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An Outrider's Sanctuary [Joining Process] UPDATE

Journal Entry: Tue May 1, 2018, 2:53 PM

On the outskirts of the city, the twilight air rang with the aftereffects of what came to be known as the Invasion of the Strays. The rolling thunder in the distance seemed odd to accompany the otherwise still sky, hues of dark purple,fading pink and sherbert orange scattering the distant town's lights, causing them to flicker and shudder with each breath of the wind. 

From the treeline stood a dog. Their body was tucked in the ferns, smooth legs creeping out from the underbrush and pausing just as light from the setting sun peaked over the canopy. It illuminated their face, and the two-toned dog seemed comfortable with the sudden spotlight, his large ears perked and a relaxed expression soothing the worrylines carved into his face. He waited for the noise to settle, the hushed murmur and anxious paws causing the grass below their feet to stir.

"I have seen you all before," he started gently, words smooth, though a hint of suspicion lingered on the tip of his tongue. "In the city, running... fleeing from whatever man sought to put you into. The chains, the cars. Leashes. Collars." His blue jean eyes drifted over the small gathering, the dogs he had slowly been recruiting from the sidelines. The ones that others forgot about. "I have seen your suffering, your desire for true freedom. You found me waiting there for you, perhaps by fate. Perhaps by coincidence, or by accident..."

There was a pause as he adjusted himself, the woven braids around his neck shifting with his gentle movements. "I know you've seen me too. If not in full, in passing. You know by now I mean none of you harm. I don't want you to walk away thinking that this place, that I am as bad as the men and women say I am. I... do not belong here, but I want to help you. Let me help you and in turn, you will be helping me.

"Join me in the wilderness. Let Mother Nature guide your senses, your spirit. Let Her reclaim what has been lost to us for so long. Let us be wild." 

A low, uniform murmur of opinions and shy agreement rose from the dogs in the crowd. Many of them have seen the darker side that man had to offer; the hurt, the abandonment. They were scarred and waiting for a second chance, a time that would show them the light they missed under the hands of creatures too inhumane to notice the wrongdoing. This was their time, and there were changes to be had with it.

The large eared dog waited for the quiet to return and once it did he smiled, bowing his head. "I am Reverto." He stated plainly.

"And welcome to Sanctuary."

UPDATE: 5/13/18

The Outriders Faction is closed to new applications for new members! 
Those who have already sent in their design approval before today (May 13th, 2018) are still applicable to join.

No new design approvals will be processed, so please look to apply to the waitlist or to join another faction that is open!

I am overwhelmed with the support and excitement for Outriders and am really happy to see so many new people join the group because of it. 
Thank you so much for applying! 

New Members Applying to Dogs of Canidale: CLOSED

No new members will be able to join.

Different to the waiting list, non-official members will be allowed to send in their design for approval and then flesh out all of the written information in order to join the Outrider faction specifically. This is so I (WEREW0LFE) have an easier time accessing and reading through in order to help out those interested in Reverto's faction! 

Step 1 
Design approval
Refer to the Character Creation Guide on acceptable design choices (a small guide of preferences will be stated below).
Once designed, send in your concept to the group's notes following this format:

Note Title: [Outrider Design Approval: New Member] 
Note body: Link to your design including any questions or concerns.

Once approved, you may go to the next step.

Step 2
Biography Creation and Acceptance
Refer to the Character Creation Guide for the correct biography format. Be sure to include EVERYTHING there to avoid needing to redo it.

Note Title: [Outrider Application Approval: New Member]
Note Body: Finished application (visual and written). Be sure to include the CP and Kibble log! This is mandatory. 
Once approved, your character will be added to the group and you will receive an invite to both the Discord and the group itself. If there is an issue with the history, wordcount or other I will let you know so it can be fixed!

Current Members Applying to the Outrider Faction

Current members will follow a similar structure to the above, except their note titles will be as followed:

Step 1
Design approval
Refer to the Character Creation Guide on acceptable design choices (a small guide of preferences will be stated below).
Once designed, send in your concept to the group's notes following this format:

Note Title: [Outrider Design Approval: Current Member] 
Note body: Link to your design including any questions or concerns.

Step 2
Biography Creation and Acceptance
Refer to the Character Creation Guide for the correct biography format. Be sure to include EVERYTHING there to avoid needing to redo it.

Note Title: [Outrider Application Approval: Current Member]
Note Body: Finished application (visual and written). Be sure to include the CP and Kibble log! This is mandatory. 

If there is a character you want to transfer over to the Outrider faction, contact me first (by note [Outrider Transfer Request]) or by discord (I want to transfer x character to the Outrider faction). There will only be a maximum of four transfers for current characters to prevent an influx of city-based dogs since, realistically, Reverto has not exposed himself nor his pack to those within current factions.

Please note: In order to transfer a character from another faction, you will be required to give an in-character, in-depth reason as to how they would find Reverto. They cannot be in the Wild's territory. If you need assistance, let me know!
Total Slots (15/20 filled)


- Mixed breeds
- Past injuries, reasons to avoid people (nothing severely graphic or abusive pls thanks)
- Thought about future task
- Thorough personality and history
- Read the Faction Info
- Ask questions if unsure of something


- No Wolfdog/Coydog hybrids
- Suicide/rape/self harm/otherwise severely triggering material

Outrider Faction

Journal Entry: Tue May 1, 2018, 2:53 PM

I'm planting a tree to teach me to gather strength from my deepest roots."


- [5/1/18] Welcome to Sanctuary
Currently, there is no foreign contact between the Outriders and other factions of Canidale. Outriders are still mostly unknown save for the few that have discovered and joined their ranks. Dogs on the outside can only speculate as to where recent disappearing canines are going, but the overall truth is unknown. Reverto welcomes you to Sanctuary.


With the recent expansion of Canidale, a new era of nature-bound canines emerged from the farthest corners of the forest and hillsides that lined the outside of the city. These dogs were molded by the abandonment and misuse they faced from mankind, and their presumed aggression is a rumor they hold very close in order to keep outsiders away from their sanctuary. Their views and desires are simple; live a life free from the false god man, and keep the forests untainted by unworthy paws and machines. These dogs have an almost selfless desire to keep the natural land just that, and their inate protectiveness is one of the only ways to assure that no harm will come to their pack or the woods surrounding them. Reverto swore to his small group of followers that their way of life would be bound by a sense of duty to bring structure and order back into a world of obscurity.

Welcome to Sanctuary

  • All dogs who come to the Outrider faction in search of a new life undergo an oath and trial that binds them to the forest. 

  • Outsiders are untrusted, and in order for them to gain access to the main territory known as Sanctuary, they are given the task of stripping themselves of all belongings that were given to them by man. From there, they bury it in the bog on the outskirts of the territory and let the swamp's waters reclaim what once tied dogs to the city.
    • If a dog tries to retrieve their items, chances are that they will join their past due to the bog's dangerous nature of taking but never giving. Many who are unfamiliar with this area disappear indefinitely. 

  • In some cases, dogs who come to the Outriders with personal belongings may be allowed to keep it if it's of importance and not just decoration; ie. a collar belonging to a fallen friend. 
    • Dogs will then spend a week on the outskirts of the forest under close watch by an Undertaker or two, only being fed early morning and mid-day. They are forbidden to hunt on the territory and must find their own means of keeping occupied until time comes to be accepted or denied entry into the pack. How a dog behaves on their own will determine their future as a unit, and it is important to Reverto that each member can hold their own if the situation were to call for it.

  • Once a dog passes the behavioral test and is fully accepted into Sanctuary, they are given a feather to mark their rank. The feather depends on their aspiration as a member of the pack, be it task or personal.



- The innermost part of the Outrider territory, Sanctuary describes both their densite and the environment in which they reside. Sanctuary itself is home to a multitude of towering trees, the roots of which create dens and small tunnels that intertwine below the surface. A small stream winds around the back of Sanctuary, acting as a guard for the forest beyond.

Points of Interest

Raven's Roost | Den
- Reverto's main den. This one sits atop a surplus of old stones that show extreme erosion and marks of time, and the tree is an old weeping willow whose roots coil around the stone. The roots are adorned with twine and hanging feathers, as well as small bouqets of flowers placed by both the Raven himself and others of the pack. The Roost is considered the Mother Tree, and none can enter without explicit permission from Reverto himself.

Spiritual's Rest | Den
- The Herbalists and Undertaker's den. It sits among the grass, nestled into the roots of an old oak tree. This den is considerably larger than most due to it having two separate chambers: one for sleep, the other for healing. The front of the den is adorned with hanging herbs and drying spices, giving off a pleasant aroma when passing by. 

Tracker's Marker | Den
- The Fleet-foots and Falconer's den. One of the only sites to sit just on the cusp of Sanctuary, they have a bit of distance between themselves and the rest of the Fellowship. This is due to how early they rise and how much traveling needs to be done on any given day, and thus the den is nestled in between two trees where the cavern under the roots has light constantly seeping through it. It is a wide-mouthed den, unlike the others. 

