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lovers getaway :: YCH Auction CLOSED

I can:
- change expression
- change body type
- change fur length and texture
- edit poses a bit
- add accessories or scars or the like
- change species

I am not willing to:
- completely change the pose

SB: 40.00$/4000 points
AB: 150.00$/15000 points 
MI: 5.00$/500 points

Auction will end on February 11th at 11:59 CST.
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This is so lovely Mars!!

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literal tears!!!!! they are falling!!!!!!!!!

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Congratulations, you've won!! Feel free to let me know either here or via note how you will be paying, and what characters you're wanting! :-)

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Awesome! I'd like to pay through paypal. My paypal is - in case you prefer to do an invoice.

Here's a ref for the larger character:

Ca463 By Daisiesadopts Debwp7r

And a ref for the smaller character:

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invoice sent!!

love these characters' designs!!! Thank you so much for purchasing - I'm very excited to draw them! :-)

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Paid! I'm so excited to see them! Thank you!

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