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I will not put him down
“Why don’t you just put the damn thing down, Dimel’art?” The shade hybrid growled as she recognized the voice of Rikulk, the overseer of the vore universe.
“Because, Rikulk, he deserves a chance just like bugs that can see! May I remind you that you’re deaf in one year, and yet people give YOU a chance!” She quickly glanced at her blind boyfriend, who was sleeping in her bed holding her signature ragdoll cat plush she gave to him.
“Shade…time to put your boyfriend’s protocol.” There was hostility in the ARTbug’s voice and her teeth were barred.
“Maybe back then...but not now. Dimore is clearly not suffering or in any kind of distress. Just because a bug is defenseless doesn’t mean that they should be put down!” Dimore didn’t start out blind, but a combination of a brutal vore hater attack and eye problems put him in that state.
“Dimel’art, you must have forgotten…
:iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 1 6
Shade of abuse 01
Farentio had never seen Gaster so worked up. The shade was about to go read in the castle library when his acquaintance, Gaster came BOLTING into his room...but why?
“Far...sorry to bug you at such a late brother, Gastor has gone BANANAS!” The shade’s blood ran ice cold when he mentioned Gastor, the mudhuman that abused him for over a year. Apparently, Gastor REALLY hated shades, but never got the chance to hurt one simply because they were always hiding. So when Gaster decided to revive him, Gastor was ECSTATIC! To start with, he persuaded his younger brother to infect him with touch of the poison rainbow, and Gaster, being the naive kid he was, agreed. But Farentio was no ordinary he had an immunity to the touch. So whenever Gaster’s back was turned, Gastor would do all kinds of horrible crap to him…only escaping when he carelessly left one of the windows unlocked.
“Gaster, your brother has already gone bananas. Otherwise
:iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 1 6
Nightmare Effects
Mimi knew there was something wrong with Dimentio the moment she laid eyes on him.
First off, the poor maskface had become quite thin and he was shaking, probably due to hunger. Second, Mimi heard him WAILING at 1 a.m for the past two days. Lastly, Dimentio rarely, no, Dimentio NEVER went to her within the last two days. The quick glance of him she just now got was the first time she had seen him since he started avoiding her.  Normally, he would come to her twice a day to cuddle, but cuddling just doesn’t seem to interest him now...Mimi needed to know why Dimentio was acting like this. She couldn’t bear living without her maskface a MINUTE longer
“Farentio, can i talk to you for a minute?” The shade was in the middle of picking up tarot cars off the floor when Mimi came barging into his room.
:iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 1 5
Dimel'art by WerecatqueenNic Dimel'art :iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 4 0
The problems with webkinz
Greetings, since I am in a negative mood I will be pointing out my top three biggest problems with webkinz. Keep in mind that I REALLY love the website but a wise man once an criticize what you like.
The very first mechanic that I (and possibly many others) despise is item retiring. When an item is 'retired' it means you can not get that item normally anymore. You can STILL get it through trading or kinzpost...but if, for example, an exclusive item is retired, you can not get that item by adopting a webkinz pet. Now I can understand retiring items if the prize pool is randomized, and thus, possible to get duplicates, but for prize pools that you can CHOOSE what prize you get, it makes no fucking sense. It's even worse if the item is from a prize pool that takes a long time to gain access to (Like for example, the moonberry marmalade prize pool). Again, the key here is RNG (random number generator). If the prizes in the pool are awarded randomly, then sure, retire items. But
:iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 1 2
This is why by WerecatqueenNic This is why :iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 5 8 My feelings about Winter by WerecatqueenNic My feelings about Winter :iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 3 0 PFFFFTH by WerecatqueenNic PFFFFTH :iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 3 2 Dumbass Waluigi fans by WerecatqueenNic Dumbass Waluigi fans :iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 3 10
100TC- Ambush
“Why are you leaving me Farentio? Lisead wants me dead and you’re the only person who he’s scared of.” The shade simply shook his head.
“Dimi, I stepped on a sharp rock. I need to get this wound fixed up. My cat and snake will protect you. Lisead may be eager to kill you, but even SHE knows not to fuck with a cobra and an angry cat.” That seemed to be enough for Dimi, so she let go of his arm and ran back to her playground with the cat and snake close behind.
“Well, well, well, what do we have here? Little Dimi is playing without that shade for protec-” Lisead cut herself off as he saw the king cobra and Savannah guarding the 3 year old. As quietly as she could, the countess loaded her arrow, aimed at the cobra, and fired. She the ndid the
:iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 1 0
Mature content
Nagol's wrath :iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 1 6
The messiah part 3
“The commercial district hasn’t changed a bit since I was last still reminds me of Blackwater Town.” That was the first thing Dimigi said as the group of 5 walked through the arc that led to the commercial district. The place was still barren; the wind and rain were terrible; and the entire place gave off a vibe of hopelessness and despair. Before anyone could reply, however, an unknown person began to speak.
“What are you doing here, Dimigi? I thought Lutio’at told you that Dimentio wouldn’t be harmed.” The LItbug in question turned around and saw...a blond haired girl wearing a dark black robe. SHe was wielding a dark grey hammer and a small shield.
“Yes, he did tell Dimigi that, but as you can well imagine, we care about Dimentio and want him back.” A very low growl was rising in Timpani’s throat.
“I be honest, if I was in charge I would have Lutio’at kill that miserable pile of filth..
:iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 0 3
Mario's Suicide part 1
It's a-me-a sociopath.
If anyone sees this comment,thank you, I thought Mario was a nice person!!! Luigi's VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MARIO RUINED LUIGI'S VICTORY!!!!! MARIO ABUSES ANIMALS,MONKEYS,A BABY MONKEY!!!! OTHER ANIMALS HOMES, I WANT TO KILL MARIO!!!!! I WANTED TO CRY WHEN I HEARD ALL OF THIS!!!!!!!!!!
I’m just so happy that I’m not the only one that thinks that Mario is an asshole
Damn, this is deep, how an unsuspecting videogame hero can be the most socipathic man in living history, who needs Andross or ganaldalf when you have a sick-twisted, Mussolini inspired anti hero dressed in red and white. Damn you Mario, damn you straight to hell.

