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Lykeej Sazar [Reg Sheet] by Wereprincex Lykeej Sazar [Reg Sheet] by Wereprincex
Name: Lykeej Sazar
Age: Adult
Gender: He/Him
Height: 7'
Residence: Su-Bahn

Battle Class: Forger - Earth
Level: 1
EXP earned: 0


Lykeej is very confident, assured of all of his decisions and choices even if his decisions are very Questionable or something that has ended up badly for him. Made a mental decision to not regret the choices he's made. Despite his greediness and flirty ways, Lykeej is actually quite sincere and very openly affectionate with those who accept his advances. When angered, it happens all at once, tending to bottle up his emotions (due to his curse) until he can no longer contain it and then he can get rather violent. In this, he's rather insecure, wanting everyone to admire him, so he hides his cursed features as best he can. By some chance that his curses start to surface, he creates a stone room around himself.

History: (WIP) A well-renowned treasure hunter, Lykeej has his share of fame and curses. He was young when he started and got a rush from the danger and adventure, loving it when people came to him to listen to his stories. And then when people paid him good money to retrieve treasures, he was hooked. His common sense eventually gave way to his greed for more. Taking on whatever he needed and it eventually led to him taking on cursed artifacts. Sometimes he's been able to undo the curses, but mostly the really bad ones have stuck to him.

The snake was the first major one to take root in him and he still refuses to acknowledge it for the most part, keeping it muzzled and chained to his belt. Occasionally he'll unchain it to aid in protecting him or to kill, but the snake derives nutrition from Lykeej and so doesn't need to be out.

His most traumatic curse is that of the loss of his seraph traits. His crest, wings, and other such feathered accents were practically singed off by some lyss absorbing curse and left Lykeej grounded. Even years after the loss, he sometimes still reaches back as if to preen. He also no longer has any connection to air lyss. Before the loss of these traits, however, he had relations with a certain shifter family's heiress and sired a child, though he wasn't allowed to stick around to see or take part in anything further than that.

Lykeej's second head is the most disconcerting of his changes and he fears its presence greatly. Although he acknowledges that most of the thoughts and personality are from his own dark thoughts, he can feel there's a tainted lyss that's corrupted and needling its way into his subconscious to try and corrupt him as well. Not wanting to accept this head as him, Lykeej calls this part of him Ydeh.

== He's polyamorous, because he enjoys cuddlepiles. Still greedy, though, so if his partners have interest in someone else, that person has to also be with Lykeej for the relationship to be accepted.
== The snake is venomous! It can be lethal if not treated promptly. Lykeej is immune to the poison and his blood can be used as an antidote.

== House of the Rising Sun :: The Animals
== Jekyll and Hyde :: Five Finger Death Punch
== Wrong Side of Heaven :: Five Finger Death Punch

Mertzer - Offspring (doesn't know)


designed by :iconverlidaine:

Woolyne #130 by Woolynedex 
Lykeej Ref by Wereprincex 
Miss-Italia Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2017  Student Filmographer
Look at this hot buff daddy!!! Knives Faints The second I saw this Woolyne up for auction, I was like: "This is quite a buff and gorgeous Woolyne, I bet Princex would love this one" I was not wrong. He's seriously stunning though ;w; The whole background idea with the curses, and how he used to be blessed is so good! (Mertzer, you don't know it yet, but ur dad is hella hot) The colors do match Mertzer's quite well! (also, does he still have his second head? Does it come out sometimes, or did he manage to get rid of it?)  
Wereprincex Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
LMFAO,, im glad buff makes ppl think of me ahaha >:3c

Oh yes! The other head is a Sometimes There like how the Hulk is sometimes the Hulk. Verli wrote that the head comes out when his heartbeat speeds up so I'm going with that! I'll draw him with his other head later,,,
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