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felt like revisiting my other personal fave, midan. adapting him more to my highliond headworld/species thing and if you haven't read anything from my super wip weebly of info, the next paragraph will make little sense and is mostly me making personal notes to jot down on his weebly section Later.

a sphynx type facial structure means he's got heritage from Aban'Daster. in the timeline he's a relatively new Legend of infamy rather than heroism. he's considered ugly by highliond standards due to not having a chin patch, which gave him a bit of a complex and so he uses jewelry/piercings to compensate. in further desperation, since jewelry isn't cheap, he concocted a plan as an egomancer to force a good number of other highlionds to act as bait so he could lure manticrabs into a place he could explode, killing both highlionds and manticrabs. of course, the planet doesn't care about highlionds lost, it only cares about manticrabs being dead so it rewarded him with the power to turn things to gold as an inverse golemborne. technically he could turn things into other metals or even gems, but he just likes gold the best.
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