Thunder's Watch | Den
- The Gnarls and Undertaker's den. This one is perhaps the smallest, located under another oak tree and decorated with claw-made carvings and splashes of charcoal and flower dyes. Since there are so few of either task, the den is often solemn and rather quiet compared to the others.

The Scorched Thicket

- The north-west border of the Outrider's territory holds a rather desolate and angry patch of burned trees and old, spiny shrubs. Reminants of man's first attempt at carving a path through the woods sits here, and relics of machines and tools can be found buried beneath the soil if one were to look. This ground is heavily guarded during the night time due to how open it is, and it's not uncommon for a wandering soul to spot eyes staring back from the unburned parts of the thicket. 

Points of Interest

Watchdog's Waypoint | Training
- Many dogs use this as a way to teach their apprentices the ways of the wild. It has a mix of both natural and broken man-made structures, allowing for an interesting course for races, sparring and practice hunting. This area is quite clean and has very few objects that can hurt a dog, and the most notible feature is an upturned excavator machine that lies dormant under downed trees, growing moss and coiled ivy. 

...more to be added as discovered.

Wildfire Springs

- The best place for a dog to come relax and bathe are these springs. Connected to an underground source of water, the springs are always moderately warm year round and are surrounded by short grasses and smooth stone. A wide variety of rare flowers bloom around the outskirts, making the place a popular site for lovers to disappear to and for those looking for a break to hang out at. 

Points of Interest

...more to be added as discovered.


- Perhaps the most popular spot for all walks of life, Hollygrove is the Fellowship's main source of prey and wild game. The area is lush with flowers, ferns and other greens that make it a prime spot for deer, rabbits, birds and other critters. Protectors regularly are seen around here to catalogue the wildlife, though Hollygrove is so large that it would take upwards of half a day to travel from one end to the other. 

Points of Interest

Summer's Clearing | Hunting
- Named after a companion of Reverto's that passed long before his time in Canidale, the Clearing is home to wildflowers and is a favourite spot for dogs to hunt rabbits, birds of prey, and other small mammals. Small streams and ponds dot the outskirts of the clearing, allowing for waterfowl to roost there and giving those with a knack for swimming and bird hunting to stretch their muscles. 

...more to be added as discovered.

Phantom's Crossing

- A hidden place deep within the heart of the Fellowship. This series of caves and caverns is sacred to those in the faction for it serves as a ritual site and burial ground for departed souls. It has several entrances, though each one is difficult to find unless an Undertaker is serving as a guide. The first cavern holds a hotspring that glows a constant light, the floor surrounding it painted with white dye from flowers and serving as symbols of Father Death and Mother Earth. Connected to it are a series of smaller tunnels, though only one leads to the heart of the Crossing. 

Points of Interest

Catacombs | Burial 
- The resting place for all dogs who held rank in the Fellowship. It is a place that is quiet and adorned wih trinkets, flowers and feathers special to those who have passed. Each grave is a stack of stones and flowers, the front of which is painted with the mark of their name in white dye. The Catacomb is a long, open tunnel that can hold dozens upon dozens of resting sites, and the middle of which is barren and has intricate symbols and paintwork etched into it, all made by Reverto himself.

The Untouched

Reverto brought inspiration and guidance with him from his origins as a foreign Telomian into the structure of the Outrider's pack. He believes that fancy titles he often heard used by Man have little to no place within the ranks of the pack. Their fellowship is a simple one in terms of ranks, and the higher one climbs, the more likely Reverto is to take notice.

    • Raven: Reverto's title; taken after the origin and the ranks of wild wolves in days before the introduction of big cities in belief that natural titles will keep them closer to Mother Nature.

    • Crow: Second in command, the Crow is the brawns to the Raven's brains. They are seen as a formidable pair and only those who have earned Reverto's good graces may be given this title.

    • The Haunt: A collection of several trusted dogs in the pack. There is only one per task, and they are most often those who are dedicated to preserving what little natural beauty there is left.

    • Thrush: Mentors and protectors, Thrushes are dogs who will give their life to protect the pack and to protect others. Each dog has found its place among the Fellowship and provides a multitude of benefits for the forest and fellow members around them. With this rank comes Reverto's respect, and he trusts these dogs to lead scouting and rescue missions outside of the territory.

    • Fledgling: Seasoned in their task, Fledgelings aren't the best but nor are they the worst. They have potential, skill and commitment to making the world around them a place that can be lived in without destroying what natural formalities are around. These dogs are trusted with harder jobs and more benefits, and they often have their own quarters to sleep in (give or take a few others of their rank).

    • Hatchling: Those learning their place within the forest and the Fellowship, Hatchlings are dogs who are slowly beginning to understand their chosen task and often have mentors or tutors that show them the more tricky parts of their jobs. They are never let out on a mission without at least one Thrush to guide them.

    • Mite: Both the lowest rank and often the youngest blood, Mites are considering the staple source of growth and opportunity. Without these dogs there would be no future of the pack, and while the treatment varies from canine to canine, Mites are usually given the same respect and treatment as those in higher ranks.
      • Those of higher rank in the pack are your teachers and your leaders. While every rank has their purpose in the Fellowship, no one surpases Reverto's regardless of what conditions or trials are being faced. 
      • For each rank gained, a dog receives an additional feather of their chosen task. Ie. Gnarl Thrush will have three feathers while a Fleet-Foot Hatchling will have one.
The Fellowship, as they are sometimes called by outsiders, has a strict set of moral codes that are the pinnacle of their true nature beyond their savage reputation. First and formost, they are protectors of the forest and serve as a barrier between the discord of the city and the natural world. Dogs in this faction are ruthless when it comes to protecting their own, and their tightknit community is something that Reverto takes heavy pride in due to his loss of family at a young age. While he has no true blood in Canidale, those that run with him are both his followers and his family members.
  • Despite their rather civil nature with those in the faction, aggression is a common defense mechanism when traveling outside of the forest and towards the city. It is to keep others from growing too curious about the wild dog's origins, and to warn man that they are not lapdogs seeking help or attention. 

    • Killing, however, is not deemed self-defense and is avoided at all costs unless provoked by the other party. Outsiders killed on Outrider territory will be delivered to the city by the one of the pack's Undertakers, both to keep tainted blood out and to deliver the fallen back to where they belong. 

  • The number of dogs in the pack is usually well under thirty, and thus many times outsiders may refer to them as a cult, though a good majority of the pack thoroughly dislikes the term and will confront those who devalue their way of life to such a poorly worn defintion.

    • The Outriders are an elusive bunch and their true location within the forest is unknown to those outside of the Fellowship, and they are determined to keep it that way. Dogs are stationed on the outskirts of the forest to keep intruders at bay both day and night, and it is not uncommon to spot several pairs of eyes in the darkness just before one meets the treeline. 

  • Humans, strays and pets are considered a stain to the canine's way of life, and they disagree with the cushioned nature of those who live alongside people in the city. Reverto in particular refers to the lot as a misguided flock, and he orders that his dogs avoid interacting with those in the city unless told to; though he will not stop dogs who are there to gather supplies or steal what they cannot produce in the woods. He will, however, keep a close eye on those who disappear for prologued periods of time to meander in the city without any real reason.

    • Dogs distrust those in the city for both past experiences and the stories told by Reverto for the abuse and neglect he'd seen in his short time under the care of a prestigious breeder.

  • It is not uncommon to see dogs with injuries within the Outrider's walls. Reverto takes in many dogs who were abused or unwanted by their previous owners, and he often tries to find out the latest on those who are locked up in kennels or recently captured by the pound in order to create a rescue party before it's too late.

    • Those who show up at the Outrider border that are adorned with objects and smells of Domestics are regarded with aggression and distrust, regardless of their ownership status and relations with man. 

  • Mother Nature is the dog's one true guide outside of Reverto's leadership and hold over the pack. Dogs live and breathe in her name, and she is the only other living thing that cares for them.

    • Death is another theme among the dogs and many of them refer to this as an invitation to a purer world. To pass on and be embraced by Death is a comforting thought, though dogs may still fear what lies beyond their current world and try to make the best of their time while they have it.

    • A dog is not to be judged by the hands of Death until their time is done, but they will be subject to the will of the Wilds if they prove to be too hostile or misguided for Reverto or the Pack to deal with. 


