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By weremoon
Gel pen drawing, 42x29cm / 16.5x11.7in

Colours coming soon (?) ...

some progress shots if anyone's…

[edit 01.16.16:] Oh my, thanks so much for the DD:heart:
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I came across this while browsing, and now I'm in love ❤

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The amount of detail is incredible! Absolutely gorgeous

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I love the value work.
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This is a gorgeous piece of pen-work, Marta.
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Outstanding work with dertail!
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She's the moon. She's the sky. She's the days bloom. Her love never dies. She's nature's song. She is the calm night. She fixes what's wrong, and turns it right. She has undying love. She gives and she takes. She reigns from above, from night to mornings wake.
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This is so nice! :heart:
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Thanks. I've made poems since I was 5
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Piękna praca! Ogrom detali splatających się w całość. Podziwiam i gratuluję w pełni zasłużonego DD!
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At first I wanted to see the amazing details you put in this piece: the fur, the grass, the leaves, the dust. Then I watched the whole picture and I felt sad for the wolf. I always feel sad when a life ends (who doesn't). But then you think that after one death there will be a new life which will not only replace the old one, but maybe do something more and let you experience wonderful feelings. Yes, I don't know if to be sad or to be happy Sweating a little... . I think both :) (Smile) .
I like works like this, that make you wonder... You're amazing, by the way, not only for this piece! La la la la 
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This is actually one of the few art pieces out there that has triggered an emotional response from me. I actually cried a little... well done. It's a wonderful drawing and a bittersweet visualization of the cycle of life and death. ^^
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I'm always very happy to read comments like yours and know that my work touched someone in a way.. especially when it was emotional journey for me too.
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Your technique is insane! I am amazed by the light, as well. Handling the overall impression that there are fixed light sources is the hardest task for me, but you make it look so easy.^^
Can I ask how long it took you to finish this piece?
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Thank you!
How long.. No idea... I've been working on it during month or so, in evenings. But not every day.
That's all I can say.^^'
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Thanks for your reply!^^
That is how I work at the moment, too, so I get what you mean.^^
Beautiful, it's a very powelful image...
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This really is beautiful. Congrats on the DD, you deserve it, this piece is gorgeous.
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