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Shadowbolt Rainbow Dash Plushie



Was hoping to complete this for Halloween but you can't really rush these kinds of things.  But anyway, here is one of my favorite plushies to make.  I've actually made it once or twice before but someone purchases it before I get a chance to take pictures of it.  This one I made as part of an arrangement with The Traveling Pony Museum, so if you happen to be going to Ponyville Ciderfest or another con they're attending you can see this beauty in person.  And if you happen to be interested in owning one like this feel free to ask.  It will certainly be one of my more expensive things but I'm always open to working something out.
As for detail on the plush itself, it is made from Minky fabric with machine embroidered goggles and other features.  I used :iconvalleyviolet:'s pattern for the body and head, and designed the mane and tail myself.  She stands about 14" tall and is stuffed with a high quality polyester fiberfill and poly beads in the hooves for added weight and stability.  There are no wires or rigid supports in the wings or tail so she is quite easy to handle, and hug if you so desire.

I hope you like it as much as I do.  I always feel legit after making something like this and am definitely happy with how this turned out.  Hope that whoever stumbles up this is having a great day and I hope you take care until next time.

And before I forget, in case you're curious here are a few more shots of it:
Shadowbolt Rainbow Dash Detail Shot 1 by weRDunfo Shadowbolt Rainbow Dash Detail Shot 2 by weRDunfo Shadowbolt Rainbow Dash Detail Shot 3 by weRDunfo
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