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Something I have noticed about where I live

Something I have noticed about where I live

Granted I have only seen one Biden yard sign, and that maybe because its early yet. As for Trump half a dozen yard signs and maybe a dozen pro Trump car stickers. Granted its still early but this is really low. When looking back on past elections there many, many times more than there are now. It is interesting.

Here is the second part

Here is the second part

For what ever reason I couldn't keep typing. Fine. This is what we are fighting. Trump will never stop doing horrible things and even the GOP is starting to realize this. That backing Trump 100% will cost them dearly. Trump is a nightmare that must be stopped at all costs. The future of the world might literal be in the balance come November 3rd. Also my hill that I promised to fight for: nowthisnews: Pres. Trump said Wednesday that his administration has finalized a major rollback of one of America’s bedrock environmental rules. The change will strip away at the 50-year-old, Nixon-era National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), sometimes described as the ‘Magna Carta’ of U.S. environmental law. Under the new rules, major infrastructure projects like pipelines and highways could be exempt from environmental reviews, the New York Times reported. Critics said the rollback will disproportionately affect communities of color, who are expected to have even less say in proposed

So two things

So two things

Trump has people rounding up opposition in unmarked uniforms and vehicles right now and is promising to go nation wide with this. My advice, never go out alone and its getting to the point you need to be armed with a gun. I like firearms for hunting and there history and to a degree there beauty. Also yes I believe weapons can be beautiful. I am sorry if you disagree with me on that. That is fine. But we are now seeing really bad things now and its getting to the point that if people don't start fighting back in a meaningful way things will get very ugly. This man knows he is going to jail soon, if he doesn't do something to appease his base and get rid of opposition. The thing is as long as this pandemic goes on he keeps losing, because himself and everyone around him is inept and corrupt. No one outside of a handful of public figures are trust worthy and everyone knows he is not. What he is doing is well this explains it better than I can. Trump’s strategy Like most

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