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By weremoon
Digital drawing combined with scanned ink.
....Yes, I could make him look more "polished" and such, but the roughness of lines is something I like much more. <:

I reeeally enjoyed making this one.
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The brutal-looking helmet is such a contrast to his pensive expression.  The roughness really makes this pop. Wicked!
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I like this one a lot! The knight has a nobility and meekness about him that is captivating. Great piece! :heart:
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Man you're amazing!!
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This work of yours remind me a lot of Aldo Locatelli, an artist from Italy which painted São Pelegrino church, here in Brazil (it's also one of his most famous work as an artist).

I find this kind of work very impressive and absolutely gorgeous! I can look at drawings and paintings like this for hours, looking for details I didn't find in the first place.

Here's a little about Aldo Locatelli: [link]

Too bad it is in portuguese, but you can take a look at his paintings, specially the Via Crucis image, which I find the colours very much alike. I mean, the way you did in your drawing reminds me a lot of what he did in his.

Your work is awesome and unique! The Aldo Locatelli link stands just for some details that I think it matches your way of painting or colouring.
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Thank you for the link, great artist indeed. :) Wish I was as good as him just a little, but heh:D
Glad you enjoy my work, thanks again!:)
Beautifull colours!
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This piece is absolutely exceptional!
The style makes my heart happy~
Brilliant. Just... Brilliant.
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I love that helm. :clap:
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I think the lines really define your style. Dont let anybody convince you that you should change that!
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How are you so awesome?! how is THIS so awesome?!?!?
you are a constant stream of inspiration
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o.o very AweSOme! very intense :)
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I like the roughness here. The mixture of methods really works.
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you're getting better and better, very fast :)
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This is just absolutely stunning!
I really don't know what more I can say! :wow:
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I'm glad you like it(:
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You're very welcome! :hearT:
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One word: Love!
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