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Beastfolk of Azeroth

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AKA: Anthros of Azeroth!

Been sitting on an image like this for a while and this year's Blizzcon Art Contest was enough prompt to finally execute it! Featuring the known* beast-races of Azeroth**, though admittedly I did forget/didnt make space for the Vermin of Pandaria (it's okay, no one will miss them.)

Included here:
Kalimdor- Tauren, Furbolg, Tolvir, Wildkin, Qiraji, Qilboar,
Pandaria- Pandaren, Mantid, Hozen, Jinyu, Mogu, Yaungol, Saurok, Yeti
Eastern Kingdoms- Worgen, Murloc, Gnoll, Drakonid, Dragonspawn
Northrend- Tuskarr, Taunka, Nerubian, Wolvar, Gorloc
Ocean/Maelstrom: Naga and Makrura

*New races coming in Legion were not included.
**Races exclusive to Draenor like the Saberon and Arakkoa were also not included.
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Nice work you've done here.
chowduke's avatar
This is so freaking cool
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awesome Artwork really!
now with the new Addon (Battle for Azeroth) out we got introduced to two new Beast Races: Vulpera (Foxes) and Sethrak (Snakes) both native to Zandalar.
Maybe in the future we will see a newer version?
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Look like new kung fu panda series 😁
ImpressivelyMediocre's avatar
Azeroth really is just an oversized zoo.
Garo123456's avatar
Amazing army of awesome anthropomorphic animals from Azeroth. ^^
evix77's avatar
Oh my god, you have no idea how much I love this. I was already gushing over your art, then I see WoW related art?? <3 
twinskitty's avatar
Your artwork like my comic of Spectaculer Kung fu Panda
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I really like how you gave the three playable races here much higher contrast than the other races in this. It makes them stand out even more. C:
Anayo-s's avatar
The Panda is my favorite.
Pph, they have nothin´on argonians and khajiits!
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Wow! amazing job
ZeePonj's avatar
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Whoa, the use of color in this is really clever! I really love how the creatures are, in a way, arranged and colored by which continent they appeared on, but it's not glaringly in-your-face with the choice of color. Plus the three playable races were really used in an interesting way here!

I really love this game and how there's a ton of divergent evolution in this world. Man, never change, Azeroth.

(and wow, this really made me realize that Pandaria introduced a ton of races in just one expansion)
KlutzyNinjaKitty's avatar
Nice! :D (never realized how many animal-esque people there were in WoW until just now...)
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Very entertaining..  Awesome.
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This is great! Love the style and look :)
nyemi's avatar
Arakkoa :,(
sharlin's avatar
Live in Draenor :p Different planet :p
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