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Sharla's end :iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 1 3
Fail by WerecatqueenNic Fail :iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 2 4
Shade of abuse 02
“Shade, get away from that computer now! That computer belongs to Gaster!” Farentio just simply whined in response. Being locked up in a basement was starting to get one day Farentio decided to download a few free games on Gaster’s computer, hoping to relieve his boredom.
“I’m sorry, I was bored. And Gaster told me it was okay.” There was sorrow in his eyes, but Gastor was not buying it, nor would he ever.
“You worthless piece of shit!” He kicked Farentio in the left leg before whipping him. “That computer is not to be touched no matter WHAT my brother says! If you touch it again, I swear I will end you!” He whipped him again, this time in the face. He smirked when blood started trickling out of the whip wound.
“No…” he then passed out, blood still falling from his face.

:iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 2 3
Mareach by WerecatqueenNic Mareach :iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 3 10 Damiano by WerecatqueenNic Damiano :iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 2 0
I will not put him down
“Why don’t you just put the damn thing down, Dimel’art?” The shade hybrid growled as she recognized the voice of Rikulk, the overseer of the vore universe.
“Because, Rikulk, he deserves a chance just like bugs that can see! May I remind you that you’re deaf in one year, and yet people give YOU a chance!” She quickly glanced at her blind boyfriend, who was sleeping in her bed holding her signature ragdoll cat plush she gave to him.
“Shade…time to put your boyfriend’s protocol.” There was hostility in the ARTbug’s voice and her teeth were barred.
“Maybe back then...but not now. Dimore is clearly not suffering or in any kind of distress. Just because a bug is defenseless doesn’t mean that they should be put down!” Dimore didn’t start out blind, but a combination of a brutal vore hater attack and eye problems put him in that state.
“Dimel’art, you must have forgotten…
:iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 1 6
Shade of abuse 01
Farentio had never seen Gaster so worked up. The shade was about to go read in the castle library when his acquaintance, Gaster came BOLTING into his room...but why?
“Far...sorry to bug you at such a late brother, Gastor has gone BANANAS!” The shade’s blood ran ice cold when he mentioned Gastor, the mudhuman that abused him for over a year. Apparently, Gastor REALLY hated shades, but never got the chance to hurt one simply because they were always hiding. So when Gaster decided to revive him, Gastor was ECSTATIC! To start with, he persuaded his younger brother to infect him with touch of the poison rainbow, and Gaster, being the naive kid he was, agreed. But Farentio was no ordinary he had an immunity to the touch. So whenever Gaster’s back was turned, Gastor would do all kinds of horrible crap to him…only escaping when he carelessly left one of the windows unlocked.
“Gaster, your brother has already gone bananas. Otherwise
:iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 1 6
Nightmare Effects
Mimi knew there was something wrong with Dimentio the moment she laid eyes on him.
First off, the poor maskface had become quite thin and he was shaking, probably due to hunger. Second, Mimi heard him WAILING at 1 a.m for the past two days. Lastly, Dimentio rarely, no, Dimentio NEVER went to her within the last two days. The quick glance of him she just now got was the first time she had seen him since he started avoiding her.  Normally, he would come to her twice a day to cuddle, but cuddling just doesn’t seem to interest him now...Mimi needed to know why Dimentio was acting like this. She couldn’t bear living without her maskface a MINUTE longer
“Farentio, can i talk to you for a minute?” The shade was in the middle of picking up tarot cars off the floor when Mimi came barging into his room.
:iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 1 5
Dimel'art by WerecatqueenNic Dimel'art :iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 4 0
The problems with webkinz
Greetings, since I am in a negative mood I will be pointing out my top three biggest problems with webkinz. Keep in mind that I REALLY love the website but a wise man once an criticize what you like.
The very first mechanic that I (and possibly many others) despise is item retiring. When an item is 'retired' it means you can not get that item normally anymore. You can STILL get it through trading or kinzpost...but if, for example, an exclusive item is retired, you can not get that item by adopting a webkinz pet. Now I can understand retiring items if the prize pool is randomized, and thus, possible to get duplicates, but for prize pools that you can CHOOSE what prize you get, it makes no fucking sense. It's even worse if the item is from a prize pool that takes a long time to gain access to (Like for example, the moonberry marmalade prize pool). Again, the key here is RNG (random number generator). If the prizes in the pool are awarded randomly, then sure, retire items. But
:iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 1 2
This is why by WerecatqueenNic This is why :iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 6 8 My feelings about Winter by WerecatqueenNic My feelings about Winter :iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 3 0 PFFFFTH by WerecatqueenNic PFFFFTH :iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 4 2 Dumbass Waluigi fans by WerecatqueenNic Dumbass Waluigi fans :iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 5 10
100TC- Ambush
“Why are you leaving me Farentio? Lisead wants me dead and you’re the only person who he’s scared of.” The shade simply shook his head.
“Dimi, I stepped on a sharp rock. I need to get this wound fixed up. My cat and snake will protect you. Lisead may be eager to kill you, but even SHE knows not to fuck with a cobra and an angry cat.” That seemed to be enough for Dimi, so she let go of his arm and ran back to her playground with the cat and snake close behind.
“Well, well, well, what do we have here? Little Dimi is playing without that shade for protec-” Lisead cut herself off as he saw the king cobra and Savannah guarding the 3 year old. As quietly as she could, the countess loaded her arrow, aimed at the cobra, and fired. She the ndid the
:iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 1 0
Mature content
Nagol's wrath :iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 1 6
My stories..and other stuff like oc refs and photos




