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Spyro Skylander

I've been meaning to draw the new incarnation of Spyro for a while.

Also, a note to 90% of the people drawing him: he does not have much of a snout. At all. Stop giving him a long nose, you might as well be drawing an older version of him.
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Awesome. He also have original games and The Legend of Spyro.
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Back in 2011, I remember being very skeptical about his new design, but over the months I grew to like this incarnation, mainly due to the fact he had aspects of what a real dragon would have, he had noticeable scales, authentic dragon wings, teeth and claws. The only thing I find questionable are his red eyes. I got into this Spyro even more when I heard him speak and see he had a cocky attitude, it pays a homage to the way he was the Insomniac Trilogy, which made me like him even more. So when people dislike him just by the way he looks, it pretty damn ignorant, he's more similar to classic Spyro then they know.
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Now THIS is what SkyLanders Spyro should look like in the games! You've made his face look more likable! Love the perspective and the traditional coloring! :D
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I think it's cause they all wish he had a snout  XD

All the design remaking and stuff aside I think you pulled this off sooo well! I love the texture of traditional art it makes me happy  ^^
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Really awesome drawing here. So cute!
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yeah it would have been better if the snout was longer.. and the eyes werent to.. idk, big xD but the rest of him is cool. I think
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Nice! C:
I love the colours there, really cool! :D
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Nice drawing, but I hate skylanders wih a passion. It reined Spyros image. When my little brother got it for christmas, i was ready to kill him.
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I insist you don't ruin this wonderful artwork with your hate filled words. You sound like a five year old whose profile picture isn't even probably their own artwork. So please....leave Skylanders Spyro alone. No one wants to hear you, really.
Spyrolover24's avatar
Well im not a five year old. But when I was young I used to play a game called Spyro and Spyro 2 Riptos Rage. So I have a strong connection with the original Spyro and I also have nothing against any of the other Spyro games because Spyro looks like Spyro and is the MAIN CHARACTER. So I have a good reason to say what I want. Thats what comments are for. And besides, if you were paying attention you would of realized how long ago I commented on this and how I said im done saying negative things about these drawings, because ive decided to stay away from them. But people like you are making it fuckin hard to do that. So leave me alone, ok. And only true Spyro fans would see how activision only used Spyros name to sell that crappy game. Now if you excuse me, im gonna go back to living my life instead of talking with low life shitlanders people like you.
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Nice job swearing and ruining this picture even more! And it's obvious you are pretty young, since you continuously bash me. And i never asked what spyro game you played, i said to just leave skylanders alone, in fact i completely agree with your opinion.
Spyrolover24's avatar
Im not ruining it anymore. And im 17 years old. So im not pretty young. And im not trying to bash you, you just started a harsh conversation when you replied to what I said. Ok.
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That's a very unreasonable and aggressive opinion. If your brother enjoys it, then that's great.
Spyrolover24's avatar
Its not ureasonable. Yes it may be aggressive but not unreasonable. I really dispise skylanders so im going to be mean and nasty towards people who like it. Activision reuined Spyros good name and it makes me very unhappy. What really angers me is that they lied through their teeth and said that they were going to make a fourth game in the legend series and they didnt. Instead they make skylanders s#^t!
weremagnus's avatar
It's unreasonable that you are trying to take something your brother enjoys away from him by being mean and nasty when he has done nothing to deserve it. Your displeasure in something does not warrant that everyone should suffer the same outlook.
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Wow, this guy, Spyrolover24, posted on one of my deviations too with that same attitude. He's posting on every Skylander Spyro picture on DA he can find and spreading his hate about it around like a plague..
weremagnus's avatar
Yeah I'm just going to stop replying. It's like arguing with an infant,
sapphire3690's avatar
Eh, I blocked him when he just insulted me for liking Skylanders.
Spyrolover24's avatar
Well if activision actually cared about spyro fans we wouldnt have this problem now would we. If they would of just made the fourth game in the series instead of lying through their teeth things would of been a lot better. Or if they would of made the movie all this crap wouldnt be going down and I wouldnt be so angry.
Distance-Diz's avatar
It is about money, kiddo. The people who made the games wanted some easy cash probably to provide a little extra funding for a fourth game or a movie. Making them and selling them costs a lot, millions even.

Now I can see why you are angry but your bro did not do anything to warrant your hatred, don't hate the player just hate the game. Now I like Skylanders not because of the game itself, or Spyro, or anything too significant but because of the game mechanics. The way it saves data to the figurines just blows my mind, that and I like ninjas.
Spyrolover24's avatar
Well I dont. Not to be rude or anything but i told my brother that if he wished for it for christmas, I would be angry at him. So he did and this is what he deserves. I do know that the game was made to make money. But i dont think there will ever be a Spyro movie or a fourth game which makes me sad. I would of not had a problem with the game if they would not of put Spyro and Cynder in it. They could of just called it skylanders and it would of sold the same. That I would of been fine with. Activision deserves to be shut down for turning Spyro into a retarded lizard. Thats how i feel and so do some others. If I win the lotto some day I will try to get the rights to Spyro from Activision unless Serria or insonomic take back the rights. Then I will be happy again. I hope nothing I said offends you, its just that im really upset that activision lied about making the fourth game and made this cruddy skylanders game instead. I just get really upset and into arguments about it sometimes.
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Let it go, your bro might not be a serious fan like you. The funding is important otherwise the movie/4th game would be crap.

You can't offend me over games, how about you try skylanders and give it some serious game play? You may come to like it since you can choose who you want your main character to be. I think they were trying to appeal to a wider audience when they made it. Just give it a chance.
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