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Noct Bonaparte [Reg Sheet] by Wereprincex Noct Bonaparte [Reg Sheet] by Wereprincex
Name: Noct Bonaparte
Age: Adult
Gender: They/Them
Height: 5'
Residence: the seas

Battle Class: Fire/Sol Lyss
Level: 1
EXP earned: 4
Shards earned: 0


Everything that Noct does is carried out very methodically. The most efficient path to the solution is the one that they will take, regardless of what the path is. They can act emotional, but that's all it really is; an act. Smiling, laughing, crocodile tears... they can pull it all off and give a rather convincing impression of it. However, in certain situations, it becomes very obvious that their emotions are unnatural and there's just something Off about them. They don't care for expending energy in faking interactions, however, so they generally spend their time alone and will dispose of any extraneous nuisances if they so feel the need.

History: (WIP) Noct's history is incredibly shrouded, even to themself. They've done so many experiments on themself that their memories have become hazy and all they stick to is that they were raised by librarians and gained a fascination for knowledge. At some point they became fascinated with Sol lyss, originally with it's incredible ability to heal. Watching doctors bring others back from the brink got something hooked in their brain, and Noct began to research it with ardor. Their craving for knowledge led them to read dark, forbidden books, since information was just information to them. But then the study of bringing life back to the lifeless tickled their mind and they sought it out further.

They started to catch animals and experiment, first bringing them close to death and then bringing them back, but then this inevitably led to them killing their subjects and bringing them back. For short amounts of time, and then waiting longer and longer. Of course, they were obviously rather unsuccessful at first and became frustrated. Attempts to create various concoctions to aid in their channeling of lyss, they created various explosions. One of them even blasting off their tail and other such bits from their lower half. With their experience in sol, they were able to heal themself, but couldn't grow their now unattached bits. So they sought out a replacement tail, since without one they kept losing their balance and finding it quite infuriating.

The tail they found was extraordinarily large, but they knew how to coax muscles to reform and attach to their own, so they proceeded with the operation. However, such a thing still required more time than they were willing to wait, and attempted to use another concoction. Unstable as it was, it similarly caught flame, but it caught the attention of an elemental in the area who bonded themself to the flame and proclaimed themself Noct's new companion. Noct was angry at first, but found that the fire elemental brought a certain spark to their sol lyss and their complaints were quickly forgotten.

With the aid of the fire elemental, Noct discovered how to further regenerate decaying bodies and reanimate them. The life was still fake, but they're willing to have something to work off of.

To further their research, Noct has taken up the facade of running a pirate ship, crewed by his created minions.

== Their arms are overgrown and seem freakishly long compared to the rest of their body. Because of this, they usually climb or run on all fours.
== Their pirate moniker is Bone Daddy.

== Dangerous :: Big Data
== Blood in the Cut :: K.Flay
== Take It From Me :: Kongos
== Unleashed :: Two Steps From Hell
== Immortal :: Two Steps from Hell
== The World Ender :: Lord Huron
== He Who Brings the Night :: Two Steps from Hell
== The Wolf :: Siames
== No One Will Save You :: Aviators


designed by :iconverlidaine:

Woolyne #106 by Woolynedex 
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