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Roseo Xialin [Reg Sheet] by Wereprincex Roseo Xialin [Reg Sheet] by Wereprincex
Name: Roseo Xialin
Age: Young Adult
Gender: He/They
Height: 7'6"
Residence: Andreas

Battle Class: Sol Forger - Dryad Bard
Level: 1
EXP earned: 3

Pixel RoseSootmus - Hallowoolyne 

Comes across as a soft, kind-hearted woolyne, Roseo is mostly shy and quiet even though he does his best to push through any discomfort to help others. However, his understanding of the world is slightly askew and can make others... look at him a bit oddly. Seeing everything as passing into earth to become the plants of the world makes him not take death too seriously even though he helps heal, but his healing is mostly focused to ending pain. Saving a life is simply a side effect.

History: (WIP) Roseo likes to joke that he was born into the world from the blossom of a flower. He remembers no home and no parents. Simply gaining awareness in a dense jungle, stumbling around as he discovered things on his own. Mostly eating roots and sweet fruits that he could find to survive, often following suit of wildlife that he came across. As he crawled through underbrush and survived, Roseo became more attuned with what he could only explain as the life of the forest. Feeling water under the earth. Becoming aware of the push of roots through the earth. It felt natural to him, and he could feel it change him. Intuitively, he learned to place seeds in fertile earth and his plants grew faster than average, not that he knew this as a child.

He's not sure what age it was that he came across the hermit in the side of the mountain. Sometimes he laughs as he recalls that the elder woolyne had initially tried to push him off a cliff, only for a bush at the bottom to grow to catch him. That had surely changed the old fart's mind, Roseo recalls with more humor than anyone else would about being almost killed. But it was hardly anything to what he faced later in life, so relatively, it wasn't a big deal. After seeing Roseo's ability, the hermit quickly changed their mind about pushing the child away and took him in, teaching him how to speak and cook foods. Though when confronted with eating meat, Roseo had balked, having never considered the idea before. The hermit had acquiesced and taught him how to make tofu instead, which he quickly grew fond of. Growing soy became his favorite pasttime in between the music lessons that the hermit gave him.

They showed him how to carve and make his own instruments, followed by how to play and tune them and make up stories as he sang. Roseo adored this and quickly took to playing and singing for his plants and they seemed eager to listen to him. As he grew older, he often had to trim himself as he tended to grow flowers all over his body while he played. He could also guide plants to grow as he played, making living sculptures of fruit trees and vines.

Eventually, the elderly hermit grew more irritable and, more or less, told Roseo he was old enough to get lost. He understood, though. The hermit wanted to be alone when they died and so he honored their wish, packing up his things and sang a song of returning once more as he wandered off. At first, he kept to the thickly wooded areas, but eventually had to see what a musty, old village was. Children were the first ones to greet him and he'd played them a song and delighted them with sudden blossoms of dandelions that puffed out to seeds for them to make wishes on.

He did this for a few towns until, inevitably, it drew attention. [gore warning] Noct caught wind of the tale of a talented dryad and there was no way they could stay away. They found. They stalked. They trapped. An awful trap, where they lured Roseo to a crack in the earth with the bleats of a trapped deer. He reached his arm down to try and pull the creature up, but then there was something biting and clawing into his arm. He couldn't even see what was practically tearing and pulling his arm apart as he clutched firmly to the ground by piercing claws from the earth. He couldn't see it, but the trapped deer had been dead all along, another puppet of Noct's that was now its real form of gnarled bones and claws as it did its best to tear Roseo's arm from its socket.

Eventually it succeeded and Roseo could pull away at last, crying and bleeding heavily into the surrounding earth. In more pain than he'd ever felt before, he couldn't resist at all as a dark stranger stepped over him and pierced something into his socket. Then there was fire unlike any other swirling around him. Roseo felt like he'd never stop seeing that sickly shade of green and then he passed out. When he came to, he cried some more, shoulder aching and feeling lopsided. He mourned his music the most as he thought he'd never play again. But his mourning turned to song regardless, and from this song, an arm grew. Hardly perfect and incredibly irregular, but it was his. Or at least it mostly was. He could still feel something sick and rotting in it that made bright green flames flicker behind his eyelids.

Traumatized, he returned to his deep forest days, afraid to approach heavily populated areas for fear The Eyes will see him...

Years later, he regained confidence as he learned to control his wooden arm, though he swears it whispers to him sometimes. He simply plays and sings louder to drown it out. Then, not wanting others to suffer from the pain that he felt from having his arm torn off, Roseo feels drawn to the sick, giving them herbs he grows from his arm to soothe.

== Mainly plays the Pipa 琵琶 (example) but is absolutely fine playing most strings and flutes if handed them.
== Their arm is made of wood and is just as sturdy as a trunk. It's only flexible to Xia's will, so when he's asleep it stays stiff. It also only grows, so sometimes he has to get out some sandpaper and carving knife to adjust it back to a reasonable shape.
== His dryad ability is only under control when he's singing or playing music. Otherwise all plant growth is by instinct and can cause some accidents, especially when his emotions are hyped up.

== While My Guitar Gently Weeps :: Regina Spektor
== 刚好遇见你 :: 李玉剛
== Rose-Colored Boy :: Paramore

Pixel Rose : Yellow versionSorrel - Soul Sister 
Fie - fuckinnngf boyfriend

Woolyne #121 by Woolynedex 
Woolie Roseo by Wereprincex 

designed by :iconwereprincex: & :iconverlidaine:

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