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Jaxxon [Pouflon Reg] by Wereprincex Jaxxon [Pouflon Reg] by Wereprincex
Name: Jaxxon Sarulia
Nickname(s): Jax
Age: Adult (32)
Gender: He/Him
Height: Him Big
Residence: Chrysanthos 

Battle Class: Knight
Level: 1
EXP earned: 0

Animal Crossing Bell Coin Emoticon  Collar - Family Heirloom

With some ancestry of Vespire descent (Grandmother), Jax works harder to be accepted amongst other poufs and guards his actions/expressions carefully so that they can't be misconstrued. Due to this, he often doesn't catch jokes because he's not sure that someone is joking or not.

History: (WIP) As a child, Jax stayed with his Vespire family so that he wouldn't come to harm, but as he got older he wanted to go somewhere farther than the caves in the mountains and meet his pouflon family. So at 10 he went to his pouflon relative's farm where he learned about pouflon society and started training to fight as a knight. He worked his way up until he finally was accepted as a knight and became Princess Daffodil's personal guard. He's given up trying to contain her and simply follows along behind her as best he can. He's also unknowingly taken Rockie under his wing, but he really just thinks she's just asking him for advice a lot.


== Golden Dandelions :: Barns Courtney
== Dream is Collapsing :: Inception (Hans Zimmer)
== Little One :: Highly Suspect
== Wish I Knew You :: The Survivalists
== Enchantress :: Two Steps From Hell
== Flight of the Silverbird :: Two Steps from Hell
== Idle Worship :: Paramore

Daffy - his charge, but she claims he's her squire
Rockie - his Squire/Protege, although perhaps a bit unkowingly

Based on Design by :iconagentcorrina:
Pouf'd by :icontyronniesaur:
    Custom Pouflon #475 by pouflopedia   
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TytoArts Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Do you think he and Koschei could be pals? Koschei's Group Registration
Wereprincex Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think it would be interesting if they ever met because they're both rather quiet. I am giving jax a pippet though! So they could probably get to know each other over that
TytoArts Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
yeah definitely. Koschei loves talking about pippets.
AgentCorrina Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
THIS BOY IS A POUF NOW!! he's so gorgeous as one omgg!! a powerful big floof i want to hug him always.
Wereprincex Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
HIS INFLUENCE GROWS !!! his big bod lays across universes.
and he wouldn't know how to handle a hug but he'd be Shy about it >:3c
confetti Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i love this bIG BOY
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