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Lanisse [Woolyne Reg] by Wereprincex Lanisse [Woolyne Reg] by Wereprincex
Name: Lanisse Alabaster 
Nickname(s): Lani (law-nee)
Age: Young Adult (26)
Gender: She/They
Height: 6' 3"
Residence: Ur-Bahn

Battle Class: Warrior - Warhammer
Level: 1
EXP earned: 0

Fire Bullet - F2U! Sootmus x 3 

A hardworker at the anvil, Lanisse is surprisingly quiet everywhere else. While disliking confrontation, she's immovably stubborn and is very 'actions speak louder than words' with how she reacts to things.

History: Born and raised a smithy, with some carpentry as well, Lanisse became very dedicated to her craft from a young age. When she got to working in the forge, she couldn't help but sing along to the beat of her hammer and an elemental became quite smitten and bonded with her. With the fire elemental's help, she can craft things with specific heat requirements very skillfully and it makes the quality of her work highly sought after. And many enjoy coming around just to hear her sing, as well.

Wanting to expand her knowledge of smithing and get more materials to work with, she took a job offer from Raziel, not realizing that he's a pirate. Upon discovering that's what he was, she was a little upset at first, but Raziel persuaded her that it wasn't all bad and the benefits for her outweighed the negative. She hesitantly has agreed and doesn't mind the whole piracy part, but she doesn't take part in destruction of property that Raz tends to do.

== Lani is hard of hearing! due to an experiment that exploded while she was delivering some mechanisms and damaged her ear drums.
== She mostly reads lips, but she can sign and the sootmus and elemental bonded to her help keep her aware of her surroundings.

== Forward Thinking :: Marcus Warner
== Celtic Blacksmith Apprentice Song
== Turn Loose the Pipes :: Robin Gogberg



designed by :iconyuristorm:

   Woolyne #151 by Woolynedex 
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December 22, 2017
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