Though the Outrider's faction is new to Canidale, its origins have been brought down from Reverto's home across the sea which spans for a few centuries. There are borrowed customs and titles from the dogs who ran in tribes in his small fishing village, and it is easy to spot the influences if one was to look hard enough. Reverto himself came from a tribe called the Fellowship, which serves as the main title for Reverto's little pack. Back across the sea, dogs would serve both human and wilds. They were mostly vermin hunting dogs and scarcely interact with man outside of check ups or places to sleep, so those who lived in the villages would often meet with one another to discuss recent events and ways to keep a good balance between the farming, fishing and environmental effects of the area. Each village then served one purpose, and when combined there were a total of six tasks spread among six tribes. These six tribes would then split into two teams, each one benefiting the other.

These tasks are identical to the ones in the Outrider faction, as nothing has changed since Reverto implemented them since it was a system that worked extremely well for many centuries before him. 

The ranks, however, are influenced by affectionate names that members of the tribes would call eachother during annual meetings due to how spread apart they all were from one another. The Haunt was the leader of each tribe, and each tribe's leader was refered to as a Crow for their skill in keeping together their small family and their admiration for what the world had to offer. Thrushes were trusted individuals of each tribe, while Fledgelings were their apprentices. Both Hatchlings and Mites were dogs either too young to participate in the tribe's tasks or those who had duties that focused more on man than the world around them. 

One of the only times the system proved to be faulty is when war broke out amongst one team due to the Crows and differing opinions. This was an older incident, one that was taught to Reverto from a young age. The war itself was between Undertakers and Herbalists when the leader of the Undertakers took their duties to a far extreme, corrupting their task and turning it into a cult entirely separate from that of the unity the Fellowship needed to uphold. They viewed Herbalists as those too weak to take on extraordinaty duties, creating a rift of fear and aggression between the two and causing casualties that were left unnoticed until Fleet-foots caught wind of it. 

The Raven of the Undertakers ultimately sacrificed themselves to a false God, and for several years there was no Undertaker tribe due to the fear that remained. If the Raven (who was the eldermost dog of the six tribes) had not received news of their deeds, each tribe would have been picked off one by one in order to sate the mad desires of the Undertaker's Crow. 

Unfortunately, it is the task that Reverto has the most worry for in the new world. He personally chooses who becomes an Undertaker due to his own fears of history repeating itself, and he works closely with those involved to catch any change in behavior if one cannot separate themselves from their work mentally. 

For the most part however, not much about Reverto's own take on the six tribes is known, as he is slowly carving his name into the land with each passing day as an active leader in Canidale. One day there will be a story for those after him to tell. But for now, he is writing his own story.

Rules and Laws

The Wilds
- Care for the Wilds, and the Wilds will care for you.
- Remember your place: it is among the trees with your brothers and sisters, not the streets with strangers. 
- Take only what you need.
- Defend yourself and your Fellowship, even if it costs you your physical form. 
- Killing is not a sign of power: do not overlook the consiquences.

In Sanctuary
- Keep your tongue in cheek, disrespect and ignorance is an irreversable flaw. 
- This is the Raven's keep: do not take for granted what is offered to you. 
- Truth bites harder than the tightest of lies. 
- Do your daily jobs and no one will nip at your heels the following morn.



The Fellowship - The main term for Reverto's pack, may interchange with Outrider's (if strangers, outsiders or new.)
Sanctuary - The innermost heart of the forest, and also where the Fellowship keeps their densite.
Wilds - Outermost part of the forest, mainly used for hunting/sparring/daily life activities. 
Mother Earth - A general term for the spirit of the forest, but the name is broad and can be used interchangebly.
Father Death - A general term for  the spirit of the afterlife, but the name is broad and can be used interchangebly.
Mother Tree - The main tree that sits inside of Sanctuary. It is a great elderly weeping willow.


Apa - What
Bila - When
Makan - Eat
Minum - Drink
Nama saya - My name is...
Sama-sama - You are welcome. 


Rite of Passage
- The first true rite any dog goes through within the Fellowship is their rite of gaining a task. To take on a role within the pack is to take a part of the forest's sanctum as your own. When a dog reaches the Hatchling rank, they are assigned a mentor (or given direct instruction by Reverto if none are available) in order to learn, live and breathe their role in the system. They will do daily chores, care for the pack and do general upkeep of the forest ontop of their training, and come the time they reach Fledgeling, they will then have the opportunity to take on their own apprentice and grow with them from there. 
- Frequency: Common

The Forest's Keepers
- A ritual saved for special occassions, this rite is held when a dog is chosen by Reverto to be accepted into the Haunt. It is an oathe of trust and commitment to the pack, to the wilds, and to all things that Mother Earth has to offer in life.
- When a dog accepts the invitation to Reverto's circle, they are adorned with a custom garnishment of the feathers used throughout their time within the pack, along with smaller stones and beads which each have a different meaning. They also recieve a title specific to their task which is only used by those in the Haunt.
Frequency: Highly Infrequent; Special Circumstances

Grave Keeper's Oath
- When a dog of the Fellowship dies, they are taken to Phantom's Crossing to be cleansed in a small saltwater spring hidden deep within a series of caverns and tunnels. The body is bathed, adorned with white flowers, and a grave is created in a catacomb just outside of the main hotspring. While the tunnels are mostly dark, light seeps through from the hot springs and often illuminates the resting places of those who have passed with a calming glow. 
- All dogs receive the same burial; a casket of stone and wildflowers hand picked by fellow Outriders stacked atop one another so a flower appears in every spot where rocks do not meet. On top of the pile sits a smooth, flat stone that is always adorned with the loved one's favourites (be it food, bedding,ect.) The marker for rank and task is painted with white flower dye on the front. 
- No dog is to attend the grave when a ritual is not in place without an Undertaker to guide them. 

...more ceremonies and rites to be added.

Foreign Relations

    • Pets: Empathetic
      • The worst of them all; Pets are viewed as dogs who gave up their freedom for the safety of Man's home. They feel no sympathy for dogs who are abandoned in this faction or find out their cushioned lifestye is not what it once seemed. 
        • NEW: Perhaps slightly worried for the Pets, the Outriders are unsure of what will come from the Invasion of the Strays.

    • Farmstead: Distrust
      • While not as bad as the Pets, NAME finds it amusing how the Farmstead dogs will do all of Man's bidding in return for a bowl of kibble and a soft bed. Working yourself to death and not having the freedom to be what you were born to be is seen as an insult among the Fellowship.
    • Strays: Disgust
      • Living in the shadow of Man is embarressing, and Reverto's Pack often wonders why those in that faction don't up and leave when given the chance. It is one of the few factions where Reverto would allow dogs to join without much issue, though his wariness and sympathy will only last so long.
        • NEW: Due to the most recent rumours of the invasion, Reverto has lost all hospitality to those in this pack and fears the worst for their misguided members.

    • Junkyard: Neutral
      • Dogs in this faction are viewed as unfortunately unlucky. They live with man, yes, but they are in charge of guarding and living in trash and forgotten materials that Man no longer has any use of. It's an upsetting way of life to the NAME faction, and Reverto's dogs often feel like they should be helping them somehow.

Outrider Jobs

  • Falconer
    • Those who have a knack for all things prey related tend to be drawn to the Falconer task. These dogs are hunters, fishers and skilled bird-snatchers and rely on smarts and teamwork in order to take down prey within the forest. They must also be able to fend off any pests such as coyotes, badgers and other threats that seek to ravage or otherwise temper with the Fellowship's goods. As a rule of thumb, two Falconers to every post. If one dog is set to guard duty, they must take a partner with them in order to switch off if the other starts to tire or they need to take a break. Falconer's share a den with the Fleet-Foots.
      • Demand: High | Feather: Killdeer
    • Haunt Title: The Deerstalker

  • Fleet-Foot
    • Dogs that are quick and nimble on their paws can often be given the task of the Fleet-Footed. These dogs are responsible for a number of different odd jobs throughout the faction. Message-carriers, hunters, fishers, and border patrol are among some of the things a Fleet-Foot may be responsible for on any given day. But for the most part, Fleet-Foots remain the top priority when it comes to distant travel and carrying word from one outpost to another. While versatile and considered a jack of all trades, dogs of this task may often choose to be responsible for one portion of the territory to avoid running from border to border in under a day. They may also take shifts and work in pairs or small groups, or act as guides to Herbalists and other travel-oriented tasks to help navigate unfamiliar terrain. Fleet-Foots share a den with the Falconers.
      • Demand: High | Feather: Peregrine Falcon
    • Haunt Title: The Galewind

