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The cat is a cartoon on my maneki neko (Beckoning Cat, Lucky Cat, Money Cat, Waving Cat, ect.) It sits next to my bed, facing the door so you see it when you walk in. It needs a new battery, but with one, it forever "waves" at you (that's what the hand is doing, if you can't tell), with a lovely tick tock sound (no off switch). I think it's standing on a pile of 5 yen pieces, which I know has a smaller hole, but that's what mine looks like. (I bought the cat at a Japanese shop)

Made in photoshop elements with the shape tool. I discovered awhile ago that, while I can't draw well, I can do wonders with a shape tool. If you like this, you should see what I can do in Powerpoint. I made a 5-10 minute animation with the just the shape tool. It was all the climactic fight scenes of all the Star Wars and Indiana Jones movies (even Star Wars II and 1/2), complete with backflips and sound. It was on my other computer that was stolen, and i gave up on remaking it.

I know I haven't been very active lately, and I'm sorry. I've been busy

Bamboo brush - :iconhawksmont:
Sakura Brush - :icondifferentxdreamz:
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this is really good monkey.
would you consider making me a new icon?
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it's a cat.....

sure! :D
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i know its a cat, im calling you a monkey lol
and thanks lol
....but i have no idea what i want D:
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ok (sorry for the late reply)