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The city was in utter chaos, it was the complete opposite of what I saw when I came here, not to mention that there's a Legendary running amok, smashing everything insight. There's a Swampert trying to keep it busy,but I doubt he'll keep it up long. We were running down the street, Sun and I, both of us were caught up in the chaos.

While we were fleeing for our lives, we saw a group of pokemon enter a building, we're in the middle of a crisis and people run into their houses? That's smart. We got to get them out of here, I turned to Sun, but she said it before I did, "Get those guys out of here?"


We both rushed into the house without hesitation, but this stopped us in our tracks. "Where are tose gems?"

Uh oh, those are definitely not owners of this house, they're looters. According to that quote, they might possibly be neighbors too, this makes me sick, neighbor stealing from neighbor, that is just wrong, where I come from I learned that people are supposed to help each other not...this. "I can't believe this," said Sun, "Master told us that people should...should..." She stumbled on the words trying to recall on what Master Genkai told us when we were young.

"Treaty pokemon with the same amount of respect they treat you, but sometimes you have to treat them higher than they do?" I finished. She smiled and patted my head, "We still got looters to stop,"

As soon as that sentence finished, another came to answer it. "Well, would ya look at that, looks like we got a bunch of heroes 'ere boys!" said someone with a laugh. We turned around to see a Lombre sided by an Escavalier and a Dustox, the Lombre tilted it's head, the lighting made the shadow of his lily-pad covered his face, making him look sinister. ""You have ten seconds to leave, or else it becomes ten seconds to live," he said.

Sun looked at the Lombre, then at his buddies and said "We're not afraid of you! Do you know that Bug types are weak to Fire types?"

The Escavalier and Dustox looked uneasily at their boss, I can understand why, they can both get horribly charred or even killed it they fight a Fire type, but the Lombre just laughed, "I know where you're goin' lass, but I 'ave tha remind ya, I'm a Water type as well as Grass, you're not goin' tae hurt me as much,"

"Can't say the same about your friends there," Sun replied. "Besides, Kui here knows Bug Bite, that'll hurt you won't it?"

The Lombre looked at me and laughed, probably because I don't have a mouth. The Lombre then responded to try to punch me but I dodge the sluggish punch and 'bit' the hand with my horn. He grabbed his hand and yelled, "Bite indeed! You two over there! Go get'em!"

The Escavalier and Dustox eyed Sun with caution and tried to decide if it was a good idea taking us on, if worst comes to worst I can always Self Destruct and it has the risk of killing me but I will protect Sun, even if it means losing my own life. Sun spread her legs and changed into her fighting stance. The look in her eyes say that she's not backing down. She looked at Dustox and it immediately said, "We don't want the gems! It's him! It's him!" 

It started cowering and the Escavalier nodded and said "P-please, don't hurt her, we don't have a choice, that guy would hurt us if we didn't help,"

Sun turned her gaze to the Lombre, him still nursing his hand, he looked at her and said "Fine! Since they're not helping, I guess I'll 'ave to do everything myself! Oh by the way, while you and your bug boyfriend are busy chattin' I found this,"

He held up a blue stone in the air with his uninjured hand, "It's a Water Stone, and guess what?" 

He started to glow and change, we all covered our eyes when it got too intense to see, in place of a Lombre, was a Ludicolo, "I can evolve!"

“有没有搞错?二比一个大的不公平哦!” said Sun in the old Eastern language, she does that when she's frustrated. The Ludicolo tilted his head and said, "I dunno what you just said but, all know is that you're gonna be sorry you ever came in!"

He fired a bunch of stars at Sun, I assume it's either Nature Power or he knew Swift, she back flipped away but the stars kept following her, it's the attack that never misses, she leaps behind me and says "Protect!"

Quicker than you can say No, a shell of green light surrounded us, and the stars hit the shell, sending only vibrations on it, but not cracking it. He then breathed in, I suspect that he's about to unleash a Hydro Pump, not good. I charged forward to intercept, using Take Down to make his shot to awry. He fell over and blasted Hydro Pump at the ceiling, making it crack a little. He snarled at me and started to Fury Swipe me, sure it hurt, but he didn't notice that Sun is now behind him, preparing a Fire Punch, while I did what I did the best, I Bided and endured. What happened next was well...explosive. The Ludicolo did not notice that I was Biding until my body was glowing bright red and steaming, he didn't hear the roar of the flames that was on Sun's fist.

It was an attack on both sides, he did not stand a chance. I released the stored energy and knocked him toward Sun, where she punched him in the back and he fell face first onto the floor. The other two was nowhere to be seen, probably long gone. I looked around and sighed. "What are we going to do? We can't just leave him here..."

"We'll help," said a voice. It was Escavalier, he was hiding in a corner with Dustox. I nodded and started, but Sun said "Take him and yourselves as far away as possible, and don't get trampled,"

"I don't get it, he's a bad guy why are we helping him?" asked Dustox. Sun turned to her and said "Treat pokemon with the same amount of respect they treat you,"

"But sometimes you have to treat them higher than they do," I finished. She nodded and patted my head, the Escavalier nodded and was well on his way, taking the Ludicolo by one arm. The Dustox sighed and took him by the other, together they half dragged him out of the house.

Looking at those three go, Sun said "Well, job well done?"

I nodded. I suppose this can be considered a job well done. She raised her hand at me with a smile, making me grunt. She looked at it and said "High Paw?"

I sighed. She giggled, and we both bumped each other in the chest, our own equivalent of a High Paw, and with the city still in chaos, we ran out of the house, running away and helping anyone we can if we can. However, life is not as easy as a come and go, no we ran directly into the Statue, Sun stifled a scream as she quickly picked me up and ran the opposite direction, but it was too late, it saw us, it was coming right at us. 

It was too fast for us to out run, especially when Sun is getting weighted down by me, it reached out one palm and was about to fire a Focus Blast at us and then out of the blue a Swampert slammed into the Statue and sent it reeling. The Swampert was holding his ground against the Statue, we were about to run, but the Statue suddenly reached out and grabbed the Swampert. I quickly said, "Toss me." 

Sun hesitated before tossing me, knowing that I have a plan, her trust in me is incredible, she everything I say, and I don't say much. I started glowing, and the last thing I saw was white.

"No! Kui! Wait! You might die!"


"Wake up! Kui! Wake up! Don't do this to me! Kui! Kui!" screamed Sun as she shook me awake. I blinked, an aching feeling coursed through my body. I scanned the room, it was white and I was on a bed, beside Sun was a surprised looking Clefairy wearing a white hat with a red cross on it. Sun gasp as she saw my eyes open, "Kui!" She hugged me tightly, making me grunt with pain. "PraiseShenLingthatyou'reokayohmygoodnessneverdothateveragainIthoughtIlostyou!" Sun chattered as high speed,and my still pounding head did not catch that all. I turned and saw the Swampert, standing by me, he had bruises and bandages left and right. He gave me a thumbs up as he saw me, "Good going!" he said to me before I passed out again.

"Kui? Kui!"
With Kui and Sun on the run away from the Great Statue, they bump into a group of seemingly harmless civilians, but civilians don't run into houses during a monster's rampage now do they?
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Hey, sorry this took so very long to get to. I'm afraid there's a problem with your M1 here - you've done one of the Hunters prompts for an Explorers team. I can't rightly reward you for this as-is. If you're still interested in this group at all, you can remake your M1, or send me a note if you have any questions. Sorry for the trouble, and best of luck.