  • Gnarl
    • While this task is few and far between due to the nature of the Outriders and its members, Gnarls are dogs who possess power and brawns despite whatever ailments they have have. They are determined and focused with the ability to muscle their way through any situation and often act as the backup to hunting parties, scouting missions and guards to rescue parties. These dogs are the ones who take the most beating physically due to how much they put themselves on the line to prevent injuries in others, and for that they have the shortest life spans of the other tasks. Gnarls, no matter what rank, are viewed with pride and respect since all members of the Fellowship know that these canines are the ones keeping them from harm. Gnarls share a den with Protectors.
      • Demand: High:  | Feather: Red-tailed Hawk
    • Haunt Title: The Calcified
  • Herbalist
    • The doctors and healers of the pack, Herbalists are dogs who excell in knoweldge of remidies and saving graces. Each dog may specialize in a certain treatment (such as broken bones, shallow wounds, ect.) so it is not uncommon for the Outriders to have more than one Herbalist at any given time. At least one member of this task accompanies scouting parties to prevent any fatalities or severe wounds. They are also in charge of refreshing flowers and floral arrangements in Phantom's Crossing every month. Herbalists share their den space with Undertakers, as they often have to coorelate with one another on upcoming rituals or ceremonies.
      • Demand: High | Feather: Bluejay
    • Haunt Title: The Witchdoctor
  • Protector
    • An odd job, to say the least. While the name also implies a warrior-esque lifestyle, these dogs are actually mostly used in keeping wildlife safe. Due to the old fashioned ways of Canidale, sometimes outside forces are needed to prevent hunters or hunting dogs from taking game that are using the Wilds as a safe-space. Protectors are in charge of guiding migrating herds to safe fields for grazing, keeping other predators slimmed down and general checking on the population of other animals in the forest. Since the Fellowship uses the Wilds and its resources, it is important to catalogue the species to prevent accidents such as over-hunting or overpopulation if left unchecked. Protectors will report anything unusual or situations too hostile to handle to the Raven, and it is up to them to either send out Falconers or see if they can re-route potential threats to areas outside of the Wilds. Protectors share a den with Gnarls.
      • Demand: High  | Feather: Cardinal
    • Haunt Title: The Companion
  • Undertaker
    • One of the most tasking jobs in terms of mental strain, the Undertakers are dogs whose job is to treat the severely wounded and also prepare humane offerings(such as prey items) and preserve the sacred spaces marked around the territory. Unfortunately, they are also responsible for the burial of dogs who have died, and they also act as a second fighter when hunting parties are outnumbered and Gnarls have taken a heavy beating. It is a line of sacrifices, and one that cannot be overlooked. Those who take on this task must be able to differentiate personal life from work as it is very easy to overwhelm oneself if not careful. Undertakers share their den space with Herbalists, as they often have to coorelate with one another on upcoming rituals or ceremonies.
      • Demand: High  | Feather: Turkey Vulture
    • Haunt Title: The Gravetender

Faction Roster

Raven: The physical leader to the Outriders and the only one who can give orders not predestined by Nature's ways.

Crow: Reverto's second hand is a dog chosen by their loyalty and natural qualities as a living being. While obedient to Reverto, they remain true to themselves and the way of the wilds.
none | locked rank

The Haunt: A group of six dogs that have seen more than their fair share of life's hardships and beauties, The Haunt are distinguished members of the Outriders faction.  
none | locked rank

Thrush: Those who have earned their spot among the Outriders are known as Thrushes. These dogs are well worn, duty-bound canines that know the ins and outs of the forest and their task.

Fledgling: Seasoned and growing from experience, Fledglings are responsible for teaching those of lower rank while also furthering their skill in their chosen task.

Hatchling: After being exposed to the way of the forest, those who rank up to Hatchling are seen as young birds who are slowly learning their true roots. 
Evangelos (Fleet-foot), River (Herbalist)

Mite: The newest members to the Fellowship, Omegas follow predestined paths that have woven their fates to Reverto's cause. They are the future of the pack with new beginnings.
Aletheia, Bojangles, Chai, JourneyMisha, NapoleonRanger, Sorrel, VernWest, Salem, Heba

RascalBeast [Resale]

Tue Apr 17, 2018, 6:06 PM

hey hey! i haven't really drawn them much since i purchased them back in september, and i'd really like them to go to a good home since i could use the funds due to my internship program was completed ;x;

Rascalbeasts: First Fall Auction CLOSED by Spockirkcoy
#3 is the one for sale! i got them for 80, but will let 'em go for at least $65 (though the full amount would be awesome.) 

they come with a piece of art i did! 

-paypal only

comment or note if interested, thank you <3

character purge! [open]

Mon Mar 19, 2018, 11:12 PM

new stuff added including a CS character, odvunir design, some concepts by me.

NEW: $5 off anything over $15!

paypal only! i will haggle a bit though possibly.

[TWWM] Esks T-form Swap!

Sat Mar 3, 2018, 2:08 PM

Hi hi! I'm lookin' to do a swap for a different biome esk than what I currently have. I have enough GP for both my Mountain and Developed to do up to a blessed transformation. 

I'm looking for:
- Polar
- Arid
- Plains
in that respective order! 

I would be willing to do a blessed transformation from either boy for a spirited or uncommon polar t-form! :> I'll even help with gathering some extra GP if your esk is short. 

[TWWM] Foster #295 - Mountain Esk
[TWWM] Bumble #580 - Developed Esk

Please comment or note if interested! thankya <3

design sale [price redux, new stuff]

Wed Feb 21, 2018, 3:00 PM

thank y'all for your well wishes and comfort on my last poll; i'm sorry for not replying personally, just really out of it right now ;^;

design st.ash
new stuff of course and some have reduced prices, lmk if you wanna see art for any that aren't listed and i'll screencap what i can

comment or note to buy, thank you guys xo

Grem2 UFT [Seeking: Esks]

Tue Feb 6, 2018, 2:28 PM

#1479 by GremCorporation #1639 by GremCorporation
i never really got back into the grem2 scene and would like to trade these guys out for something i'd put more effort into and build true stories around. he comes with a full body flat and a few misc. doodles, made by torntethers. 

notes are fine, as well as three-ways!

i will not trade them as a pair unless i'm offered more than one in return.

Seeking (in order of preference):

Howliday Event 2017 [CONCLUSION]

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 1, 2017, 7:08 PM

The Howliday Event of 2012 has officially come to a close. We are very proud to say that we're unbelievably pleased with all of the participation in this event! It has been a great joy to see the community come together during this event, and we look forward to hosting another event in the future! Now that pleasantries are out of the way, it's time to move on to what you've all been waiting for...

The gift boxes!

Small Box by WEREW0LFE         Medium Box by WEREW0LFE           Large Box by WEREW0LFE
10 Candies                    20 Candies                     30 Candies

Each box will contain 1-5 items. The prizes that will be released are secret, but they will be completely unique to this event and be useable in-game! Each box contains different quality items, and the larger the box the rarer the items! Small and Medium still have a chance for rare loot however, it's just much harder to achieve.

We will be rolling your items on January 5th. Once your items have been revealed, you can either keep, sell, or gift them to other players! You can also gift an entire gift box to someone if you're feeling generous! 

To purchase, gift, or sell items/boxes, please reply to the appropriate comment thread below! 


Sales Guide:
Common items are worth 50 kibbles
Uncommon items are worth 100 kibbles
Rare items are worth 250 kibbles
Special items are worth 5,000 kibbles

The city is strewn in a kaleidoscope of colour; green and red lights dance around every street and snow is light along the roads. People seem to be carting goods of all natures throughout the town, some of them carrying bags of delicious smelling food while others are filled to the brim with wrapping paper, crisp new boxes and a sense of happiness. Even the moodiest of men seem to have the slightest hint of a smile, and the dogs that roam the streets feel the change in energy throughout the city.

With all of the activity that's now overwhelming the town, the dogs are given a chance to use this to their advantage in more ways than one. Perhaps the Strays will steal food for their fellow members, or maybe the Pets will exchange gifts between one another? The Farmstead may take a load off and spend some time by a fire while the Junkyard decorates their territory with whatever interesting things they can find. This is a time of celebration and appreciation for one another, and the dogs will be doing their best to make it all worthwhile!

Your dogs have an opportunity to embrace the holiday season and participate in a wide array of activities in order to spread some cheer throughout the city! During this time, all factions may participate with one another regardless of status. 

Dogs of Canidale has reached the end of another year, and during the month of December, members and dogs alike may participate in the Winter Event to earn special currency that will allow them to buy Gift Boxes at the end of the month.

There will be two types of prompts:

Simple and Complex

Simple Requirements:

Art: Half body flat coloured, no BG required.
Literature: Minimum 500  words (per person if RP).

Completion Reward

Peppermint by WEREW0LFE
1 Peppermint

Complex Requirements:

Art: Minimum full body flat coloured, BG required.
Literature: Minimum 1000 words (per person if RP.)

Completion Reward

Chocolate Coin by WEREW0LFE
1 Chocolate Coin

Peppermint is worth 10 Candies
Chocolate Coin
is worth 20 Candies

One prompt of each type will be released weekly until the 24th, at which that time we will wait until after the holidays to announce prizes! 
You may only do each prompt once, and you cannot go back to finish incomplete ones once the next week's prompts are released.

In order to make sure your work qualifies for this event, please be sure to include the week and prompt in your submission. 
Event art and literature will also qualify for CP, so no need to worry about losing out on that!

