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Mega Dragonzord

Drawing what I feel like, so Mega Dragonzord. Who needs a few extra steps for that truly heavy armed groove.
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This is really great work.

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A.K.A. Dino Megazord in Unity Mode.
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is this the one that is both the dragon and T.Rex or is it just the dragon?
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Still doing commissions of a sketch for $20?
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good I have a ranger I wish to be made drawn. When can I send it and such? Also can he weild a weapon and have a zord in the background or is that to much? Cuz I can have no zord in the background if you prefer. I have all the references btw which I will note ya.
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The price will be adjusted for the zord, other than that it would be alright. At current pricing it would be $90. Not sure I can start right away though. Note me so that this won't get lost.
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um.........I think I'll go with just a ranger and his weapon so I'll note you alittle later.
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Sweet, I'll be expecting ya.
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I pity the poor monster who goes up against THIS guy... :D
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Instant vaporization from the Mega Power Blast.
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Your robots are quite awesome in design, it's cool too how you give the background a texture, as it really helps the megazord to stand out!
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Empire Attack!!!
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So badass and epic :wow:
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Zyutei Daizyujin!!!! I love what you did with the Dragon Tail & Chest Piece! Making them a Drill Lance & a Shield is so perfect!! It really does the Zyurangers a lot of justice!
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All that's needed now is a bipedal combination with Titanus, and that would be that for this set of zords. After that, all of the Dino Thunder ones as a big combination (I can see the pachycephalosaurus and ankylosaurus as shoulder guns, pachy as a cannon and ankylo as a minigun) and the Dino Charge ones as another combination (I'm not quite sure how the spinosaurus and t. Rex would work though, as they're so similar and make up the majority of their respective robots).
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