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Schoolyard Takedown - roughs

By weremagnus
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these are outlines/tonal rough for a conceptual piece I'm working on for my Illustration class. the

kids' faces will be less stylized on the final bit, I'm still working that out.
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This is yours? Neat! :) Pretty famous pic!
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Thanks! What kills me about it is the version that made the rounds online isn't even the final version (nor my own colour choices XD Icon mid )

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What a cool concept!
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Are you going to be making any prints of this piece?
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are you looking to do any prints of this piece?
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This struck a chord with me
It's easy from the outside to see it as reg Calvin and Hobbes and 100 acre woods, but when you're in the schoolyard with all the other kids in that instinctively formed circle, even the nice kid and the weird kid nobody likes measure themselves up
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This is genius! :la:
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I want tickets to this fight!
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is barney next? or mimzy? or the Stanly the bear from Arthur?
avarice4adventure's avatar
reminds me of pokemon
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Love the cleverness
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Hardly the first to say this: You and this pic are epic, and I really want to see the final.
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I saw the colored one on epic win and had to hunt around a bit to find the original artist. Hi. ;)

Do YOU have a final colored version? We'd all love to see the final. :)
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It was never meant to be colored. The final version is a large pencil rendering.
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Ahh.. well I'm sure we'd still like to see it. :)

Wonderful concept, by the way.
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Kind of twisted. But awesome.
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Where's the final version of this??? I need to know! O_O
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I never got around to uploading the final lol
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HAHAHA Wow who colored it? it looks atrocious!
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man we need a print of that!
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(Or is there even a final/colored version on DA?)
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AWESOME. I stared for a few seconds, then the kid with the tiger clicked for me and my eyes got O___O and my mouth got :D times eight million.
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