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The Dutchman's Grimoire: Chapter Two
The Dutchman's Grimoire
Chapter Two: Keeping Secrets
By J. F. Marshall
I didn't talk to either Tom or Kelly for a week after the incident in the crypt. We passed each other in the hallways at school between classes, and that was it. Kelly would usually wave, or nod her head, but Tom did his best to avoid so much as making eye contact. I got the impression that he was mad at me. And I could understand why - we'd been trapped underground, threatened by a Ouija board, electrocuted, nearly frozen to death, and attacked by a demonic shadow. But then, he had wanted to explore the crypt in the first place. He was the one who started playing with the Ouija board. So I was just fine with not talking to him for a few days. But eventually, we caught up with each other.
It was lunch break, and the cafeteria was crowded with 700 bored, irritable, hormone-addled teenagers. Once again, I went outside to sit alone at one of the picnic tables in the courtyard. I tied my backpack to the table - somebody
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The Dutchman's Grimoire: Chapter One
The Dutchman's Grimoire
Chapter One: School Spirit
By J. F. Marshall
What are you afraid of? What makes you want to curl up and hide? What causes nightmares that make you wake up screaming in the middle of the night? What makes your heart stop beating, makes cold sweat drip down your back, steals your breath and pins you to the ground with complete, mind-numbing terror?
My name is Patrick MacLane. And this is my story. The year was 1985. I was sixteen years old, a junior at Conant J. Armstrong High School in the western half of Fox City. And my friends and I woke up a monster. It almost killed us before we found a way to stop it, and even though we survived, it still left plenty of scars... on the soul, on the mind, and in the flesh. But maybe I should start this from the beginning.
Fox City is at the heart of the Fox Valley, a collection of cities along the Fox River, mostly contained in Fox County. Named for the Fox Indian tribe that used to live here. It's on the eastern side of Wis
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I don't know much about art, but I know what I like.


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Ian Brost
Artist | Literature
United States
Hello, Wisconsin!

I want to publish a novel. Hopefully more than one. But until then, I stock shelves and unload trucks for Shopko. I also build model tanks in my spare time (since 2005)

About the author:
James Marshall (aka J. F. Marshall, James Franklin Marshall) is a Hobbit from Wisconsin's Fox River Valley. Given the option, he'd prefer to be back in The Shire, but Wisconsin is a good second choice. There's plenty of good food and drink, and the dragons and goblins are far away.

When not at work, James can usually be found at his Hobbit hole, studying ancient history and folklore, laughing at bad movies, and photographing the wildlife outside. He has also been known to leave the safety of home to partake in the occasional Adventure, but the other Hobbits don't seem to hold it against him.

James is not fluent in any language besides English, but does understand quite a bit of German, Yiddish, and Latin derivatives. Put simply, he is capable of completely misunderstanding you in an impressive number of languages. Apart from spoken language, though, he does have some understanding of Film, of Mystery and Suspense, and firmly believes that they do have a language all their own.

Current writing projects:

The Dutchman's Grimoire:
Patrick MacLane stayed after school one day, and saw a ghost that led him to a secret underground room. He went back the next day to explore it with his cousins Tom and Kelly Greene, but when they entered the secret room, they woke up something evil. Now an ancient demon is following them, feeding off of their fears, inflicting injuries, and trying to separate them from each other. Their only clue is a bundle of papers left behind by a Dutch investigator who faced the demon 25 years before, and lost.

Axis & Allies:
An alternate history novel based on the board game. Rewrite in progress, should continue by January 2019.
There's been some disturbing cases of election fraud in the United States this year. For example:
In Georgia, on top of the purging of voter records and closure of polling stations in black neighborhoods, and a Voter Identification law that was so strict as to bar 50,000 registered voters from exercising their constitutional rights (said law being struck down by the courts only two weeks before the midterms), one of the candidates for Governor was also the official overseeing the election. He won, of course. And yes, it's the same guy who threatened his daughter's boyfriend with a shotgun in one of his campaign advertisements.

In North Carolina, several absentee and mail-in ballots were outright STOLEN by people claiming to work for one or more Republican candidates. The thieves would show up at people's homes and offer to collect the ballots right there - regardless of whether the ballots were completed, or even sealed into envelopes to prevent tampering. Sorry to say, hundreds of people were gullible (or intimidated) enough to hand over their ballots. Most were not turned in to polling stations, and those that were are likely to have been tampered with.

In Wisconsin, Democratic candidates won almost all state-wide positions. That's Governor, Attorney General, and Senator. State Senate and Legislature remain majority Republican, though (despite Republicans not receiving a majority of the votes). Now, while there does not seem to have been any fraud during the election itself, post-election hijinks have been unethical. Last week, our state representatives put through a measure to limit the power of the Governor and the Attorney General, basically requiring approval from Senate and Legislature to make any changes. This week, as one of his final acts before leaving office, Governor Scott Walker (R) signed this into law. Funny, isn't it, how the Republicans have had eight years to decide that the Governor's power must be limited, but they only do something the minute their champion is voted out of office? Of course, the persons responsible have outright stated that they've done this because they don't trust incoming Tony Evers' "Liberal Agenda".
That is no longer their decision to make. I live in Wisconsin, and I voted for Evers. I voted for him not just because I was tired of Walker, but because of the changes Evers promised. I also voted for Josh Kaul as Attorney General because his predecessor, Brad Schimel, spent $10,000 of taxpayer money to commission commemorative coins celebrating his time in office. And now they may not be allowed to deliver on their promises. As an American citizen who voted, and saw his chosen candidates WIN, I feel cheated.

I must seriously ask this question now: Does the Republican Party still care about representative democracy by the people? Did they ever care about it? Or are they only interested in grabbing power and never letting go?
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