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Qihao [#475 Reg] by Wereprincex Qihao [#475 Reg] by Wereprincex
Name: Xialin Rao
Nickname(s): Qihao
Age: Adult
Gender: He/Him
Height: Monster Size
Residence: Osten

Fooling Qihao Inv by Wereprincex 

Although he maintained most of his original mellow personality from before his unfortunate encounter with wildlings, Qihao now has a very short fuse on his temper. He tries his best to control himself though and since he's rather isolated, it's not too difficult of a feat. Travelers who pass through his deity's shrine are seen to generously, but he tends to lose his temper if he feels like anyone disturbed something that shouldn't have been.

Job: Prisoner, Groundskeeper

History: (WIP) Once upon a time, there was a deity of hospitality, Haoke Sheng, that adored tending to travelers who passed through the forests of Osten. Xialin was the groundskeeper of the shrine, mostly tending to the gardens though he did maintain order inside as well. One October 30th evening, however, the shrine was attacked by wildlings and he did his best to fight them off, but got his enchanted item cracked in the process and he passed out. When he came to, he was no longer his usual self, but instead his werefooling form. Confused and with a more volatile temperament, he lashed out at his surroundings, tearing things up wrecking things even more than they already were.

By the time he was able to control himself, a hefty amount of damage had been done, both by himself and the wildling attack. Feeling incredibly guilty for not being able to protect the shrine as well as for the damage he made, Xialin began to repair it as best he could. However, the decrepit state and the fact that he hid himself whenever travelers would come by led others to believe the shrine to be abandoned, weakening his deity's power and existence.

After several years, Xialin was able to make it look presentable again, but without any visitors, his deity no longer had energy to speak to him and his condition wore at his mind. He forgot his name and started calling himself Qihao, instead, in regards to the number above his sleeping quarters, which is a dungeon cell. 

== Xialin is his original name, but time and his condition made him forget it.
== His "bell" is an enchanted rose that acts as an hourglass timer for him. It grows while he's in werefoop form and withers when he's in his original form. Once the rose loses its last petal, he has to revert to his werefoop form. Because of this, he saves his time for the rare occassions that there's a visitor at his shrine.
== Max amount of time in original form: 6 hours
== favorite pastime is tending to the garden's roses
== [Info on Werefooling for Reference]

== Waving Through a Window :: Dear Evan Hansen

None yet :c


designed by :iconlusomnia:

   Fooling #475 by foolingarchive 
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