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Xenith [Serifae MYO Entry] by Wereprincex Xenith [Serifae MYO Entry] by Wereprincex
I just wanted to post my design already, but I won't submit it to the group until I'm actually done with it !!
The main thing is that I'll be editing their tattoo design on the ankles, because right now it's p inaccurate and I'm deciphering the runes to inscribe some stuff. Think of it as a placeholder.

Name: Xenith
Age: Aeon
Pronouns: They/He
Height: 5'6"

- Fox Ears (C)
- Standard Eyes (C)
- Cat Tail (UC)*

Residence: Nomadic
Class: Sun Mage

With tendencies to be chaotic good, Xenith finds themself just as likely to be praised by the law as they are chastised by it. On a nuetral ground, however, they're often found to be quite charming. Quick with wit and a smile, they have a disarming manner. Of course, their self-rightousness can often leave a bitter aftertaste, which they acknowledge but still believe their mindset to be absolutely correct. It makes them stubborn to the point of pigheadedness on occasion.

History: (WIP) Raised in a rural town between Aether's Overlook and Full Moon Woods, Xenith grew up on the many rumors and spooky stories of cursed beings and spirits slipped in from the Borderline. Enthralled by the stories as a small child, they snuck into the Full Moon Woods to try and find a werebeast. There, they swear up and down that they saw such a creature, cementing their belief in the supernatural. With their obsession, they focused their studies into that of Sun magic, wanting to be able to help others from the corrupting touch of dark magic and curses. 

Of course, their beliefs in what most consider "superstitious" and "simply folklore" often earns them only ridicule, but Xenith is persistent and very firm in their own beliefs. They're willing to travel great distances in pursuit of simple rumors and will stop for anyone who asks for their help. Along their travels, they're also an avid studier of the serifae language and runes, pursuing that knowledge explicitly for creating stronger blessings.

Character Development Plans:
The goal traitwise would be for them to be turned into a werebeast themself! Along the way, I think it would be good for them to learn to see the world in less black and white terms. Learning to change their beliefs and how to forgive.



designed by myself
*My Advertisement for UC trait: Advert: Serifae MYO Contest
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   363 by Wereprincex 
tigersylveon Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Woooow very niceee! ;o; What a handsome boi~
Wereprincex Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks a bunch!! im rly rather pleased with how they turned out tbh;;
tigersylveon Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
They came out great~
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