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The humble fox by Weregaruru The humble fox :iconweregaruru:Weregaruru 8 6
Looks can be decieving
"Those who is thought to have horns and teeth, isn't always going to bite or butt heads with you,
Those who are not liked by a group, doesn't mean they are to be hated,
Those who are given the title most spiteful, doesn't mean that is who they are,
Those who don't believe or up hold what others believe in, doesn't make them unacceptable,
Those who are accosted because they aren't perfect, doesn't mean they are irredeemable...
Because we were there before, and we're not exactly 'without sin' ourselves.
And there is beauty to be found in those who walked the same paths we did, under their shells"
:iconweregaruru:Weregaruru 3 0
Aspect of siblingship
"Like blade and bow, they cover each other on the field,
like two peas in a pod, their sibling comadre knows no bounds.
From the same womb, their feelings for each other do not yield,
when one in trouble, the other will hear their sibling sound.
A shoulder and ear to each other, companions who know each other well,
comrades in the heat of battle, and ally of the ages that time can never quell.
Opposite on each end of the spectrum in some way, they never shown hate for the other,
For they are family and blood, through thick and then. They are sisters and brothers."
:iconweregaruru:Weregaruru 4 4
Screaming Valkyrie
"A careening corpse, a blast to the back...
A swing of the shovel, the sound of a loud SNAP!
A chortle, a giggle, a fit of laughter so loud,
flying through the air, is a "strict" woman who is proud.
Not a bot nor Mann can withstand her barrage...
to take aim at such a warrior will your leave your bullets hitting a mirage,
By the time you turn to your back, you'll have already get caught in the flak.
And just like that, with one blast to lift her by her feet,
She had already left the battle field, ready to take on the next fleet!"
:iconweregaruru:Weregaruru 2 2
One shot, surely short lived.
"A shot true, a feat surely to be proud...
Scattered parts careen about, from an explosion so loud.
Tis no just any machine to aspire such a feat...
But something simple, original and often an addition in any fleet.
Just add a shell down the shaft, make sure the lid is closed,
Fire when ready and everything is bathed in a fiery glow.
One Engineer takes that step away from the norm,
His one specialty takes the robot invasion by storm!
Left your cybernetic, and runs on the power of cash,
best to be on this badass Engineers side, or the cannon fire will clash!"
:iconweregaruru:Weregaruru 1 2
Bulwark of love
"The at the ready, doth the battle begin with Blade and shield,
But never has the sight of shield's at the defense would go without yield.
Back and back, they repel all thrown their way...
Be it the swift arrow, powerful spell or might blow. They endure it night and day.
A passion in their defense, they care for each others being.
The surface of their bulmark reflects not just shows the nicks and scars, but the reflecting of their feelings.
Enduring and deflecting thrown down on their path...
Never has there been seen is a defense and their protective wrath.
When the day is done, and siege is through...
They exchange their love, and rest in the open sky, under the heavens that conceal the great blue."
:iconweregaruru:Weregaruru 1 3
The free spirited Fox
"Free spirit, cheeky, and sly, nothing would get by the little foxes eye.
A burning passion to be wild and free, only one soul she allowed herself to see.
A trainer who took care of her, at an age so young...
Even as the world around them turned horribly wrong.
Years, months, weeks; hours, minutes and seconds as they pass by, these two took care of each other as the events passed like a blink of an eye.
Her trainer was young, still had things to figure out... There are times he worried about his own problems a bit too much.
He neglected his faithful companion from time to time when he was stuck in his depression, he loved his friend's company when he needed a friends shoulder as
a crutch.
He was liked his companion, and wanted her to share his burdens with him - the kind fox only wanted to be concern about his companions problems only.
Though the trainer knows that his companion has problems too, and wishes he can repay for all her good deeds he done unto him.
He'd be there to lend an
:iconweregaruru:Weregaruru 2 0
Treasured acts
"A Glitter a glimmer, a rare jewel sought after; Like a lost sonnet in a library, like a book with a torn out chapter...
Like unbound joy, Laughter unfound, Happiness and peace that has no bounds.
Clarity is a must to see past the veil, to see the beauty told in this tale.
Honesty, kindness, generosity, Loyalty, laughter and friendship without peer, powerful in the act that brings me to tear.
Adoration and admiration, the heart of a friend won with ease; someone to lean on when the day is unbearable, or an ear to hear at least.
Gratitude can't match a generous treasure for my heart, a Memoir given I will never let part."
:iconweregaruru:Weregaruru 0 2
Wreckless actions
"A hasty initiate, a wreckless act, can unintentionally turn into a purposeful attack.
Hesitate and ruminate before you initiate actions that are fated to fail.
A Lose of love, hatred by masses, disdain among relatives and among many social classes.
