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the Gate

By weremoon
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Accidental drawing from my sketchbook coloured in PS + texture added(made by me).

The drawing started as random ink sketch (no rubber - no safety belts). Sketching like that can be very relaxing.:giggle: And because I liked it I tried to make small experiment with it. Next time I'll try to achieve something like that without Photoshop. (This time I couldn't do more with the traditional drawing, cos the paper is very thin.)

Do you like it? Or is there something I should avoid next time? Tell me what you think.:)

original --> [link]

Faber-Castell pens 0.1, 0.5, 0.8 on a4 paper + PS
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Reminds me of the entrance of Doriath from Silmarillion
deviant-artemiz's avatar
I like the texture! Also some of your illustrations remind me of the work of Gustave Doré. Maybe one of your inspirations?
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This looks like a drawing straight from J.R.R. Tolkien books. Wonderful, wonderful Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TheWolverineCello's avatar
This is simply inspiring
TheMoonsSea's avatar
Wow, this is an amazing piece. Great work =)
I like this, it reminds me of the first books I used to read about adventure and it could a lord of the rings or Conan type book for me. I like the way the gate keeps drawing the eye in.
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I love the depth and contrast of this one. Great work.
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I really like it, but as people said (a year ago *shot*) the lack of highlighting means it misses a little something the original had. The figures really pop because they've less lines through and around them, I like the feel it gives off.
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Has a wonderfully mysterious and moody feel to it. I am enjoying viewing your b&w work very much (haven't seen the rest yet, getting to it! Stopped by through the pen&ink artists group).
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Thank you! I'm very happy you like it. I admire your art since I first saw it some time ago. It's very inspiring, especially your inking style.:heart: Your lines are always on the right place, everything is clear and easy to read but at the same time very detailed and decorative(if that's the right word..).:)
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It's really interesting to see your ink work, too. I love working in ink myself, it's a quite interesting medium, and I like your approach...there's a lot of structure and flow in your drawing. The trees seem expressive, the grass stormy, while the gate and the rock with their vertical structure appear extremely solid, literally like a rock in the sea. Love what you did with the values, too, you really gave this piece a lot of depth and made the bridge pop nicely.
By the way, I think the subtle tone you added in ps makes this even more effective. The original is nice as well, but now the drawing works even better.
Do you actually work with markers, too? It's something I like to use a lot in combination with ink pens, it's so tangible and so much fun :D

Very well done!
evanjensen's avatar
What great atmosphere. I really admire your handling of crosshatch, too.
OyciecPiotr's avatar
super klimat ma ten rysunek!
1993Mariola's avatar
Jak ty to robisz? D:
Szkicujesz na poczatku a potem cieniujesz piorkiem?
weremoon's avatar
zwykle tak, akurat tutaj to tylko cienkopis + dodanie szarości w PS
1993Mariola's avatar
A czy kiedys mogłabys umieścić jak to robisz krok po kroku?
Jeżeli znajdziesz czas oczywiscie : )
weremoon's avatar
tak się przymierzam od dłuższego czasu... trzeba być dobrej myśli, kiedyś zrobię:D
1993Mariola's avatar
To ja niecierpliwoe czekam ! :D
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