in his body allowed him to do anything but brood and grow numb to the walls of the crystal cave.

"Sometimes your past should stay as such,"  the cave seemed to muse, though no voices aside from his own could be heard with such clarity. Foster knew it was his own grief playing with him, turning his head on his shoulders and forcing him to confront what he must've hid so deeply. There was nothing he could say or do to change that, but the pain in his chest made him feel sick with envy. He wasn't sure if he even wanted to return home knowing it was his place of death. But he couldn't stay where more darkness dwelled, where he could lose himself to this cursed pool and be fooled by physical beauty. No, Foster knew he would return to the mountains, but it seemed as though his time living in denial had caused him to spiral and ultimately, something larger than himself brought him here to face it. 

Regardless of who or what sent him to this, to the pool, to his end, Foster watched the surface of the pool dance and flicker endlessly, guarding its precious secrets with such grace that he almost felt sorry for tainting it with his sorrow. But he knew there was no changing what had been done, and as the distant crack of thunder seemed to make its way through the cavern's tunnels, Foster sank against the farthest wall and let the light blot out everything.

Ultimately, he knew it didn't matter what the forest thought of him or he of it. He was a trespasser, and this forest was only a temporary change to something much larger than himself. 

He sighed, pressing his nose below his tail. 

In truth, his tale was only beginning. Foster felt himself fade from the cave in another bout of sleep, drawing him from the cave of memories and back towards home, the memories of the past marking him from there and onwards. 

Truth, he realized, was not worth a walk in unfamiliar woods.

TWWM | Walk in the Woods Ch. 3

Mon Nov 13, 2017, 8:25 PM
Chapter 2. Arrow right    Arrow left Chapter. 4.
(Featuring Foster #295, 1,003 words total)

(Small GP icon by Esk-Masterlist10 base | 4 story telling bonus | 8 quest bonus | 10 event bonus)
( small AP icon by Esk-Masterlist 10 base | 5 personal | 15 quest bonus | 20 event bonus)

Foster had opted out of the tree's vantage point, truth be told. The petite esk didn't quite care for climbing the oaks and their various branches, nor did he want to play with the idea of losing his footing despite his etheral qualities. Even with his fleeting memories, he knew better than to go against his stomach and fight the instinct gnawing at him. But it hadn't turned out to be a loss at all.

He'd arrived at the top of a cascade, the sun pouring down against the white rapids in blankets of golden, illuminating every inch of grass and water with beautiful yet blinding displays of light. Just standing at the edge was enough to make his body feel warmer, eyes blinking out the bright specks dancing in them so he could focus on the bottom of the pool and the myriad of fish and glossy pebbles that he could see even from his bird's eye view. There were several levels to the water, the falls all of equal depth while some breaches in the rock ledges let loose bouts of water trickle down, joining the pool below. Foster was enraptured by the water, his home boundary lacking the greenery and vivid displays of sunlight in such a welcoming atmosphere. He was used to the harsh whistle of the wind, the feeling of cold stone against his feet, the snow blanketing most everything it could. Some part of him remembered this, though. The warmth. The forest. 

He shuddered, brow furrowing as a duck quaked somewhere below and brought him out of his trance. There was a moment of realization that he would need to continue his trek in order to return to his home he thought about so longingly, and soon enough the calico esk began his trek downwards along a little incline carved into the rocky walls. Every now and then he would fumble, slipping over the stones that had been exposed to the waterfall's mist, his body shivering and going still before moving on again. Once or twice he summoned several rocks into his path to substitute for missing stepping stones, an odd sense of pride subjecting itself in his heart and mind for the usefulness of his telekentic abilites he'd often ignored.

Perhaps he should learn more about this form before assuming the worst, but even then... the question remained: What was he before... this? The emptiness still clawed at him even during his descent, mind traveling much as the loose leaves of autumn did on the air's current. It only took his attention for a moment, but that moment was long enough for him to fully lose his footing and send him into the waters below. 

Foster scrabbled at the stone for purchase, heart hammering and little legs kicking and clawing before they'd decided to give up, and the air that rushed against his fur brought back a surge of fear he'd not felt before. For a moment he saw a face. Not his own, not a reflection. But a lion's. 

There was a loud crash as his body broke the water's already surging surface, the roar of the air quieting down to bubbles and gurgles as water enveloped him in cold, soothing hands. Foster's eyes had been squeezed shut but he opened them below the water, cracking them just wide enough to see several large fish scatter from his form only to return with curious looks and gaping mouths. He felt foolish, overwhelmed. His eyes narrowed and the esk lashed out at the swimming creature who narrowly avoided his toes, the rush of bubbles knocking Foster's chin and causing him to rock in the water, forcing his legs to paddle instead of scratch. Nothing should scare him, not here. Not in his boundary. It was his for a reason, and the only living thing in this mysterious sanctuary was wildlife. 

And he was positive that no mountain lion would rear its head in such a lush environment. 

The surface of the water broke for a second time as his head popped above the surface, body feeling tense and uncomfortable as though he'd been holding breath. The same fish that had investigated him upon his fall reappeared, and Foster offered a small but genuine apology that the swimming beast seemed to take, for it shuffled its fins and decided to follow the esk to the shallows. 

