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Bahahahahaha by WerecatqueenNic Bahahahahaha :iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 3 6 I can name like 5 people by WerecatqueenNic I can name like 5 people :iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 2 0 I STEAL LE MEME! by WerecatqueenNic I STEAL LE MEME! :iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 1 13
Family Lies
Dimentio was acting so...strange...and Timpani didn’t know what to do.
First off, he had locked himself in his room for almost a week now, no doubt living off the choppas from his enemy cage. Second, he would only allow Mimi and Dimi into his room...anyone else he would shoo away. Finally, it was not uncommon to hear his WAILING in the middle of the night. What was wrong with that poor maskface?
Her thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the doors of castle bleck. Now who could possibly be here at such a late hour? Hauling herself off of the couch, Timpani teleported to the castle and opened it.
“I’m sorry lady...but is this a bad time to talk?” Timpani had not met him, but one look at his metal armor and wings told her that this was Dimore, the guardian of metal. But what was he doing here?
“Ummm no, what brings you to Castle Bleck?” The ARTbug had a solemn expression on his face ,so whatever the reason he was here, it couldn’t be good.
:iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 1 6
Pie chart by WerecatqueenNic Pie chart :iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 3 17
SoR epilouge
“So, did you take down Farentio?” That was the first thing the group of four heard when they returned to Flopside.
“Farentio...wasn’t himself...his mind was infected with the touch of the poison rainbow. We managed to free him, and he now lives in the palace of shadow.” Dimentio licked his lips as he finished his statement.
“So...he’s not evil anymore?” The four nodded. “Well during your expedition to stop him, I managed to hook up with a beautiful LITbug named Dimiere’ave...should I tell him that?”
“Fariere, Farentio fled to the palace of shadow so he probably wants to be left alone…” Fariere simply smiled at Luentio
“I see...when he was alive, Farentio wasn’t really a true LITbug...during the time of the ancients, a thick fog rolled into Ingresse isle...the fog wasn’t dangerous, but if you thought of something, the fog made it real. Farentio was one of those things the fog made real.
:iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 0 2
“Daad, there’s a spider in my play area!!” Opening one eye, Dimentio saw his 3 year old daughter Dimi whimpering in fear. She was holding her stuffed squiglet toy in her arms, as always. “Please….I can’t play ‘explorer’ if there’s a spider in my play area.”
“Alright, Dimi,” He yawned, revealing sharp white teeth. “I’m coming.” Dimi led her father to her mini-playground, where she pointed at a spiderweb in between her swing. The spider was resting right in the center of the web.
“Please kill it dad...I don’t want it to bite me.” She let out a small whimper of fear. Dimi has had REALLY bad arachnophobia ever since she was a year old.
“I will, Dimi, don’t worry.” He picked up a stick and approached the swing. As carefully as he could, Dimentio got rid of the web, but the spider fell down onto the ground. A quick shriek was all Dimentio needed to squash the creature
:iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 2 0
“Well hi,” that was the first thing Aricia heard when she regained consciousness. Looking around, she saw some kind of black creature staring at her, and a quick glance at her surroundings told her she was in the underwhere. “So it’s your first time here in the underwhere, huh?” The maskface nodded. “How’d your game end anyway stranger, poison 1-up, bad jump, or did someone..” He trailed off.
“I was publicly executed.” Aricia stood up, still a little wobbly. “Now tell me where I need to go.”
“Queen Jaydees is just up ahead, although if you were publicly executed, you probably don’t stand much of a chance.” Aricia just snarled at the black creature.
Against all odds, the cruel maskface had made it to the castle
:iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 1 2
100TC execution
“Do you have anything to say before sentence is carried out?” After pleading guilty to abuse, murder, assault, and attempted murder, Aricia was sentenced to be publicly executed, specifically, to be burned by the stake. Aricia was already tied to the stake, and Dante had a match in his hand.
“I regret nothing that I have done. Dimentio is nothing but a wild animal who killed my mother! He deserved every moment of the beatings, the cuts, and the poisoning. He’s better off as the evil maskface he was during the chaos heart incident. He doesn’t deserve the wife he has, the kid he has, the friends he has...he’s a filthy animal that ruined my life!” She spat in Dante’s face when she finished.
“Oh on the contrary,” Dante looked behind him and saw Dimigi, and she was dressed in a snow white robe, and matching gloves and shoes. She also had a beautiful black rose in her dark blue hair. “Dimentio did not kill your mother Aricia,
:iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 2 0
“That idiotic LITbug, I swear if I find her again…” That was exactly what Aricia said as she was led into a maskface courtroom. Following the attempted murder of her brother, Aricia had confessed everything to her village, on order of the LITbug queen. But instead of exiling her, the maskface officials arrested her.
“Quiet, Aricia, if you’re not executed for your crimes, you’ll be in prison for the rest of your miserable life!” The judge shot a mean look at the criminal. “Dante, your opening statement.”
“Thank you judge, Aricia has been abusing Dimentio ever since he was born. She would often hit, kick or even bite my nephew simply because he was a boy. She would also destroy his possessions, like his toys or stuffed animals. But the worst she did was inject Dimentio with a nasty chemical that made him evil before killing the chief of the tribe, and pinning the blame on him. Oh and she also killed Genevie so she could get cust
:iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 1 0
Ca'evil SOLD by WerecatqueenNic Ca'evil SOLD :iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 2 18
SoR chapter 14
“Stay down LITbug scum! Loms, give me the frost orb!” That’s the first thing Farentio heard when he was tackled. He was on his way to lay a rose at Fariere’s chamber...but he was attacked by island rouges.
“As you command, Nagol!” She handed the frost orb to the man.
“Wait, don’t understand! I promised Fariere-”  But that’s all he managed to say before Nagol dropped the orb on his foot.
“I don’t’re a LITbug and they must all be exterminated! The orb’s gonna work your way up your body...and when it reaches your heart in about 5’s game over for you!”
“Ah, so the all powerful heroes have finally arrived!” Dimentio winced when he hear
:iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 0 2
SoR chapter 13
“Fariere why must you do this?” It had been exactly six months since Fariere are Farentio got engaged...but just when they were about to wed, Fariere had decided to hibernate herself.
“Farentio, my one and only honor piece is not true honor by bug I shouldn't even be I’m going to hibernate myself until I get true honor. Also...I’m beginning to feel weak.”
“Very well...Fariere...I promise you that I will wait for you...and when you are finally released…”
“I know, Farentio...for now...goodbye”
“Farewell, my sweet Fariere”
“Oh my...I never thought I’d see the day when someone other than a cat warrior would make it so far.” That was the fir
:iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 1 2
adopt two-Redot SOLD! by WerecatqueenNic adopt two-Redot SOLD! :iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 2 10 Shobin'ave by WerecatqueenNic Shobin'ave :iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 6 0 Not again.... by WerecatqueenNic Not again.... :iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 1 8
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Hello there and welcome to my dumpster!

