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Another work done earlier, just forgot to upload it.
Ink,dip pen,nibs, A3 paper size.
I really have something to bird/women creatures. The valkyries are great, though I'm not satisfied with my work.

After some serious health issues and accademy crysis I'm feeling better now. And finally can continue working on commissioned works. I'm sorry it goes so slowly, but it happens...
Gosh, the end of semester is so stressing.
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Your drawings are so detailed and perfect. This is what raw talent looks like.
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This is too cool!!!!!!!!!!
you're gifted with this technique, your work has a lot of depth. Do you have an A3 scanner?
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Unfortunately I don't have scanner that size, I have A4 (I scan drawings in parts).
Thank you!(:
Haha, I know that feeling (especially hard with paintings)
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I really like it. Great work.
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super cool but it looks like she is drooling... :D
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I Love your style and Art work
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wow, this is wonderful! Great work!!
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Marvelous! One of the best valkyries I've seen - a great portrait!
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Thank you, and thanks for tha fav and watch.(:
Happy new year too!
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Excellent work...
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whow, this was done in A3? cant't even think how hard it must be to make all those details and shades on A3 format! whow!
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You think it's hard because it's small or because it's big format? Cos I think I should finally start working on bigger ones, a2 or a1 or so. Just not now, I have soo much to do... ;_;
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i think it's hard because it's big (in my eyes) i just draw in A4 at most - more often A5 or A6. I always felt it hard to draw something big that looks fine if you show it far smaller afterwards (e.g. a picture in A4 showing up as illustration only 1/4 of it's original size. the amazing thing of your pics are: you draw them rather big and on screen it's quite small: And it looks PERFECT!
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I love the serious style of this, it's so different from all the cliché fantasy drawings :) Again great work on the pen technique but you always manage that :)
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Glad to hear that, thank you.(:
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It's great, however, it's a pity you didn't add some more details : )
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amazing work as always!
she`s stunning=)
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