When he felt the loose dirt touch his feet, Foster dragged himself ashore and let the all consuming sound of rapids fill his head with white noise. He could still taste the fear lingering on the back of his tongue, the uncomfortable sense of urgency to run gnawing at him. But he looked at the fish who waded under the waters and reminded himself that he was alone. The only thing to fear was himself. The forest, the cascade? This was paradise. He should be enjoying it.

But a sense of sadness took Foster by surprise as he pulled away from the waters and towards several smooth, sunbathed stones. 

He never remembered paradise being so lonely. 

The stones greeted him with warmth as he pulled himself atop them, belly pressing to slate and legs extending out in either direction so he was fully flat, tail heavy and limp against the tiny stair-like dips behind him. Sunlight drowned him, the waterfall's noise drowned him, everything felt like he was pressed underwater yet the sky was right there. The birds called from all directions over the rapid's roars, over the gentle breeze. Colours like fire bent around every edge available and Foster let his eyes remain open just long enough to watch several leaves be set loose by their branches, float along the wind currents before finally landing in the pool much more gently than he had. 

And the fish greeted them with curious eyes and an open mouth too.

Foster's eyes fluttered shut soon after, his heart quieting itself just long enough to allow him to slip into a state of mindless sleep. For now, he would rest.

Soon enough he would be on the move again, but this time there would be no one friendly to follow him.

[TWWM] Walk in the Woods Ch. 1

Thu Nov 2, 2017, 10:40 PM
(Featuring Foster #295, 875 words total)
( Small GP icon by Esk-Masterlist8.5 base | 8 quest bonus | 10 event bonus)
( small AP icon by Esk-Masterlist10 base | 5 personal | 15 quest bonus | 20 event bonus)

Sunlight. It dripped through every inch of the forest, from canopy to branches to roots, the soft turn of leaves revealing a scene of wildfire colours and the smell of true fall atmosphere. This he remembered vaguely. Perhaps not the forest itself, but the winding roots and the feeling of life circling him at every corner without any ill intention. Back then, though, he knew that his intentions were impure and the wildlife that encapuslated him was fearful. Mostly because of him and others like him. Foster felt his fur prickle with the warm rays of sunlight as he shifted his weight over a mossy stone, round eyes casting scattered glances before he caught sight of his own from paws.

They were slightly translucent and he could see a worm wiggling its way over the stonebed and towards an upturned patch of dirt where several other crawlers were gathered. A slow, heavy sound left his heart and mind as he shook himself and felt no weight of flowers curled against his back and, for a brief moment, Foster was thankful that he wasn't adorned with the harsh reminder of his downfall. That is until he felt how tired he was, at least emotionally. He felt as though his limbs wanted nothing more than to rest despite his mind turning over and over, interest peaking after spotting various specks of birds and critters meandering their way through the ancient trees that dotted every patch of unoccupied land. 

Foster's tail moved, sweeping over dying leaves and sending them back up into the wind once more before they settled down around his limbs. He still didn't know why exactly he awoke here, he only knew that his boundary must have been far, far away. This air was far too warm for the likes of him, and he longed to get back home as soon as he could. The only thing he could remember about the fall season was how he liked the colors and smells, and while he did still enjoy them thoroughly, nothing felt the same as it did many moons ago. 

So he moved, toes bending and flexing to the different textures, fur grazing the rattled foliage with a delicateness that he never knew he had. It was like he wanted to run, to speed through the trees and shrubs and never stop, but another part of him wanted to savor the difference in environment and remember the taste of the air. Unfortunately he couldn't decide which side of himself to go with, so he forced himself to continue at a leisurely pace despite the ache in his heart. 

It continued like this for some time.

When the trees began to thicken and cords of vine and moss made themselves known to the petite esk, he paused and let his eyes gather in the sights without a fear of getting lost. That was never a concern for him, not back then and not now. The adventure was sometimes in losing yourself to the world around you, the thrill of life itself taking you under its wing and spitting you back out with cuts and bruises all the while rewarding you for your efforts. Even then, sometimes nature fell short and could only deliver heartache. 

Foster followed the trees surrounded by moss, oak and birch dotting his path and reminding him that he was not home. Every now and then he felt as though he may have seen another Esk, though it was always so faraway that he could never fully figure out if what he was saw true or not. Maybe they were memories, or tells of the future. 

The sun blinked through a bare patch of branches and caught Foster off guard, his body recoiling from the light and into the dappled shade of large ferns that peeked out from gnarled roots. He had grown so used to the snow and bite of the cold that his skin felt awkward and on edge being surrounded by so much life. But he knew, rationally, that the only way to return home would be to continue onward regardless of how he felt. He needed to endure just as he had all his life, the world a constant array of changes and challenges that made him remember what it was to be alive. 

As he moved on through the woods that never ended, his brain began to register the sounds and feelings of the forest and catalogued them into the farthest reaches of his mind. Stored energy, contemporary bliss, gentle reminders. He felt it all in the passing trees and singing birds, the itch to run and lose himself forever. It was so hard to fight it, to keep himself from giving in to the desires he felt so strongly in his core. If he were human, he would have no restraint. There would be no reason to stop himself. He would just go, and go, and go. And he would never give it a second thought. 

But now he stood, the woods singing to him, holding him in place and creating roots around his hearts that made his chest swell with something so foreign. He wanted to cry. He wanted to remember.

He wanted to remember everything.