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Link and Epona

Took me a while, and I really worked hard on it, but it's finished! I love this piece, though I'm not all that big a Legend of Zelda fan. Let me know what you think of this though. I prefer comments, but faves work just as well I suppose. ^_^

Edit: I can't believe how popular this is the first day I posted it. Thanks for the support everyone!

Edit 2: 100 faves in the first 8 hours, and nearly 500 views. I have deviations that have been up for months that don't have that much. Thanks so much for the support! I appreciate it!
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i freaking love this.
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This is amazing! The shading is fantastic. Hats off to you, I don't think I could handle doing anything monochrome! Still... I always like trying new things. I might have to add this to my to-do list! Do you know where I can find the original sprite?
PurpleOrangeDragon's avatar
oh my god this is so amazing!! :iconohmygodplz:
do you mind if i attempt to make one myself? i will give you credit if i post it :)
i do not mind if you would prefer me not to :meow:
Werbenjagermanjensen's avatar
It's based off a sprite. I'll get it for you in a sec.
PurpleOrangeDragon's avatar
okay thank you so much :meow:
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beautiful work!
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This is amazing!
Instant love for it! :heart::iconlove1plz: :iconlove2plz:
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Wow O.O amazing!
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I tip my hat to you,sir:)
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I love it. but I can imagine how much work this was, not to mention all the gray, dark gray, black and white beads that were needed.
Werbenjagermanjensen's avatar
Lol. I wanted to do it for a while, and one day I just said screw it and did it would've taken longer if I did the white background I was going to do as well.
I love doing things in monochrome. Don't know why, but monochrome and mosaics go hand in hand in my mind. Anyway, thanks for the comment. ^_^
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That is excellent!
Werbenjagermanjensen's avatar
Thanks so much ^_^ I appreciate it.
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I would have loved to see it in color, but the black and white is beautiful too. :heart:
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It's amazing! I have a question since I also make perler beads myself ; where do you find the dark grey beads? (I'm from Belgium so not too far away from germany and I can't find them anywhere ;( )
Werbenjagermanjensen's avatar
I buy them at my local craft store. There are about 40 different colors to choose from there. If you can't find them at a craft store, your best bet is ordering them online. That's where I get my Cranapple (Dark Red) beads from. I enjoy your work too by the way. Your Vaporeon looks awesome! ^_^
FeliciaSerendipity's avatar
Oh lucky you! Here they just sell them in big bowls instead of separate colors.
And I ordered online a few times but everytime I ordered dark grey they turned out very light :(
You have any sites you recommend?
And thank you :D
Werbenjagermanjensen's avatar
You could try here: [link] . This is where I get my cranapple beads. But I'm not sure though. These seem kind of light, but they're the same brand I get at the store, and that means they should be the same color as the ones used in this picture. But if all else fails, I'd try eBay.
FeliciaSerendipity's avatar
Thank you very much for your help, I appreciate it :)
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