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Don't Start Now

By weremagnus
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Character  Aho
Music Note Bullet (Teal) - F2U Don't show up, don't come out
Don't start caring about me now
Walk away, you know how
Don't start caring about me now Music Note Bullet (Teal) - F2U 

A couple years ago I did some pose studies based on choreography by Brian Friedman featuring my tengu character, Aho. I was watching some choreo again recently, which seems to have a pattern of inspiration! So here's another set of drawings with Aho dancing it up, this time based on Zach Venegas's performance of "Don't Start Now" by Dua Lipa:…
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I thought i heard that name before

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They're pretty great! I wish I could dance like that!

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That guy definitely has some moves 😉

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Oh this made me laugh! Delightful set of poses and fun character. Congrats on the DD!

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Thank you kindly :)

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Nice work!!! :clap: !!!

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I was surprised when I realized this was the same song that’s been stuck in my head all morning. What a coincidence that this was on my Home page! Now not only is the song stuck in my head, but a dancing bird is too! Haha, amazing work!

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very expressive character!

my favorite is the second from the top and 3 from the bottom (back to the viewer)

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Thanks! The third pose on the bottom row I also really like drawing, love the sassy hip out to the side.

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DANG THIS IS AWESOME!! That bird knows how to dance!! 😁😁😁
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These postures are great and hold a real sense of movement.

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I really like how you did the feet on this guy
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I ended up watching the whole video and the girl with the Body + tshirt just made my jaw drop cause I'm watching the groups ahead of her group going "ah man you gotta be like super thin and shit, I couldn't do that", then she came with her group and like brought it so hard I'm crying.  Anyone can dance.  Just gotta put the work in and love it.. Anyone. Can. Dance.
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Your comment made me tear up, I'm so happy to have shared the video! That girl's name is Amanda LaCount, she's appears in a lot of Brian's choreo classes!! She's so amazing, I agree.

Dance is for everyone!!

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yeah but as someone who got bullied  because my sense of rhythm left much to be desired along with my struggles knowing left from right under pressure I never considered dance to be even an option.  I left marching band with more anxiety than when I joined, so I can imagine the hurdles she has overcome from the haters and even teachers telling her shit.  And she just brings it.  Slaps em in their faces and I am reminded about why the arts and everything is important.  That it is for everyone.  Just dance your dance. 
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No...It sould be "Don't'" stop me now.
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