Better is the wiseman who is called a fool but remains silent, than the fool who runs everything on his tongue, causing nothing but clashes."
:iconweregaruru:Weregaruru 1 3
Calm Moonlight
"The twilight night, lit in the sky, stars dancing and shining like a twinkle of an eye,
The Moon and Stars, reign high above our heads, as the darkness creeps over the land, to feel a moment of dread.
But the weary traveler will find his path is like, like a lamp unto his feet. Even under the moonlight, A thief will it difficult to be discreet.
A shining beauty, all on her own, the night sky is her royal throne.
Bask in the moonlight, for the sun is not only one who lights the ground, even in the night, the Moonlight can also be found.
Sleep tight, my dear children, for the night was meant to bring a calm aria. Sleep peacefully, and know you are Safe in the Lord's arms as you dream of dreams of laughter and hysteria.
Admirers of the night, watch the comets careen through the dark sky, see how they soar by. Make a wish, dear brother and sister, that one may come again. So we may witness another fly by, hopefully by another night then."
:iconweregaruru:Weregaruru 0 3
Happy birthday, Angel!
"What lasts beyond its years, last beyond a life time,
Infectious in its nature and joy it doth bring.
An expression used by all on earth, in every nation of every tongue,
An expression that breaks many in to dance and makes many sing.
A wonderous thing that no photo or reflection can perfect and preserve,
Its what everyone person in their life deserves.
In love, merriment, joy; or Sorrow, gloom and sadness,
Is that wonderful smile that brings out the best, in gladness"
:iconweregaruru:Weregaruru 1 2
Past, Present, and Future
"Seasons come and season go, Time ticks by like a metronome...
The lonely Past, an unpredictable Tyrant, makes "what once was" his home.
And Present is ever patient and ever waiting,
Waiting for the Future events, always anticipating.
The Future; what may or may not happen, unpredictable in his own right like the past.
Can bring wonder or ruin, that can bring sorrow or joy that will last.
The Past, never satisfied with its solitude, brags about it's best moments, giving him Fortitude.
But the Present and Future paid no mind, for they must march forward like nomads through time.
The Past was angered that his words had fallen of deaf ears, being left behind is what it duly fears
The Past brought things old and original to the Present, and the Present found them to be of use.
The gadgets and gizmos solved what couldn't be solved today, and his delight he was greatly amuse.
But through the Present the Past gave all he had to forge a New future for the Present, and the Present found things
:iconweregaruru:Weregaruru 0 0
Sister Dearest
"A silhouette in the night sky, a Aurora gleaming in the dark...
A songstress that fills the night sky, her admires gather and heralds doth hark.
A seamstress who weaves joy into every dress,
and act does more to bring smiles, as it does impress.
A sister who's gentle smile comforts and caress,
her joy which brings light to the suppressed.
She is family to those allured by song,
and is loved, no matter how difficult the day is, as like goes on."
:iconweregaruru:Weregaruru 1 1
Family from the start
"Sit back my friend, and I will tell you a tale...
Of a brother and sister that met beyond the veil.
Siblings that never knew they were related in spirit,
Same kindness in heart, and same kind acts in merit.
A fated event brought them eye to eye,
Their similarities came to light.
A bond in spirit, and the same strength in courage,
Their tales before their meeting did encourage.
though their adventures may bring them apart, and their lives may bring them amity,
They now have each other in their hearts and thoughts, to know they have family."
:iconweregaruru:Weregaruru 0 1
Literary Witness
Quiet poet by the waters edge, meditating on life's bane and boon...
Would he be prosperous and pledge to wed, or to be alone and his like taken soon.
Book and quill, he jots down his speculated thoughts on it all,
Through the Winter, spring, summer and fall.
Weary is the poet, a literary witness that goes unseen,
Witnessing in the places that others had been.
Very few notice the lonely poet, and very few express how they think or feel about him...
To them, his presents in the communities are unheard of, dismal and dim.
Alone he walks the earth, no other but Christ by his side,
Whether be the sun or the moon, his path is showered in light.
Whatever the method he uses, he certainly writes whether a short or lengthy tale,
to leave for the Wise, for human life is short, for he will soon grow weak and frail."
:iconweregaruru:Weregaruru 1 3
Wisest words
"A tool for the brave, and yet a tool for the fool,
Can save a life, or to vanquish for coin and jewel.
In bravery or cowardice, the simple tool depends on wielder,
by the warrior, rogue or healer.
Its simple design took many their one and only life, whether if be man, construct or beast, it could bring wonder or strife.
The blade my fine fellow, sharp like a spiteful tongue and quick as the beating wings of a dove. Comes in many sizes to suit the user like a glove.
The blood it doth drawn, as the blood it doth save, often the receiving end of its blade is the one to fall to the grave.
The lesson is, my dear friends... Is how you use the tool, whether for good or evil, to meet what ends."
:iconweregaruru:Weregaruru 2 3