Here you will find stories, Super Paper Mario fanfics, oc refs, and more! Updates are whenever.

Please note: I am not a favbot...I am trying to get caught up in my favs from my old account and I rarely have anything to say. That is all

First...OTHER PLACES YOU CAN FIND ME! :icondimentiocameplz:
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Now....What I am currently working on! :icondimehappyplz:
:bulletblue: Shade of Revenge
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:bulletblue: Dimentio's past
:bulletblue: The Messiah

And then...OTHER DA ACCOUNTS! :iconcountbleckyayplz:
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Screaming kid: Trying to finish your fanfiction? Allow me to play you the song of my people! 

So...we're about to get slammed with something...I keep hearing thunder and the sky is dark as shit

Farentio really misses Kathy
Okay there's this one crime show I like...but the kinda over the's a crime show...not a horror movie

Does she even have human decency?
I personally like mario as pred and peach as prey
*throws myself into a pool full of sharks*
So my next fic is going to have both a vore and a non vore version

I will write the non vore version first 
BFG: Ohhh that's a nice 'older game we released' that you want to play

BFG: I would be a shame if we

So when my little sister goes out for whatever reason, my stepdad slaps the dishwasher duty on me EVEN IF IT ISN'T MY TURN. And he also gave her FIVE gigs of data when they only gave me four

Dude, your 'parental favoritism' is showing BAD
I really like the redemption cemetery series
Wanna piss off Marigi?

Just tell her shadow magic is the same as dark magic
latest LoL moments 2

Dark stranger: I did not expect you to be such a worthy opponent

Farentio: (thinking) That's a funny way of saying 'you just mopped the floor with me'
Sorry guys in a few minutes im going to lose signal. Be back on saturday
sooo in a game I really want to play there's this thing called a damned coin. If you collect it, you lose the level.

Unless of course, you're a damned bug or a shade
Me: This day is going so well! 


Me: W H Y 
Also my mom is making walk back to my home in 95 degree heat...W H Y 

-The parents of a screaming child 
Hello I just voted for the first time.

it was okay
Fact of the day- Although VIDbugs are immune to physical attacks, a pointy object to the eye will temporarily blind/stun them
Making half decent OCS on isn't easy...Why you may ask? Well...

-There is a SEVERE lack of good fantasy clothing, like robes and armor. And the robes and armor they DO have is usually blatantly revealing

-There aren't many skin color options...the only fantasy skins are the lunar base and the ragdoll base

-There is next to no mace/bow/hammer items

-There's a SEVERE lack of certain color items (like orange and brown)

-like 99 percent of the clothes are casual stuff

-There is a LOT of cutesy girl items...meaning it's harder to make boy avis than girl avis

-99 percent of the boys items don't look good at all
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