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i can draw humans, btw, i just don't usually cuz theyre boring to me so i don't have any recent examples;; hmm anyway.

>Please give me:
  • type of commission
  • character reference
  • personality traits
  • pose/emoji/expression
> USD Paypal Only

1515882669.wereprince Comms by Wereprincex

i can also do messy fullbodies like these for $25
pep n bee by Wereprincex

prices can go up according to complexity

Updated: 07 Aug

HOO BOI okay. recently decided to go through my charas and pick out ones i'd consider trading/reselling.………

>> if purchasable, they will have a price in their description !!!
>> money offers will usually be put on hold while i mull it over; i have a preference for trades.
>> payment plans and 3-way trades are totally okay
>> i like fluffy, striped, natural/warm colored designs in general
>> my design likes:…
>> cs I'm more likely to trade for: woolyne, faelidh, renfairs, kebanzu, foolings, stygian, pawbirds, pofures, ramuken, grem2

Here are some of the CS I have::

Custom Plant-Fu [xero-sense] by KurokiKumo

Ramuken #115 : Skylight by Faibrary

Caeli Auction: Celestial Divination (Closed) by faios
caeli designed by faios
resellable for $350
#057 by Pod-Emporium
Nautipod (also has plush dragon form)

This is a folder of characters that I like, but haven't made stories for yet and so might be persuaded to part with them:…
Thanks for looking !!
(i'll be hiding comments that have been resolved)

uhh;; so i've been wanting to make a journal just to have something there, so i guess getting tagged by this meme is a good enough way to break the ice;; got tagged by technicolorize !!

Tiger :meow: Name: X (sometimes Xor or Xoryth)

Tiger :meow:Starsign: Cancer

Tiger :meow:Average Hours of Sleep: 3-6 hours

Tiger :meow:Lucky Number: 5 or 7?

Tiger :meow:Last Thing Googled: uhhhh I have no idea,,, but i just googled how to find what i last googled, so does that count??

Tiger :meow:When I started this account: Jun 1, 2017. gosh, only a few months ago??? i think i had an account before, but totally forgot what the email and login info for that was so. plus it was literally years ago.

Tiger :meow:Amount of Watchers: 100?? honestly that's more than i expected to see. i don't really advertise that i have a DA. im just here for the adopts m8

Tiger :meow:What do I post: Furries. usually bigg fluffy ones. also usually big cats. i'm also hoping to post more arpg stuff! it's great for interacting with others and i really want to get better at scenes,,,

Tiger :meow:Do I run anymore blogs: yeah, i've got a twitter, FurAffinity and tumblr. i try to upload my art to all of them, but i only upload to tumblr in big dumps. i've got my links to them on my profile.

Tiger :meow:Do I get a lot of comments: nope! a couple here or there, but i don't mind cuz replying to comments stresses me out. i feel guilty when i can't reply right away or i don't know what to say besides THANKS. i also don't expect people to tbh.

Tiger :meow:Why did I choose this username: well see i love Beast and werewolves/shifters in general, since i can't make up my own damn mind what's my fave animal/monster. even with roseo, my fursona, i stretch him out into various forms so he's not exactly... just a tiger. so i consider myself a beast who can play as a prince, so instead of a werebeast, im a wereprince. the x is tagged on as a pun bc i go by x (wereprince x) and also princex is a gender neutral term.

i'm not tagging anyone else bc... idk that stresses me out too;; i'm Easily Stressed forgive me,,,