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Kai ( Buoyzel )
Rank: B

Free Leaf Sticker by floramisaFree Honey Sticker by floramisaFree Flower Sticker by floramisa2017 Pride Month Sticker.pngHappy 4!!!! Birthday Cookie by floramisa
1 Mothcat Owned by floramisaMothcats Mentee Graduate by floramisa2017 April Showers Participant by floramisaFundraiser - 2017 Hurricane Relief Sticker.pngHappy 2! Birthday Cupcake by floramisa

Mothcats Owned: 2

#708 (Diverge)

#1502 (Byte)

Subspecies Owned: 0

Bank Account: (See notes below.)

Current Balance
: 4 Copper Flower Token by aquilala 1 Silver Flower Token by aquilala 0 Gold Flower Token by aquilala

Easter Egg - Blue by Mothkitten
Candy - Coffee by MothkittenCandy - Lollipop by Mothkitten Feather - Light Iridescent by Mothkitten  Pile of Dirt by Mothkitten  Cool Kid Aviators - Dawn by Mothkitten
Squirrel - Brown by Mothkitten Rat - Vampire by Mothkitten
Fabric - Grey by Mothkitten  
Common Trait Change Ticket by Mothkitten
1 Clothing Slot by Mothkitten
Event Items:
Mothscouts Sash by floramisa  

Mothcats and all subspecies are a closed species by @/floramisa. 
You cannot make your own! 
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