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Update 02/Dec;; The offer on Candle Wreath has fallen through, so they're back up for offers again!

you know when you start letting go of things and then realize that you can let go of even more things? that's me rn. i had a lot of story for a lot of these when i got them, but my focus has shifted to a lot more personal projects, so i'm sure there are better homes for these elsewhere! I'm mostly just going to be keeping woolynes that are in pairings with other ppl or are important to jax's story.

  • These must All be Renamed and story changed.
  • Paypal Only - USD - I don't haggle.
  • If offering designs, please know i can be picky. My preferences are for fluffy, warm palette designs. No Humanoids.
  • Payment Plans within a month. 
  • Will accept mixed offers of Designs/USD on those that can be resold.
  • Examples of designs i like:…

    Woolyne #87 by Woolynedex Woolyne#34 by Woolynedex Woolyne #189 by Woolynedex Woolyne #151 by Woolynedex

VV Named Trade/Sell in the folder below VV…
Updated: 19 Oct

the good boi i adopted from the pound has tested positive for heartworm and it's gonna cost a little more than $1000 to treat him. and while i have plenty in my savings to pay for it, i don't like sticking my paw in it more than i need to. so !! here's some designs i can sell.
- Paypal Only
- will accept payment plans within a month.


Looking for the masterlist? I've faved them:…


Needed to have some costly repairs done to my car, so;; gotta make up for it somehow!
Taking five comms for now and then I may do more when those are done.

>Please give me:
  • type of commission
  • character reference
  • personality traits
  • pose/emoji/expression
> USD Paypal Only

Comm Sheet by Wereprincex

Comm Sheet Designs by Wereprincex
by bases, i mean you can point at any design i've made and i can adjust the features for what you want.

prices can go up according to complexity
1. Taken on Twitter
2. Taken on Twitter
3. TheHumanHeart
4. pandelirious
5. Taken on Twitter

Updated: 07 Aug

HOO BOI okay. recently decided to go through my charas and pick out ones i'd consider trading/reselling.………

>> if purchasable, they will have a price in their description !!!
>> money offers will usually be put on hold while i mull it over; i have a preference for trades.
>> payment plans and 3-way trades are totally okay
>> i like fluffy, striped, natural/warm colored designs in general
>> my design likes:…
>> cs I'm more likely to trade for: woolyne, faelidh, renfairs, kebanzu, foolings, stygian, pawbirds, pofures, ramuken, grem2

Here are some of the CS I have::

Custom Plant-Fu [xero-sense] by KurokiKumo

Ramuken #115 : Skylight by Faibrary

Caeli Auction: Celestial Divination (Closed) by faios
caeli designed by faios
resellable for $350
#057 by Pod-Emporium
Nautipod (also has plush dragon form)

This is a folder of characters that I like, but haven't made stories for yet and so might be persuaded to part with them:…
Thanks for looking !!
(i'll be hiding comments that have been resolved)

uhh;; so i've been wanting to make a journal just to have something there, so i guess getting tagged by this meme is a good enough way to break the ice;; got tagged by technicolorize !!

Tiger :meow: Name: X (sometimes Xor or Xoryth)

Tiger :meow:Starsign: Cancer

Tiger :meow:Average Hours of Sleep: 3-6 hours

Tiger :meow:Lucky Number: 5 or 7?

Tiger :meow:Last Thing Googled: uhhhh I have no idea,,, but i just googled how to find what i last googled, so does that count??

Tiger :meow:When I started this account: Jun 1, 2017. gosh, only a few months ago??? i think i had an account before, but totally forgot what the email and login info for that was so. plus it was literally years ago.

Tiger :meow:Amount of Watchers: 100?? honestly that's more than i expected to see. i don't really advertise that i have a DA. im just here for the adopts m8

Tiger :meow:What do I post: Furries. usually bigg fluffy ones. also usually big cats. i'm also hoping to post more arpg stuff! it's great for interacting with others and i really want to get better at scenes,,,

Tiger :meow:Do I run anymore blogs: yeah, i've got a twitter, FurAffinity and tumblr. i try to upload my art to all of them, but i only upload to tumblr in big dumps. i've got my links to them on my profile.

Tiger :meow:Do I get a lot of comments: nope! a couple here or there, but i don't mind cuz replying to comments stresses me out. i feel guilty when i can't reply right away or i don't know what to say besides THANKS. i also don't expect people to tbh.

Tiger :meow:Why did I choose this username: well see i love Beast and werewolves/shifters in general, since i can't make up my own damn mind what's my fave animal/monster. even with roseo, my fursona, i stretch him out into various forms so he's not exactly... just a tiger. so i consider myself a beast who can play as a prince, so instead of a werebeast, im a wereprince. the x is tagged on as a pun bc i go by x (wereprince x) and also princex is a gender neutral term.

i'm not tagging anyone else bc... idk that stresses me out too;; i'm Easily Stressed forgive me,,,