1st Week: 3rd-10th


Maybe as a pup your dog was told stories of the Winter Wanderer; some picture him to be a giving dog who rewards good deeds while others may think he's a little scary after being told stories of him stealing bad puppies away from their parents.

Depict what your dog imagines them to look like! 


With all of the recent commotion, people have been making lots of goodies all over town. Your dog happens to find some baked goods that look too good to pass up. The question is: Do they share them with friends, or keep them all for themselves?

Draw or write about your dog's findings and what they decide to do!
Collaborations are optional.

2nd Week: 11th-17th


If there's one thing that says 'Winter', it's a sweater. During the holiday season, dogs and humans alike are seen around Canidale wearing possibly fashionable or absolutely, positively ugly sweaters. 

Show us your dog's holiday sweater, or tell us what they think of all the sweaters around Canidale! 


Rumor has it that the Winter Wanderer has one or two elf dogs running around Canidale and making a list of who’s naughty and who’s nice. These elf dogs are said to look just like normal dogs, and in fact, might be one of your friends! Who do you think they are?

Draw or write about who your dog thinks they are! 
Collaborations are optional.

3rd Week: 18th-24th


With only a few days until the Big Day, dogs of Canidale are both excited for the holiday’s finale for the gifts and seasonal fun while others are just glad it’s to be over. How is your dog going to spend their Howliday? 

Draw or write about how your dog is spending the howliday!


The day is here! People are coming and going to celebrate with their loved ones, dogs are finding those they are friends with and spending the day in mutual joy, eating the scraps and leftovers from people’s plates. The chaos is finally dying down into a day of thankfulness and gratuity. The only thing is: Your dog hasn’t given anyone a gift. Perhaps they’re going to surprise their friend with a cool sock? Or maybe give an enemy a warm coat for the cold season? 

Draw or write about your dog giving a gift to a fellow member of Canidale! 
Collaborations are optional.

4th Week: 25th - January 1st


Did you miss out on a prompt or two this holiday? Well, don't fret! We understand busy holiday schedules -- which is why we're giving everyone the chance to participate in prompts they may have missed out on! From now until January 1st, you can submit any late prompts for HALF of their value; this means that simple prompts will be worth 5 candies, and complex prompts will be worth 10 candies.

Have fun everyone, and we hope you have a very happy howliday!

Event Prizes

                                      Small Box by WEREW0LFE          Medium Box by WEREW0LFE            Large Box by WEREW0LFE                                       
10 Candies                       20 Candies                        30 Candies

The prizes that will be released are secret, but they will be completely unique to this event and be useable in-game!

Each box contains different quality items, and the larger the box the rarer the items! Small and Medium still have a chance for rare loot however, it's just much harder to achieve.

Realistically, if you complete ALL the prompts by the end of the event, you will have 90 Candies which can then purchase 3 large boxes. 
Or, you can get 9 small boxes!

If there are any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them in the journal below.

We look forward to seeing you and your dogs participate in our first Howliday Event!

TWWM | Walk in the Woods Ch. 4

Fri Nov 17, 2017, 10:30 PM
The Sunlit ForestArrow right  II Two Paths: The CreekArrow right III Where the Trail Ends: The Cascade Arrow right  

IV What Caught Their Eye: The Cavern

(Featuring Foster #295, 1,719 words total)
(Small GP icon by Esk-Masterlist17 base | 4 story telling bonus | 8 quest bonus | 10 event bonus)
( small AP icon by Esk-Masterlist 10 base | 5 personal | 15 quest bonus |20 event bonus)
By the time the esk awoke, sunlight was pale and only barely seeping over the crests of the waterfall. It was cool now, though the stone he'd fallen asleep on still warm to the touch and granting him a some comfort against the breeze that made itself known. Still, it didn't take long before Foster shivered, eyes peeking open and adjusting to the blurry dots that formed along the water's serene surface from the star's reflections. He peered up at the sky, following the specks until his eyes were met with a full moon that continued to bathe the cascade in some light, though this was much softer and of cooler colours than that of the afternoon. But he could smell rain, albeit it was distant and perhaps not approaching for some time. 

He still sighed, slowly dragging himself to his feet and stretching to wash away some of the aching in his body, the lull of sleep luring him back despite his lack of need for it. 

As Foster grew to his full height, his attention turned to the forest that now lie dark and flickering with only specks of color from neighboring fireflies. Some of which he speculated were will-o-the-wisps. He knew better than to meddle with the woods at  night, especially in a place far beyond his own home. Something lurking in the dark made his skin crawl, the itch of discomfort drawing his eyes away before they could begin playing tricks. It was when the first raindrop bounced against his nose did Foster make the choice to seek shelter, immediately casting himself away from the treeline and back towards the waterfall. In the darkness, the remaining light gave way to something waiting behind the falls, and Foster moved along the pool's edge with fleetfooted motions and little sound.

An owl cooed from the forest, and it only made him move quicker.

Despite the rush of water and the spray of the mist, Foster found himself inching along a narrow path towards the mouth of a cave just big enough for something like him to squeeze through. It was a bad decision on his part to explore something that might be home to a living creature, but there was nothing that told him the woods would be a better option, and thus he scrabbled against the smooth stone and let the dark, narrow passageway consume him.

On either side he could feel the press of the walls against his shoulders, loose pebbles echoing as they gave way and tumbled along his pelt and to the floor. The cascade grew quieter the further he moved, and eventually he was out in the open of a small, dark space with only two paths to take; one forward, and one back the way he came. 

Beautiful things always seemed to hold darkness. 

The lure of the falls hadn't been by accident, there were no such things as accidents. Only coincidences and the guiding hand of Fate, and for the little esk whose memory seemed to fail him far too often, Fate seemed to be calling to him from somewhere further than where he was. In the dark he could see the mist of his breath, and a slow, aching breeze was pulling it further from the falls, deeper into the tunnel.

This felt familiar; caverns, the cold. The mountains called to him from miles and miles away, but this would do for the night if it were all he was left with. 

He continued on through the pitch black, feeling his way along the slick rock and letting his small paws take the first steps before allowing his head or nose to bounce off of anything. If he wanted, he could float through it. He knew that, but there was something terrifying about being ethereal in a physical world. It was part of why he wondered so much about who he was before. 

A faint, blue light seemed to answer his questions as to where he was going. 

It started off dull, but soon enough there were bobbing whisps of blue and bright cyan that floated like loose embers through the tunnel and towards him, guiding him into a space of openness with air that didn't smell of slowly decaying stone. No, instead he was introduced to a bath of vibrancy.

On every corner there were glowing yet archaic marks that pebbled the walls and the ceiling. But in the middle sat a pool still as the night sky, a comforting lull washing over him the moment his eyes met the crystal-esque surface. He was enraptured yet again for what must have been the hundredth time that day, and something told him that he was welcome to sink and bathe without worry of what was beyond. 

Foster did just that. 

Unlike the water outside the cavern, this was warm to the touch. It felt like a hot spring, soothing both the soul and senses and creating a bubble of warmth and mist that gathered around the glowing specks and made them flicker akin to the stars outside. Foster wanted to make a sound, but he felt himself at a loss for breath and let his eyes shut and his head go under and his features fall to the pool's claim. 

When he opened them again he was still submerged, and below the surface... it was almost as though a lifetime was painted across the pool's walls. They moved as the surface did, always rippling, never ceasing, and they were faded and blurred but the brightness that illuminated every inch of the imaginary canvas seemed to draw Foster in. For a moment he wondered if he was dreaming, but no dream he ever had made quite as much sense as this did.

This was his life.

It was warmth. Home. Familiar. It was a man with rough hands and smooth clothes, a home with warm fires and gentle company. But still the pictures were incomplete, and only fractions of them seemed to make his brain tick and remember details that would have otherwise been lost. A good few of them were too worn to decipher, to draw emotion from, and as he spun in a smooth circle below the pool's surface he noticed how the water's canvas seemed to spiral until it ended at the very bottom, the most scarred and faded of pictures saved for last. But even there the claws of blue did not reach, and Foster forced himself downwards to reach the end of his tale. 

And what an end it was. 

At the bottom, the blue merged with a deep maroon, a soft red enveloping him from all sides and causing his senses to feel that same alarm he had felt at the falls. It terrified him, yet he couldn't move. The water wouldn't let him. 

With his attention only focused on the scene below, he watched as the red gave way to the mountains where he lived, to the rise of jagged slopes and of half-fallen trees and snow, and as the pictures melted together one after another, he saw the stains. The marks. The face. 

His face. 