Welp, DA barely interests me, but I am active on Discord. Anyone who is acquainted with me or is my friend, feel free to throw me a DM and I'll add you.
    [A small warning, this will be more along the lines of a religious topic. (Though note: religious to everyone who finds this familiar to religion, I view it differently as talking about Christ and the relationship with Him, and among other subjects.)]

    So, my first Saturday at a Men's Breakfast event held at the Cornerstone of God, was one of the most spiritually uplifting and welcoming time for men to enjoy the time to commune, have breakfast, talking about the Word and Love of Christ throughout the morning. The morning chill made it even more pleasant to compliment the nice Cajun food the gentlemen served up.

    By no means that us having that time should have meant we think of ourselves high and mighty because we're
"buddy buddy" with Christ, we even talked and behaved like goofballs throughout the morning when we talked around the tables they setup. This is the examples I believe is what makes men and women deeply developed in this lives with Jesus that make it so unique, people assume that believing in Jesus meant we would become snooty and "better than though"-esque, and/or be a boring lot trying to do everything in our power to do what people would assume we would believe to be "good". Not a whole lot of people look for this kind of thing when they want to find the good in people who do believe in God-- or intentionally don't, for whatever reason there might be.

    It gave me a lot to think about that Saturday as I thought of how I should write this journal, as I felt this ought to be shared with anyone willing to sit patiently and take the time to read it through. There are subjects I may touch on through these journals when I think the Lord has laid it on my heart on what needs to be said, and I hope God takes the lead on what passes my lips instead of leaving it to my own, some of it will likely be viewed as controversial; but I will try not to intentionally offend anyone, as well as some would raise more questions but there is the worry of there being people who will discount His Living Word, since they don't have that relationship with Christ and it's difficult to express these topics without certain perspectives. And as usual, someone might drop by to usually nitpick at every facet of thing, for whatever reason they may have as well. By no means am I perfect should I write these journals, throw my two cents in or get a message out there that people ought to know and consider, neither will I ever try to be as "perfect" as the world may want me, as the peoples ideas of "perfect" is likely to be as subjective as mine. (My idea of perfect is a chocolate brownie, with chocolate jelly filling with chocolate sprinkles. A real tooth rottener right there ;) ). As I write these, I will be keeping them serious enough to convey the journals I write, with the humor.

    The pastor and us were talking about the whole political views, how we all have some interesting traits, good habits and bad habits, I hope my memory won't fail me now since I'm writing this close to my bed time (I really need to stop doing that, but I get the most inspiration around that time; I worry about grammatical errors and typos) but one of the things is that when people share the Word of God with a good amount of people who really need to hear about the Love of Jesus, frequently get punished for various reasons. Some petty, some... well, it is maybe an accident, sometimes the person who was suppose to share that message may have gone too far, sometimes the recipient goes overboard or wanted to see the message bearer burn, etc. I'm not going to cover every facet of detail or reason why they happened, neither will I be held up typing this message to do so.

    And that is when this world is becoming more and more of a scary place when God want's us to venture out to meet these people, to share His Word with the people, and become a active part of those peoples lives whether it's a social community, small community, business community, whatever; and the hardest part to overcome is not only the sin that has taken root in our lives, but the way some people live, how bitter they may become and maybe violent, is sharing that living, breathing Word with a world that gets more and more confused, violent, and even hateful. With the U.S. political elections coming up with two of the most unfitting candidates for office, how a lot of people are acting so violently across the country in reaction to these two, what these two and our electoral collage have done despite what the people have voted for instead, and among the many problems in our country and the world outside of the United States, is overcoming the fear inside of us to meet these people to share His Word.

    Trust me, you heard it a dime a dozen about the troubles in our world (I thank you for your patience by the way if you managed this far), so I'm preaching to the choir on this subject, but this is more of a talk about how come we just discount God's Word, throw so much hate at Him for the things we do, and just give anyone associated to God in whatever way a hard time, or a brutal one in some cases.

    It reminds me how much more we need the Love of God in our lives, more and more we see the world slowly decline into destruction and insanity, the more we need Him to intervene and teach us to forgive and forgive, to get back up, to avoid selfish intent, so on and so forth. Trust me, this isn't meant to convict anyone because they fell short; even in my relationship of Christ, I accepted that promise of Eternal life and I am saved, I am still a sinner! I will be as it's a part of being a human being since our time first began. This is neither a conversation to just focus solely on people worst traits and behaviors, and talk about how "oh so irredeemably bad", but... rather why we have a hard time even having the relationship with Christ for the first time when we hear about it, or why we may not want to have anything to do with God in the first place. Maybe even why people think that anyone, even myself, shouldn't be sharing the Word or talking about it unless I am truly perfect and have all the answers; despite Christ chose imperfect servants even, and they followed Him through all the trials and they got the messages through when they were spoken or written of, and loved them dearly and taught them well throughout their lives.

I feel this may have to be a 2 or 3 part journal of my shared thoughts on the subject. For now I will end it hear and develop the next part some other time, I may think of something in the morning when I wake up for school, I will make no promises.

I love you all, God bless, God keep you and I will keep you all in prayer.

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