The Legend of Zelda: Return to the Wild: Prologue

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When Calamity Ganon is finally gone, Zelda and Link are heading down to Zora Domain at the Lanayru region to go see Divine Beast Vah Ruta.  But they made camp to keep shelter from rain by Hylia River and Proxim Bridge.  They also made shelter for their horses.  Link was practicing with his Master Sword and Zelda was watching him practice.

“Still as confident with the sword as ever, Link”,  Zelda said to Link.


Link stopped what he was doing and looked at Zelda.

“I was thinking, since the Champions are gone.  Do you think we should find new Champions?”  She asked him.

Link looked at her with shock and surprise, but calmed down.

“I don’t know if it’s a good idea or not, but we need new pilots for the Divine Beasts.  And with the new Champions’ help Hyrule will restore peace again”,  Then tears started to fall from her cheeks.  “But I also feel I’m replacing my friends.  I don’t know if I should or not!”  Zelda starts to put her hand on her face and cry.

Link put his sword away and walked to Zelda.  Sat down next to her and hugged her.  She cried on him, Link patted her back to calm her down.


Zelda stopped crying and looked at Link.  “I think it would be a good idea to get new pilots.  And with them to help us bring peace back to Hyrule.  I think I even know who would be great to be the new pilots”,  Link said to Zelda.  “But we should worry about that later and focus on other things.  Like how to make the Beasts work again”,  Link finished.

“That’s kind of you Link”,  Zelda said to him.

Link smiled at her.  “I was thinking we should make a quick stop at Kakariko Village to tell Impa you’re here and brought peace to Hyrule.”

Zelda nearly forgot about Impa and the Sheikah Tribe.  But she has been in Hyrule Castle for 100 years to stop Calamity Ganon.  She would love to see Impa again.  She can't believe she's still alive all these years, but very happy she is alive all this time.

“You're right, we should go there.  I am wondering how she's doing all these years  after all”,  She said with a smile.

Just then it stops raining.

Zelda and Link look up at the sky.  Zelda got up on her feet.  “Well, we should get moving.  The sooner the better we can get to the Village.”

Link nodded.  “Right.”

They get their horses ready for the road.  Once they're ready for Kakariko Village, they get on the horses they were off.

“You ready Link?”  Zelda asked.

“I'll race you there”,  Link said to Zelda for a challenge.

Zelda looked at Link with a really look.  “You're such a child sometimes Link”,  Link laughed at the comment.  “But I accept that challenge.”

Zelda set her horse to a gallop for a head start.  Link looked at her with surprise, and then galloped his horse after her.

“Now who’s the child?!”  Link called out to Zelda.

This takes place after the game, so there might be some spoilers.  If you guys do or don't mind spoilers, enjoy reading it.  But anyway, I'm thinking and trying writing my own fanfiction series.  So I'm starting with 'The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild'.  I got the idea after I beat the game.  I don't mind if you guys want to help me with my stories, I'll be more then happy for the help.  I do need some help sometimes.  Hope you guys like it.


Zelda and Link (C) Legend of Zelda, Nintendo

Story (C) Me
© 2017 - 2022 werecass
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This sounds really promising :D Finding new champions is something that comes to mind after the game, especially after meeting perfect candidates in each region. Zelda struggling with the thought of replacing her old friends this way makes sense and I can totally see her asking Link for advice. Also I'm pretty sure the first thing Zelda and Link did after the Final Fight was go to Kakariko Village to report back to Impa (it's the next logical step) so that fits very well too.
And the race and the end was a nice addition, I liked it a lot. Imagine having a minigame in the DLC "Race Zelda to xy" (I highly doubt this is going to happen, but let me dream xD)
werecass's avatar
Thank you for understanding my thoughts of the story.  I want Link to talk in my story.
LadyHeartcontainer's avatar
Well according to Zelad's diary he does talk when he feels comfortable enough, so it's not so far-fetched to let him talk in your story ^^
werecass's avatar
I wondering what his voice will sound like.
CynthiaSotoArt's avatar
It's looking great! I specially like that Zelda wants to meet Impa after all those years. I really hope that happens in the new DLC xD
werecass's avatar
I'm not sure in the DLC part.  Zelda been in the castle the whole time.
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Thanks, I got more to go.
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