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-Xenoblade (Shiora FOREVER!)
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-Castle cats (Catniss is best kitty)
-Castle Crashers (FROST KIIIING!)
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-Kirby (Magalor is best Kirby villain)
-Dark Parables (Ross Red is best prince)
-Webkinz (DONT JUDGE ME!)


Fuck...I thought I only had Science to do today...but turns out I have the dreaded online homework in math to do as well...and that takes FOREVER

I just might have to do some of it on Tuesday during my break or even Wednesday (on TOP of the essay I have to do for happiness) because there is NO way I can do all my science, some of my Math AND attend my grandmother's birthday today...
Okay...the webkinz challenges are a really neat idea and I'm glad they exist

But...those tournament arena challenges can and will be a HUGE roadblock to anyone that doesn't have a second account like me...maybe change it to only having to play the games...instead of having to win them?
Really :iconpechhi: ? I give you a simple suggestion and you block me? You need to grow the hell up lmao
Grambi im so lonely...:iconfloofygecko: please come back soon. :heart:
Out of the three humans that saved their bugs' life (Omni, Kayorl, and Meta), Meta is the only one who lived to tell about it, as Smol is a coward who ran away when she was confronted (Smol had Dimigi pinned down and was ready to slit her throat when Meta heard Dimigi's screams and came to help her)
Welp...some 12 year old on Mario amino decided to comment three thumbs down emojis on Luario's ref

The poor girl's been through enough lately
Welp...SOMEONE (cough my stepdad cough) used ALL the pretzel salt so now I have none for my pretzels
Dear Science teacher

We did NOT talk about 'fitness' from a gene standpoint in class and you know it! Please don't put it on another test or I will load up Xenoblade, pretend that one of the unique monsters is you, and hit that unique monster with a fully charged sword drive
"Sanderion...just because Lutio'at has a fucked up origin doesn't mean you can refer to him as an 'it' "

-Me watching a lets play of Labyrinths of the World 6
So Mattpat, you and your brainless sheep think Mario is abusive towards Luigi...

You'll pay for you insolence
What My tuxedo cat Geopetto was always thinking.

"May I lay by you?"

"Where's my catnip?"

"Chirp chirp chirp chirp"

"Broccoli and spaghetti squash for life."

"Dogs? No problem?"

"Distemper was no match for me."
"My brother was innocent! He wouldn't dare hurt a fly and had a will to live! But he slit his own throat because some NSFW writer scum decided to give him the dreaded CP gene which crippled his legs! A world without fuckheads like those running around sounds like PARADISE!"

-Mareach, shortly after his face-heel turn
Welp...i burned myself using the toaster oven at my work
Nicknames for Smol
-The bloody countess
-Human reaper
-Black Widow
-Queen of slashers
-Angel of Death
-Rat queen
-Lady Gargoyle
-Fangirl from hell
(sigh) I got bawwlocked again

:icontheunnamekid: just fuck off okay? A fan made drawing of Mario giving the finger isn't going to 'make the series worse'

Also Censorship button, gaiz. by Caution-LowCeiling
"There is nothing more toxic, or deadly, than a fempred OC..."

1 comment on this post = 1 hug for Luario
this is a friendly reminder that if you play your music without headphones in a public space you're a scumbag
Rapo: Apparently...while I was gone...somebody wiped out all of my 3DS data....SD card included

(camera pans to L'ario, who's looking at Rapo)

Rapo: L'ario, did you wipe out my 3DS data?


(Camera pans to Marigi, who's playing on her phone)

Rapo: Marigi, did you wipe out my 3DS data?

Marigi: Wrong person, girl

(Camera pans to Luario, who's looking away from Rapo with a guilty look on her face)

Rapo: LUARIO, did you wipe out my 3DS data? Why did you do that?

Luario: Because you made Luigi digest Mario in an rp....and Luario'eath is a scumbag


(Based on all those 'guilty dog' videos)
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