And it was only a moments worth of visuals but it was enough to dethrone the esk from his wonder, and his body resurfaced in the minutes that followed. With a rough splash did Foster break the crystal pool's stillness, the waves crashing and colliding against the blue stone and washing the glowing blue specks, distorting them. Foster's chest hammered as he staggered up and onto the stone, his tail remaining submerged while his chest met the ground with such ferocity that it shook him from toes to head. And then he sobbed. A dry, aching sob ripped through him, stormlike, and he burrowed his face into his limbs and let the quiet cave echo his cries.

For a time it was only him, alone, with nothing but the memories of what was lost. 

Eventually he went silent, eyes half shut and mind blank as his gaze drew over the pool's surface, scorning it for its temptation and revelation of things he wished he never saw. It made him bitter, angry even, but not a chord of muscle in his body allowed him to do anything but brood and grow numb to the walls of the crystal cave.

"Sometimes your past should stay as such,"  the cave seemed to muse, though no voices aside from his own could be heard with such clarity. Foster knew it was his own grief playing with him, turning his head on his shoulders and forcing him to confront what he must've hid so deeply. There was nothing he could say or do to change that, but the pain in his chest made him feel sick with envy. He wasn't sure if he even wanted to return home knowing it was his place of death. But he couldn't stay where more darkness dwelled, where he could lose himself to this cursed pool and be fooled by physical beauty. No, Foster knew he would return to the mountains, but it seemed as though his time living in denial had caused him to spiral and ultimately, something larger than himself brought him here to face it. 

Regardless of who or what sent him to this, to the pool, to his end, Foster watched the surface of the pool dance and flicker endlessly, guarding its precious secrets with such grace that he almost felt sorry for tainting it with his sorrow. But he knew there was no changing what had been done, and as the distant crack of thunder seemed to make its way through the cavern's tunnels, Foster sank against the farthest wall and let the light blot out everything.

Ultimately, he knew it didn't matter what the forest thought of him or he of it. He was a trespasser, and this forest was only a temporary change to something much larger than himself. 

He sighed, pressing his nose below his tail. 

In truth, his tale was only beginning. Foster felt himself fade from the cave in another bout of sleep, drawing him from the cave of memories and back towards home, the memories of the past marking him from there and onwards. 

Truth, he realized, was not worth a walk in unfamiliar woods.

TWWM | Walk in the Woods Ch. 3

Mon Nov 13, 2017, 8:25 PM
Chapter 2. Arrow right    Arrow left Chapter. 4.
(Featuring Foster #295, 1,003 words total)

(Small GP icon by Esk-Masterlist10 base | 4 story telling bonus | 8 quest bonus | 10 event bonus)
( small AP icon by Esk-Masterlist 10 base | 5 personal | 15 quest bonus | 20 event bonus)

Foster had opted out of the tree's vantage point, truth be told. The petite esk didn't quite care for climbing the oaks and their various branches, nor did he want to play with the idea of losing his footing despite his etheral qualities. Even with his fleeting memories, he knew better than to go against his stomach and fight the instinct gnawing at him. But it hadn't turned out to be a loss at all.

He'd arrived at the top of a cascade, the sun pouring down against the white rapids in blankets of golden, illuminating every inch of grass and water with beautiful yet blinding displays of light. Just standing at the edge was enough to make his body feel warmer, eyes blinking out the bright specks dancing in them so he could focus on the bottom of the pool and the myriad of fish and glossy pebbles that he could see even from his bird's eye view. There were several levels to the water, the falls all of equal depth while some breaches in the rock ledges let loose bouts of water trickle down, joining the pool below. Foster was enraptured by the water, his home boundary lacking the greenery and vivid displays of sunlight in such a welcoming atmosphere. He was used to the harsh whistle of the wind, the feeling of cold stone against his feet, the snow blanketing most everything it could. Some part of him remembered this, though. The warmth. The forest. 

He shuddered, brow furrowing as a duck quaked somewhere below and brought him out of his trance. There was a moment of realization that he would need to continue his trek in order to return to his home he thought about so longingly, and soon enough the calico esk began his trek downwards along a little incline carved into the rocky walls. Every now and then he would fumble, slipping over the stones that had been exposed to the waterfall's mist, his body shivering and going still before moving on again. Once or twice he summoned several rocks into his path to substitute for missing stepping stones, an odd sense of pride subjecting itself in his heart and mind for the usefulness of his telekentic abilites he'd often ignored.

Perhaps he should learn more about this form before assuming the worst, but even then... the question remained: What was he before... this? The emptiness still clawed at him even during his descent, mind traveling much as the loose leaves of autumn did on the air's current. It only took his attention for a moment, but that moment was long enough for him to fully lose his footing and send him into the waters below. 

Foster scrabbled at the stone for purchase, heart hammering and little legs kicking and clawing before they'd decided to give up, and the air that rushed against his fur brought back a surge of fear he'd not felt before. For a moment he saw a face. Not his own, not a reflection. But a lion's. 

There was a loud crash as his body broke the water's already surging surface, the roar of the air quieting down to bubbles and gurgles as water enveloped him in cold, soothing hands. Foster's eyes had been squeezed shut but he opened them below the water, cracking them just wide enough to see several large fish scatter from his form only to return with curious looks and gaping mouths. He felt foolish, overwhelmed. His eyes narrowed and the esk lashed out at the swimming creature who narrowly avoided his toes, the rush of bubbles knocking Foster's chin and causing him to rock in the water, forcing his legs to paddle instead of scratch. Nothing should scare him, not here. Not in his boundary. It was his for a reason, and the only living thing in this mysterious sanctuary was wildlife. 

And he was positive that no mountain lion would rear its head in such a lush environment. 

The surface of the water broke for a second time as his head popped above the surface, body feeling tense and uncomfortable as though he'd been holding breath. The same fish that had investigated him upon his fall reappeared, and Foster offered a small but genuine apology that the swimming beast seemed to take, for it shuffled its fins and decided to follow the esk to the shallows. 

When he felt the loose dirt touch his feet, Foster dragged himself ashore and let the all consuming sound of rapids fill his head with white noise. He could still taste the fear lingering on the back of his tongue, the uncomfortable sense of urgency to run gnawing at him. But he looked at the fish who waded under the waters and reminded himself that he was alone. The only thing to fear was himself. The forest, the cascade? This was paradise. He should be enjoying it.

But a sense of sadness took Foster by surprise as he pulled away from the waters and towards several smooth, sunbathed stones. 

He never remembered paradise being so lonely. 

The stones greeted him with warmth as he pulled himself atop them, belly pressing to slate and legs extending out in either direction so he was fully flat, tail heavy and limp against the tiny stair-like dips behind him. Sunlight drowned him, the waterfall's noise drowned him, everything felt like he was pressed underwater yet the sky was right there. The birds called from all directions over the rapid's roars, over the gentle breeze. Colours like fire bent around every edge available and Foster let his eyes remain open just long enough to watch several leaves be set loose by their branches, float along the wind currents before finally landing in the pool much more gently than he had. 

And the fish greeted them with curious eyes and an open mouth too.

Foster's eyes fluttered shut soon after, his heart quieting itself just long enough to allow him to slip into a state of mindless sleep. For now, he would rest.

Soon enough he would be on the move again, but this time there would be no one friendly to follow him.

$10 esk minis [open!]

Tue Nov 7, 2017, 9:39 PM
TWWM| Foster Mini by WEREW0LFE
200x200, size will expand for larger foliage
mood/expression can be chosen by you

$10 base   +$5 for background
paypal only

HotL | Yvette Tracker

Sat Nov 4, 2017, 5:40 PM
<da:thumb id="712610897"/>

Group Status: 
Roleplays: Open   |  Collabs: Open

All prompts, roleplays and collabs are listed in their canonical order.
Prompts are not required but idea starters; if you have an idea, please suggest it and I can always work it out in his storyline!

❄️    𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕙𝕖𝕚𝕣𝕤 𝕠𝕗 𝕤𝕚𝕠𝕦𝕩    ❄️

Hera, Kaia and Brook returned to Sioux with Alaric's sons after Hera's passing, the children are thrust into the life of a pack with no prior experience. Yvette personally struggles with acceptance and loss. The shaping of his future as a juvenile lies in the claws of those around him.