Those insults rang in Mario’s head as he held the knife to his neck...nearly five years ago, a man know only as Tap’ttam put up not one
:iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 1 9
RotDE chapter 1
Ahem Today...I will tell you the tragic story of the 4th party. The 4th party was a section of the green universe that flourished year round. There were little natives living in the party, and as a result, the party had very few blunders. The only type SH bug at the moment, was a stuffing bug named Exulk. When the 3rd party natives were forced out of their home by the cactus king (AKA Lynnak) the 4th party seemed like a good place for the refugees to move into and rebuild their lives.
And it was...for a time.
But this changed when Shulk was announced for smash brothers 4….the smash fanbase (known as the fighting party to the bugs) was INFAMOUS for destroying lesser known parties...yet none of the protectors knew that, except for Shink. The then god of hallucination tried to warn his fellow protectors...but it all fell on deaf ears.
Shink was right to be concerned...because by June of 2018, the fighting party had destroyed the once glamourous 4th party...partly because they had al
:iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 1 0
Starving maskface
“Ahahahaha….is this how a maskface like me reaches their end, starving to death?” Dimentio thought it would be a good idea to hunt in the gap of crag, as a squiglet subspecies named squogs lived there. Dimentio had never eaten squogs before, but many maskfaces have claimed that they tasted even better than their squiglet cousins...Unfortunately, a herd of pokeys were in a particularly foul mood, and decided to try and kill the maskface for no reason. He managed to escape by climbing the rock structure next to the cavern entrance, but the pokeys were camping the bottom of the structure, and had been for almost 2 weeks. As a result of not eating, the maskface was in pretty bad shape.
He had small cuts all over his body, as he had been drinking his own blood for hydration. Parts of his clothes were torn, as he had eaten the torn off parts. Since the clothes were not meat, he had bad acid reflux and terrible indigestion. Of course, Dimentio had gotten quite thin, and one
:iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 2 0
100TC- Food
“Awww look...the disgusting little maskface hybrid has some cute.” That was the first thing Dimi heard when she sat down to eat her squiglet flavored meat treats. Dimentio had decided to take her out to the park because Mimi was complaining of a stomach ache. He didn’t know if it was a stomach virus...but he wasn’t going to take his chances with Dimi’s immune system being fragile.
“I am not and dad say i’m beautiful.” She took a treat out of her bag and began nibbling on it. Dimi was a REALLY slow eater.
“Well they’re’re disgusting.” He turned to the bag of treats “What do you have there?”
“A bag of meat mom gave them to me.” She stopped eating the first treat and hugged the bag to her chest.
“Sorry kid, but maskfaces aren’t allowed to have food.” He grabbed the meat treats out of her hand, smirking as Dimi started crying.
:iconwerecatqueennic:WerecatqueenNic 2 13
My stories..and other stuff like oc refs and photos



