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Sleepy orbs


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Teen's Play Issue 2 Page 03


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He's scared!

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Trips to the Salon [10]

Date (Part 2) ‘Why on earth is Rod and Lillian here?!’ Their faces were hidden behind their menus, but the tops of their heads were still visible. It was easy to recognize them just by looking at their hair; it was something he picked up as a stylist. “Your orders will be out in just bit,” Felicity smiled at the two and left to hand Clement their orders. Rachel noticed Allen’s gaze that went past her and turned her head to look, but Allen hastily spoke up to stop her. “Hey Rachel, can I ask you something?” He said on instinct. Rachel immediately turned back to him; Allen quickly tried to think up o

Rune Factory 4 Harvest Moon

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Fire Emblem Ranulf

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tSPoF - Ch13 Pg4

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Sleepy orbs


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