𝕕𝕖𝕒𝕕 𝕣𝕠𝕤𝕖𝕤

OPEN | RP and/or Collab
Only days after arriving in Sioux, Yvette displays the attitude of a boy raised by fire. He is snappy and elusive and often has no boundaries. It often looks like he wants to run away; will your wolf help him or put him in his place out of fear due to his bloodline?
 2/3 Slots | Sioux Only
EternallyDrunkSmurfCaoilfhinn | Starter needed

𝕕𝕒𝕣𝕜 𝕨𝕠𝕠𝕕 𝕨𝕒𝕟𝕕𝕖𝕣𝕖𝕣

OPEN | RP and/or Collab
After straying too far from the den site, Yvette winds up lost in the mazes that engulf the Dark Woods. Frightened but too proud to show it, your wolf must figure out a way to bring the young lord back home.
0/1 Slot | Sioux Only

𝕝𝕚𝕒𝕣, 𝕝𝕚𝕒𝕣

For such a young wolf, Yvette seems to have a knack for getting himself into ugly situations. Your wolf seems curious and decides to question the child about his life and perhaps even where he got his knicked ear. Unfortunately, Yvette seems uninterested in dulling out any information.
0/1 Slot | Sioux Only

𝕣𝕠𝕦𝕘𝕙 𝕘𝕠𝕚𝕟𝕘𝕤

OPEN | RP and/or Collab
Yvette approaches you with an unwelcoming gaze and the air of something cold. He seems determined to pick a fight, and you aren't sure if it would be worth the trouble.
0/1 Slot | Sioux Pup Only

[TWWM] Walk in the Woods Ch. 1

Thu Nov 2, 2017, 10:40 PM
(Featuring Foster #295, 875 words total)
( Small GP icon by Esk-Masterlist8.5 base | 8 quest bonus | 10 event bonus)
( small AP icon by Esk-Masterlist10 base | 5 personal | 15 quest bonus | 20 event bonus)

Sunlight. It dripped through every inch of the forest, from canopy to branches to roots, the soft turn of leaves revealing a scene of wildfire colours and the smell of true fall atmosphere. This he remembered vaguely. Perhaps not the forest itself, but the winding roots and the feeling of life circling him at every corner without any ill intention. Back then, though, he knew that his intentions were impure and the wildlife that encapuslated him was fearful. Mostly because of him and others like him. Foster felt his fur prickle with the warm rays of sunlight as he shifted his weight over a mossy stone, round eyes casting scattered glances before he caught sight of his own from paws.

They were slightly translucent and he could see a worm wiggling its way over the stonebed and towards an upturned patch of dirt where several other crawlers were gathered. A slow, heavy sound left his heart and mind as he shook himself and felt no weight of flowers curled against his back and, for a brief moment, Foster was thankful that he wasn't adorned with the harsh reminder of his downfall. That is until he felt how tired he was, at least emotionally. He felt as though his limbs wanted nothing more than to rest despite his mind turning over and over, interest peaking after spotting various specks of birds and critters meandering their way through the ancient trees that dotted every patch of unoccupied land. 

Foster's tail moved, sweeping over dying leaves and sending them back up into the wind once more before they settled down around his limbs. He still didn't know why exactly he awoke here, he only knew that his boundary must have been far, far away. This air was far too warm for the likes of him, and he longed to get back home as soon as he could. The only thing he could remember about the fall season was how he liked the colors and smells, and while he did still enjoy them thoroughly, nothing felt the same as it did many moons ago. 

So he moved, toes bending and flexing to the different textures, fur grazing the rattled foliage with a delicateness that he never knew he had. It was like he wanted to run, to speed through the trees and shrubs and never stop, but another part of him wanted to savor the difference in environment and remember the taste of the air. Unfortunately he couldn't decide which side of himself to go with, so he forced himself to continue at a leisurely pace despite the ache in his heart. 

It continued like this for some time.

When the trees began to thicken and cords of vine and moss made themselves known to the petite esk, he paused and let his eyes gather in the sights without a fear of getting lost. That was never a concern for him, not back then and not now. The adventure was sometimes in losing yourself to the world around you, the thrill of life itself taking you under its wing and spitting you back out with cuts and bruises all the while rewarding you for your efforts. Even then, sometimes nature fell short and could only deliver heartache. 

Foster followed the trees surrounded by moss, oak and birch dotting his path and reminding him that he was not home. Every now and then he felt as though he may have seen another Esk, though it was always so faraway that he could never fully figure out if what he was saw true or not. Maybe they were memories, or tells of the future. 

The sun blinked through a bare patch of branches and caught Foster off guard, his body recoiling from the light and into the dappled shade of large ferns that peeked out from gnarled roots. He had grown so used to the snow and bite of the cold that his skin felt awkward and on edge being surrounded by so much life. But he knew, rationally, that the only way to return home would be to continue onward regardless of how he felt. He needed to endure just as he had all his life, the world a constant array of changes and challenges that made him remember what it was to be alive. 

As he moved on through the woods that never ended, his brain began to register the sounds and feelings of the forest and catalogued them into the farthest reaches of his mind. Stored energy, contemporary bliss, gentle reminders. He felt it all in the passing trees and singing birds, the itch to run and lose himself forever. It was so hard to fight it, to keep himself from giving in to the desires he felt so strongly in his core. If he were human, he would have no restraint. There would be no reason to stop himself. He would just go, and go, and go. And he would never give it a second thought. 

But now he stood, the woods singing to him, holding him in place and creating roots around his hearts that made his chest swell with something so foreign. He wanted to cry. He wanted to remember.

He wanted to remember everything.


Thu Oct 26, 2017, 10:52 PM
hi hi! i'm really interested in getting an esk since i've been on a feral kick lately
i've kinda lost my muse for grem2s again and would like to stick to chaplin and remus

i got this cherub babe back in july i think and drew 'em a handful of times but didn't do much with them.
they're eligible for a complete overhaul since they were first uploaded in october 2015

i am rather picky! so please don't be offended if i don't accept your offer, i'd like to be able to get two esks (a dream) since i'd like one for me and my partner, but just one is okay too if it's one that clicks!

Grem for offer:
#528 by GremCorporation
Overhaul Approval
grem overhaul approval by WEREW0LFE

Looking For: 
Possible Grem2 swap

comments or notes are fine! <3 thank youu

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[DoC] Finnigan Tracker and Prompts

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 23, 2017, 12:23 AM


Interaction Status

Open | Closed

Current Roleplays and Collabs

Before Canidale

A Show for the Ages
Shortly after he'd been run out of his home town, Finnigan has a nervous breakdown in the back of a stationary pickup truck.

New to the life as a dog with no home, Finnigan resorts to any means in order to get himself a warm bed and a meal. Unfortunately, a skunk seemed to have the same idea.

Clucking Around
Farms are not meant of the likes of Finn. Chickens, in fact, would much rather him not try to steal their eggs. Too bad he doesn't listen.

Self Defense
Frustrated beyond all comprehension, Finnigan stews in his thoughts with the idea he'll die alone. Despite his displeasure, your dog offers to teach him some basic self defense.

Stray's Apprentice

Crowing Mad
FVKKAT with Pierre | RP | Need2Reply
Pierre is having some trouble with the local crows pestering him during his escapades. Luckily for him, Finnigan is in one of his giving moods.

Ruechilla with Lyla | RP | Need2Start
After joining the ranks of the Strays, Finnigan does a bit of adventuring and winds up in Junkyard territory. His identity is mistaken for those of someone undesireable.

signal boost!

Tue Oct 10, 2017, 6:43 PM
hi hi! yall should consider commissioning my friend esperay to help her out and get food for her pup
shes got beautiful pixelwork and journal dolls as well as some cute adopts, please check it out if you can ♡♡♡

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Group Activities

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 29, 2017, 8:23 PM

Looking to make some extra kibble and CP? Well you've come to the right place!

This is one of the only ways you can gain Kibbles regularly, so it's advised that you spend some time plotting some roleplays and collabs (or solo literature and art) that'll qualify for one of these activities!

Guidelines for Activities

  • You must link your character's currency log in the description of all activities! If you don't do this, we will not roll your activity. 

  • While you can stack medals, you may NOT stack companions! Only one companion activity, please.

  • The minimum requirements for a submission to be counted as an Activity are the same as the requirements found on our Currency Information page. This is also a good place to find out how to correctly log your loot.
  • All items rolled are completely randomized, thus there is never a guarantee for a certain number of items / items in general. However, hunting acts a little differently and your item will be rolled depending on what your dog is hunting for! For example, a dog depicted hunting for birds will receive bird-based loot, while another dog hunting a fox will receive fox-based loot. So be sure to be description and straight forward when writing or drawing for hunting!
  • As the activities become popular, items and loot available will increase or change.
  • To sell any items you receive from these activities, please go to the Canidale Supply Store and follow instructions on how to gain your kibble!


Does your dog have a desire to venture out into the world and do some discovery outside of the city? This is their chance! Unlike Scavenging, Exploration focuses on the wilderness and natural items you can acquire without doing any hunting. Some materials you may find may be bugs, bones, debris, gems, or discarded human materials.

Draw, roleplay, or write your character out in the woods exploring!