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Fucking momzilla....The MINUTE I decide to retire for the night (as in , almost 6:40 pm.) Mom zilla all of a sudden wants The great Towo to check my math quiz AND my history almost 7 at night!

And when I (understanably) protest, (you know because the sky is legit getting dark and I'm exhausted) she decides SHE'S not going to help me with my phone

My phone slipped right out of its case and the screen CRACKED!

So uhhh my math teacher promised those who stayed until the end of class last Thursday would receive an extra couple points on the quiz


Well that's another teacher added to my shitlist
Great...some dude less than 5 feet away from me is vaping
"I take my eyes off the 1st party for TWO SECONDS and this is what happens!"
-Maroad, upon seeing A Mario/Toad vore rp
" I got an ad for Lil Gleemers...Oh HELL NO!"

Clorox bottle in a river: (exists)

Leech: I T S F R E E R E A L E S T A T E
Lacrissa: (gets someone to create spawn Material for Lutio'at

Lacrissa: HEY : ) Wanna aid me in pwning Dimentio fans

Mrug: I regret creating you

Shul'scat: Then get rid of me, pussy

1 watcher share on this status post=1 hug for Lutio'at and Farentio
HHHHHH I really wanna play webkinz but there are other college students around me : ( 
Screw getting more virtual webkinz pets!

When I get my first paycheck imma use it on a itunes gift card (so I can buy Labyrinths of the world games)
I need to give Lusworth some more love...he's a very unique boi
"There's people that care about Dinnerly...then there's me!"
-Lutio'at after seeing the Dinnerly ad for the 10000000000th time
Just a friendly reminder that Farentio and Dimel'art are pure shades who must be protected
I'm back from work and I still have that disgusting sink smell on me from washing so many dishes

Okeh but like
What the hell is this whole entire “being a nazi while also being anti fart fetish” thing I keep seeing people do
Like I’ve meet about 2 or 3 people that claim they’re a nazi while also saying they’re gonna “clean” deviantart of fart art .-.

I am sick and tired of this fucking BOWSETTE trend!

-I look up 'Mario vore', I get Bowsette Stuff

-I look up 'Mario and Luigi' I get Bowsette Stuff

-I look up 'super paper Mario' I get Bowsette Stuff

-I look up Shulk (FREAKING SHULK) I get Bowsette stuff

Part 1-Return of the love killer (found on my old account :iconnicthewerecatqueen)

Part 2-Shade of abuse (Gastor Kicks Farentio out of his castle and begins channeling an unknown power for unknown reasons...but whatever the reason is, it can't be good)

Part 3- The kidnapping (A woman only known as Purplehair kidnaps Dimi. They give Dimentio 10 days to rescue her...if she isn't rescued by then, Purplehair will kill the young hybrid, along with 5 other maskface children)
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