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OC Custom Plush: Snowy Night

I am thinking I might post some extra shots below as there is a lot going on with this one.  It's difficult to capture everything in just 5 shots.  But anyway, this was something that's been in the works for a while as it was quite a challenge finding colors that I found suitable for the original design. 
Snowy Night is my part of an art trade, I made one of their OCs for a couple things I'm looking forward to.  She is made using a scaled version of a pattern created by :iconvalleyviolet: the mane and tail were my design.  She is made on Minky and features embroidered eyes, cutie mark, and satin stitched applique work.  The horn is soft sculpted for the spiral effect, and she has real braids made of minky.  The mane has a 3 strand braid and the tail has a 4 strand braid.  Each piece is internally fused with interfacing to prevent warping and give a smoother appearance.  And last but not least she is stuffed with polybeads in the hooves for better balance and so the hooves stay flat, and the body is stuffed with a premium polyester fiber-fil.

I quite enjoyed this one as there were many challenges on it that helped me learn new things and increase my skill.  I was shooting for a plush that looks really good from a front facing view which I feel was done well.  I hope the person I made it for enjoys it as well as you guys.  As always your feeback is always appreciated.  If you have any questions or wish to ask my about making something for you please feel free.  Take care until next time.  ANd before I forget below are some other shots of the plush in case you want to check those out.

Snowy Night Details by weRDunfo Snowy Night Details 2 by weRDunfo Snowy Night Detials 3 by weRDunfo Snowy Night Detail 4 by weRDunfo
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This looks like one of the Children of the Night! Is it? or is it inspired by it?
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Sorry it took me a little bit to respond, but you do make a good point.  I'm not actually sure, the OC was created by :iconwhysteria: so I think they would have to answer that question.