Items you may find:

     Bugs by WEREW0LFE         Pebbles by WEREW0LFE         Debris by WEREW0LFE        
50kb                Pebbles: 70kb            Debris: 100kb       

Berries by Crisadence         Flowers by WEREW0LFE         Carrion by WEREW0LFE
150kb        Wildflowers: 200kb        Carrion: 300kb
Minerals you may find:
Mineral - Quartz by WEREW0LFE Mineral - Sulfur  by WEREW0LFE Mineral - Opal by WEREW0LFE
100kb        Sulfur: 150kb        Opal: 300kb       

Mineral - Copper by WEREW0LFE Mineral - Silver by WEREW0LFE Mineral - Gold by WEREW0LFE

  Copper: 350kb        Silver: 450kb        Gold: 550kb


    Sometimes a dog's gotta do what their instinct tells them. With Hunting, you can come back with different pelts or bird carcasses that you can sell to gain some money. While this is mostly a wilderness activity, small animals like pigeons or raccoons may be found in the city.

Draw, roleplay, or write your character hunting in their natural habitat!

Small prey you might find:


Feathers by WEREW0LFE         Pigeon by WEREW0LFE         Small Bird Copy by WEREW0LFE             Medium Bird by WEREW0LFE              

      Feathers: 20kb        Pigeon: 50kb        Small Bird: 100kb        Medium bird: 150kb 
Duck by WEREW0LFE      Quail by WEREW0LFE     Turkey by WEREW0LFE         Goose by WEREW0LFE
Mallard Duck:
200kb        Quail: 200kb        Turkey: 400kb        Canadian Goose: 500kb


Rabbit Brown by WEREW0LFE              Rabbit Black by WEREW0LFE             Rabbit White by WEREW0LFE             Rabbit Piebald by WEREW0LFE

Brown: 200kb        Black: 250kb        White: 350kb        Piebald: 600kb


Raccoon Gray by WEREW0LFE                     Raccoon Cinnamon by WEREW0LFE                     Raccoon Albino by WEREW0LFE

Gray: 300kb        Cinnamon: 400kb        Albino: 500kb


Fox Red by WEREW0LFE                      Fox Silver by WEREW0LFE                      Fox Cross by WEREW0LFE                      Fox Piebald by WEREW0LFE                       Fox Albino by WEREW0LFE

    Red: 400kb            Silver: 500kb            Cross: 550kb            Piebald: 800kb        Albino: 1000kb

Large prey you might find:


                  Coyote Tan by WEREW0LFE                         Coyote Blonde by WEREW0LFE                         Coyote Red by WEREW0LFE     

              Tan: 400kb         Blonde: 500kb        Red: 700kb    

                                                     Coyote Black by WEREW0LFE                         Coyote Piebald by WEREW0LFE                         Coyote Albino by WEREW0LFE                                          
          Black: 900kb     Piebald: 1000kb     Albino: 1500kb


     Deer Brown by WEREW0LFE                 Deer Black by WEREW0LFE                 Deer Piebald by WEREW0LFE                 Deer Albino by WEREW0LFE


    Brown: 500kb            Black: 700kb            Piebald: 1000kb            Albino: 2000kb

At least 2 dogs/members must be included in literature and/or art to count for deer hunting.  Loot will be equal between both members.



          Bear Brown by WEREW0LFE         Bear Black by WEREW0LFE          Bear Cream by WEREW0LFE        

650kb        Black: 750kb        Cream: 800kb

Bear Gray by WEREW0LFE          Bear Piebald by WEREW0LFE         Bear Albino by WEREW0LFE

Gray: 1000kb     Piebald: 1500kb    Albino: 2500kb

*At least 3 dogs/members must be included in literature and/or art to count for bear hunting.  Loot will be equal between both members.


Your dog more of a city kid? Then this is the activity for them. Scavenging takes place in the heart of the city and allows dogs to explore and get their sniffer working. You can often find old food scraps or human object littering the streets, but every once in awhile some stray kibbles might find their way into your pocket.

Draw, roleplay, or write your character digging around in the streets of Canidale!

Items you may find:

                     Trash by Crisadence     Stick by Crisadence     Food Scraps by Crisadence      Bones by WEREW0LFE                         
               Trash: 10kb                Stick: 50kb                Food Scraps: 100kb                Bones: 150kb

Old Toys by Crisadence     Old Shoe by Crisadence     Beads by Crisadence     Coins by Crisadence
Old Toys: 200kb            Old Shoe: 250kb            Beads: 300kb            Coins: 500kb

Kibbles by Crisadence
Kibbles: 100-1000kb


If you're not one for venturing around the city or the forest, Competitions might just be the thing for you! In this activity, you have the chance to compete in one of several competitions. Unlike the hunting, you will win the same items regardless of which competition you complete. At the end of every season, a Seasonal Championship will be held, and you'll be given the opportunity to win special prizes! Please see the end of this activity for more information.

*Please note that ANY Pet or Farmsteader can compete in competitions, including mutts participating in Breed Standard. They would be assessed by their build and health, rather than how well they conform to a certain breed. Unfortunately, no other Factions are allowed to compete due to not having handlers. 

  • Breed Standard

    • Draw your dog walking/being gated or your dog standing for inspection! 

  • Agility

    • Draw your dog leaping over hurdles, diving through tire hoops, weaving through flags, or going up/down a ramp! 
  • Obedience

    • Draw your dog performing some kind of trick, whether they're sitting, lying down, or even balancing a treat on their nose! Feel free to get creative with this one!
  • Frisbee

    • Draw your dog with a frisbee! They can be chasing after it, catching, or just holding it in their mouth. 

  • Free-range

    • Want to show off a skill not listed in the other categories? Go for it! This can be anything from herding to sled pulling; if the competition exists in the real world, it can exist here!


           White by WEREW0LFE                 Yellow by WEREW0LFE          Red by WEREW0LFE             Blue by WEREW0LFE         
    White Ribbon: 50 Kb     Yellow Ribbon:  100 Kb     Red Ribbon:  250 Kb        Blue Ribbon: 500 Kb  

    Bronze Medallion:
     650 Kb     Silver Medallion: 750 Kb     Golden Medallion: 1,000 Kb

    Seasonal Championship

    At the end of every season (March, June, September, December), any dog who competes in a competition during said month will automatically be entered into the Seasonal Championship. The championship will last approximately one month, starting on the first day of the month and ending on the last day. During the Championship, each activity will be rolled normally. If your activity is a success, you will earn one ticket, along with whatever items you rolledMembers can submit as many competitions as they'd like, but you may only earn a maximum of five tickets. At the end of the month, all tickets will be entered in to a drawing. Three winners will be selected; the first winner will take 1st place, the second winner will take 2nd place, and the third winner will take 3rd place. 

    **Please note that ALL COMPETITION TYPES are pooled into the championship; tickets are not based on category. 

       3rd Trophy by Crisadence          2ndtrophy by Crisadence             1st Trophy by Crisadence

     Bronze Trophy: 1,500kb     Silver Trophy: 2,000kb     Golden Trophy: 2,500kb 

    Companions & Bonus Guide

    Here you'll find an alphabetical list of companions/bonus items and what they give you!

    Bronze Medal: 5% chance increase of finding a rare item on an exploration

    Cat: 5% chance increase of finding a rare item on scavenging trips

    Circus Treat:
    5% increase of getting a medallion in a show

    Fancy Mouse: 
    25% chance increase of receiving a medallion in a show

    Gold Medal: 5% chance increase of finding a rare item on a hunt

    Pig: 5% chance increase of getting a blue ribbon in a show

    Sheep: 5% chance increase of finding a rare item on an exploration

    Silver Medal: 5% chance increase of finding a rare item on scavenging trips

    Snowshoe Hare: 5% chance increase of finding a rare item on an exploration

    Snowy Owl: 25% chance increase of succeeding in a hunt

    Turtle Dove: 5% chance increase of finding a rare item during a hunt

    Valentine's Day Cookie: 25% chance increase of succeeding in any activity

    Winter Hare: 5% chance increase of finding a rare item on scavenging trips

    Grem2 UFSale [SOLD]

    Tue Sep 26, 2017, 9:03 PM
    edit: he has been sold! thank you all so, so much for the well wishes and words of comfort; it was overwhelming in a good way, i really truly appreciate it.

    hey hey!
    I'm looking to rehome/resell this Grem2 I got back in early May. I lost my best friend/cat yesterday and I'm looking to put the funds towards a plush in her memory since her passing was so sudden. As much as I love this grem, I love and miss my cat more than words can describe. 
    I would really, really love for him to get a good home. 
    He comes with a bit of art, just a bust and a small animation I did. 

    #984 by GremCorporation
    Masterlist: #984
    Proof of purchase: Selling two grems! (BOTH SOLD)

    This is not FCFS, mainly because I'd like to make sure the person I sell him to wants him for the right reasons versus for fodder ;__; 
    Please just leave a comment and I'll pick someone tonight depending on interest!

    OCs for sale [open]

    Mon Sep 25, 2017, 6:47 PM

    some stuff for sale since i'm taking a small break from commissions
    St.ash link

    prices can be negotiated lower, art can be screencapped and shown if requested.
    comment or note if interested, thank you xo

    Skin by Celvas