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Jaxxon Sarulia [Woolyne Reg] by Wereprincex Jaxxon Sarulia [Woolyne Reg] by Wereprincex
Name: Jaxxon Everett Sarulia
Nickname: Jax
Age: Adult (32)
Gender: He/Him
Height: 8'4"
Residence: Aldlight

Battle Class: Shifter
Level: 1
EXP earned: 40


Burdened and overladen with the responsibilities and expectations that everyone else seems to have on him, Jax doesn't emote or speak a lot, afraid of showing weakness or saying the wrong thing. Even despite his great resentment and bitterness towards his mother, probably out of fear, he still does almost anything she asks of him. The only exception to this is when it comes to his younger siblings who he loves more than anything. A silent protector and guardian sort.

History: [child abuse implied] Born to a proud shifter family, Jax wasn't always a Dragon Woolyne. His mother was obsessed with producing the strongest heirs to the family and found a large Seraph woolyne that would be his sire. Of course, the same as Mertzer and Panetta's sires, he wasn't kept around and their mother is the only parent they've ever known. His wings were originally only feathered and none of his traits were that exceptional, but his mother found usefulness in his growing strength. 

As the siblings grew older, their mother grew sterner and more ruthless with them. She wanted her children to mold to her will and when her children began to grow old enough to have minds of their own and defy her, she sought to snuff it out of them. Jax tried to shield Mertzer and Pan from the brunt of it the best he could, but Panetta was the most strong willed of them all and their mother punished her severely for it at only 6 years old.

Emotionally distraught, Jax gathered Mertzer and Panetta up that night and led them off to try and runaway from their mother. Things didn't go as planned when they accidentally came across a group of bandits. Fleeing for their lives, Jax found somewhere to hide his younger siblings out of sight before leading the bandits away. He was already a strong shifter, but he'd only had sparring lessons and it was different having his life actually in danger. In his panic, he set off a rock slide on the mountainside, crushing the bandits as well as himself. He managed to pull himself out from a boulder, losing his left leg in the process.

Knowing he was slowly dying, Jax thought he was simply hallucinating dragging himself towards a light he saw within the mountains. Instead, it was Mazrim's Wellspring, where the deity healed him before guiding him through trials. Despite being in a daze and awed simply by being in Mazrim's presence, he managed to complete the trials and was granted Mazrim's blessing, transforming into his current form.

He woke up at the foot of the mountain with Mertzer and Panetta just sorta staring down at him and after some freaking out about his changes, they returned back home. Their mother was prepared to scream at them until she saw what had happened to Jax and instead immediately began to rather sickeningly dote on him, though the younger siblings were quickly pushed off to the side.

From then on, the younger siblings were practically disowned and shunned by their mother while Jax got all of the attention, both good and bad. To Jax, this was a relief, since it meant she wouldn't target her anger on them anymore. However, it gave him less time to spend with them and he drifted slightly from his siblings.

A couple years after this, he met Hero and was smitten. His first crush and love, though it was completely chaste since he was too nervous to do anything. He tried his best to keep it secret from his mother but inevitably failed. She was furious that he'd mix with a commoner and told Jax how upset she was with him and that Hero would not be allowed to see him. She meant it literally when Jax briefly protested and set Hero up to lose his sight. Guilt-stricken, Jax never approached Hero again.

Currently, he's moved to Aldlight to learn politics and further his own education, training, and social status.

== Favorite food is oranges!

== Golden Dandelions :: Barns Courtney
== Dream is Collapsing :: Inception (Hans Zimmer)
== Little One :: Highly Suspect
== Wish I Knew You :: The Survivalists
== Enchantress :: Two Steps From Hell
== Flight of the Silverbird :: Two Steps from Hell
== Idle Worship :: Paramore

Situational Playlist:
-- Jax to Hero :: Hate to See Your Heartbreak - Paramore
-- Hero to Jax :: Two Men In Love - The Irrepressibles

Mertzer - Middle Sibling :: 5 yr difference
Panetta - Younger Sister :: 12 yr difference

Deuce Machina - Betrothed
Hero Grimvoire - Ex-boyfriend


based on design from :iconagentcorrina:
wooliefied by :iconverlidaine:

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AgentCorrina Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Wereprincex Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Thlyatara Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2017
This handsome boof really did what he could to protect his little siblings huh? I approve!
Wereprincex Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yes... he loves them so much;;
Thlyatara Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2017
He's a good big brother. ;A;
holies Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2017
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Wereprincex Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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