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Hero Grimvoire [Reg Sheet] by Wereprincex Hero Grimvoire [Reg Sheet] by Wereprincex
Name: Hero Grimvoire
Age: Adult
Gender: He/Him
Height: 5'9"
Residence: Seawynne

Battle Class: Warrior - Rapier
Level: 1
EXP earned: 0


Often comes off as distant and a bit pessimistic, but occasionally he smiles brightly and handsomely and you can see who he once was before he lost most of his vision.

History: (WIP) Hero used to be a tinkerer before he lost most of his eyesight, and was well known for his beautiful watches and music boxes. But he lost his eyesight when he intervened in a scuffle and a potion splashed across his face, heavily clouding his vision. Now he can only see shadows of movement and from the edges of his peripherals.

He mourned the loss of his ability to do delicate work, but refocused his skills into swordsmanship, learning how to fight without his sight. He became a sellsword, though between jobs he simply sits on the corner to play his kalimba for money.

He also dated Jax when they were young adults, just starting out on their own or some such. Their dating was as secret as they could manage, because Jax's mother would certainly disapprove of their relationship (bc Hero is just a commoner), but she inevitably finds out and sets up the opportunity to have Hero blinded. Hero never learned that this was the reason and so never understood when suddenly Jax seemed to disappear.

He's now reunited with his childhood friend, Tyberien. He's shocked by the personality change of Ty, but because of the fondness of the memories, he can't leave his friend aside and hopes to maybe bring him back from the murderous path he's on now. He decided to join a pirate crew to try and socialize Ty while still having opportunities to murder.

== this is a kalimba
== he also has a walking stick besides his rapier, but the rapier is simply the more deadly of the two.

== How Does a Moment Last Forever :: Beauty and the Beast
== Once Upon a Dream :: Sleeping Beauty
== I Stand Alone :: Quest for Camelot
== The Other Side of Paradise :: Glass Animals
== Dear Fellow Traveler :: Sea Wolf

Situational Playlist:
-- Jax to Hero :: Hate to See Your Heartbreak - Paramore
-- Hero to Jax :: Two Men In Love - The Irrepressibles

Tyberien Rex - childhood friend; foolishly in love;
Raziel Denzel - Boss; Pirate Captain

Jax - Ex-boyfriend

designed by :iconwereprincex:
based on a faelidh that Verlidaine designed though!

Woolyne #133 by Woolynedex 
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November 2, 2017
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