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Gundam Sandrock ZG

This pic got 3rd place on the maconvention 08 2D art contest in leonding/ austria,...... YESSSSS


Right now I'm really not in the right mood to write a description.... I mean... starting off with my personal problems in a socalled "Artist's Comments"-thing.
This stupid pic you see here.... (or mähbie auch not stupid.... was tut ich knownsn XP) it took me nearly a month to color it!!! and you know why? CUZ I HAD TO SPEND SO MUCH TIME LEARNING FOR A CERTAIN MATH EXAM!!! I studied and studied and studied.... instead of doing what I would've liked to do by that time - finishing that picture... neh?
and guess what happened? I failed on that math exam anyway! F!.... dät sacks! XP... I spent so much time studying.... and what for .... I'm pissed... really.
However... *sigh*
So it really took me a long time to color the lineart (colo with *spuck* THÄ GIIIIIMP!!!!einseinseins5-4=1 ......punktnull4vier)... It was nice.... listening to nightwish most of the time. I wish I wouldn't have to go to school anymore.... It's so annoying... learning for tests that I'm going to fail anyway instead of drawing pictures....
technical details? no..... please not.... a reason for quarrel neh? howver:
That gundam can't fly ... yup... you rad right... it can not fly.... the boosters on it's legs are only there to evade atacks.. (maybe I'm saying this to annoy all those.... "I KNOW EVERYTHING"- mecha fan people.... maybe... to have someone tell me again how much bullshit my mechs are or whatever...)
Sandrock still has it's heatshotels... but they're modified, a strng shield and a MG (on the picture it's attached to the gundams back )
weeeelll... I would really be happy if .... you could maybe tell me what you think about that picture.... it took me so long to finsish it and I really like it... (that does not count for the colors I've chosen :XD:... I should've used darker colors... but hey.... I should learn from my mystakes neh?)


I do commissions - If you are interested, send a note or e-mail.
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its like gundam mix with transformers
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soo much detail. i love it 
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After reading yours description, you accomplished an epic Gundam art finish. keep doing the amazing work!:#1: :#1:
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This is a nice redesign. I like it.
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hello, visit my journal, your one of a few I am seeking, name's Junior btw.
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this is way better than anything i would draw. *eyes burn from the intensity of Sandrock*
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Ummm.... Screw the technicalities of the Gundam universe!!! Screw them hard!!! This piece makes my brain hurt so bad I'm plugging my ears right now to keep it from pouring out of them like hot Jell-O.
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that is a crazy awesome looking version of sandrock one of my two favorite gundam
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Sweetie, you should have gotten FIRST place. The detail you put into Sandrock is incredible.
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That is awesome! :D
Would be great if you could comment my art also! :D
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dude all these are amazing
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I don't know what to say! Simply amazing.
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Amazing adaptation of the original design! Sandrock was always one of my favorites
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I never thought that mecha had its own surreal category 0.o
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Hella badass. Dunno if there's a story behind this piece, but it definitely has the look of a Gundam that crash-landed from orbit and then had to be rebuilt with "whatever was lying around..." But of course Quatre has to add his own bit of flair with the gilded shield and shotels, just to say "Yes, I am a rich kid."

To comment on the whole "desert Gundam" thing, actually mobile suits (including the Gundams) were originally meant to operate in space. If you go back and watch the older Gundam series, you notice that Gundams being able to fly in atmosphere is actually a pretty new thing; so in that sense, you'd be right, Sandrock probably shouldn't be able to fly; it probably weighs, what, thousands of tons?

They probably started making mobile suits able to fly around in order to mimic how they would fight in space, with the rationale that as technology improves, the energy that propelling a kiloton mass requires would stop being such a barrier. A lot of the battles in GW happen on Earth, and it would be pretty tedious getting them from one place to another if they all couldn't fly around. It makes it easy on the animators and the writers (pacing the story) and allows quick battles to be fought somewhere besides space.
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nice job love the detial
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if you like zakus so much...i have one in my gallery, the figure is good, but the colors are crappy. :/

also i have a helmet that looks zaku like
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if this got the 3rd place, who was the 1st [link]
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I can just imagine that on t.v.
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