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Foreign exchange newt

By weremagnus
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I’ve moved to Zootopia, hello I’m foreign exchange from Canewtda

I decided that I'd be a newt in the Zootopia universe! (A newt who dreams of being a dragon)

"But reptiles/amphibians/birds aren't in Zootopia!" you cry,
Yes, I know! But I wanted to explore that maybe, JUST MAYBE, we only saw a sliver of that animal world. :)
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There were alligators.
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A sequel is needed in order to answer this and other questions about the movie.
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But dragons aren't real?
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If they ever decide to have a sequel i would want their to be birds and reptiles. They might get discriminated even worse than predators and prey.
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Wonderful work, love the flag. :aww:

Zootopia is indeed just one city with entire planet and universe spanning around it, offering most wonderful chances for darker and more realistic visions of zoo-utopia.
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Oh and also, I just noticed you said you moved to zootopia. Is this picture there? I can change the link to your zootopia link if that is better. Going to go check it out right now.
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Hold on - I think I completely missed that you are saying this newt pic is if Newt were in the movie Zootopia!! LOL!
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I am rather confused but it sounds like you sorted things out for yourself???
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Hi! I just shared this piece on my fandom facebook page, Fanbeasties, it is in a fan art album and uses the link provided for this piece, and your user name as it appears here. Let me know if you want either of those things changed, if you want your actual name or the link to your general art site, or your art shop where people can buy it if it is for sale. Thanks! <3

**Also to you and all the artists: if you get this same message more than once and it seems like I just copy and paste it to everyone, that is exactly what it is just because I can have trouble typing neurologically but sincerely mean how much I love your art!
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If they do make a sequel, I'd like for them to explore birds and reptiles.

Love this art, by the way!
AutodidactArtAcademy's avatar
Thumbs up! Awesome drawing.
g1ng3rd0ct0r's avatar
A reptasian traveler? Africamphibian, maybe? Perhaps Clawstralian? Doubt he's Aveuropean. I'm having too much fun with this.
springheel's avatar
Not to worry, chap!

Scarecrow Force is temporarly in Zootopia, they are SWAT team from another city and have an eagle, a vulture, a penguin, a chameleon and a croc among their ranks!

I loved the movie, the best Disney has ever doine... and of course was saddened by the lack of resptiles and birds... your puc is simply fabulous: lighting, action, dynamics... just hope this li'l guy isn't trampled by accident!
moldavite-soul's avatar
I do not endorse reptiles in zootopia being sentient but I endorse this goofy ass newt's magical journey. 

Look at that nerd. 


So freakan gooftroop.

It's perfect.


Bless it.

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I could...nah, I am fully ready and okay with this. Been so-- Canewtda ohmigosh
JadeHopps's avatar
"Gotta Dance, Gotta Dance!"
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I agree with your idea! And it's adorable!
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I just love this idea! Since we didn't see ANY other animals besides mammels I have a feeling that other animals are intelligent too and just live elsewhere. I wonder if there is actually some kind of there may be bird or reptile countries out there. Kind of like you've depicted here, they just live somewhere else.
UNlikeableMegastos's avatar
I would ask about how is the weather on Zootopia, but I cannot afford to get any spoilers.
So ignore that I want an answer.
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"but reptiles aren't in zootopia!" check out how little i care! he's adorable i love his little hat
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Awwwww, super cute! I love all the little details! Because Zootopia is doing so well...we'll probably get another one. I'm holding out hope for visiting some other cities with reptiles, birds n' things! ^_^
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I just wanna hug this cute guy :) great work! Very detailed
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