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"You know what Kui? I never understood how Razy ate his food, I mean, look at him, he doesn't have a mouth. Besides, he's acting pretty weirdly lately, always hanging out with that Heliolisk, Aiseel? I think his name was? What's up with that?" Sun rattled on and on about Kui's counterpart in Team Earthshock, Razyrad, the Voltorb, apparently the only known Voltorb to ever be in the Explorer's Guild. When Sun was finished, Kui added, "We still need to finish the Errand."

"Right, we do, where is he then?" said Sun as she looked around the street, "I don't see him anywhere." Kui huffed and said "Third one to the left." Sun looked to where Kui directed her to and lo and behold, there was the Voltorb, in all his round and electric glory. Sun quickly jumped and did a front flip before landing on top of the Voltorb, the Voltorb didn't seem to notice her as he rolled forward and rolled over her. When he realized that the ground was softer and bumpier than before he looked down behind him "Eh? What are you doing on the ground, little flame?" Little Flame? Is that what Razyrad called Sun? Sun got up and composed herself, normally anyone would shout at the Voltorb for rolling them over, but Sun simply smiled and said "Well, you know why we're here! You're the only Voltorb in the entire Explorer's Guild, which means we'll have to interview you for the 6th Errand they've tossed out today!" Kui appeared behind Sun and asked the Voltorb something completely out of context, "Where's Tong Ling?"

"He's busy training," said the Voltorb absentmindedly, he had many more things to do, such as trying to find that Froslass he saw the other day, but since these two kids are doing it for the guild, he would have to go along with it. The Voltorb looked at Sun in the eye, a look telling her to get on with it, and said "What do you want to know? I believe Kui Jia already knows what you need to record down in this interview, I believe you know that I'm interested in getting power, my evolution is just a few days away as well, which means I'll be the one who's evolving before any of you two would. I'm not stopping there, I want more than just evolution, I want power that exceeds, a Zapdos or a Raikou. I don't care how I achieve that, it is my goal in life to do so. Now onto a less serious topic, if you wish to know this then, my hobby is quite simple really. I like to show off my power, and in my spare time I like to think of jokes and have the Cubone write them down. No hands and all that, they seem pretty practical to me, I wished I could have a pair, or at least one-"

Sun cut off the Voltorb and said "Jokes? You said jokes?" The Chimchar perked up when she heard that the Voltorb had a sense of humor, the Voltorb rolled his eyes and said "Jokes, yes, I write jokes when I'm bored. Don't expect me to Raichu a love song." Kui's eyes rolled at that old joke, but Sun was head over heels laughing at it, a trait that she got from her father, the ability to laugh at every joke made, good or bad. The Voltorb chuckled at the Chimchar's response and continued, "As I was saying, I don't have hands, I find it difficult to do many things, I believe that your partner understands how I feel, besides that, one would thing I would feel sick when I constantly roll as I move, but nyet, I don't get sick since I don't really need to eat, you would also wonder how I manage to produce sound, especially when I have no mouth, actually, I don't even know myself. Maybe it's the electricity that crackles inside me that makes me able to talk, or something different entirely. It's a mystery really. Oh yes, I almost forgot, no I can't poop, which means I can save myself from the embarrassing situation know as "shitting yourself". You may also wonder how I procreate, well...I don't know, I never asked my parents. That's all I have to say, now good day, I have business to do."

When the Voltorb was finished he rolled away from the two continuing his search for his target. The Chimchar looked at Kui and asked, "Did you get all of that?" Kui nodded, and looked at the market. Sun knew what he was thinking, "Okay, let's go buy some food, I'm hungry too."
Client: Alexander
Errand Number: #6
Date Issued: 7/18/2014
Date Due: 7/22/2014

I humbly request aid from all guilds in the research of automated Pokemon! It is my observation that they operate among organic Pokémon with some difficulty, but perhaps we're not so different. I would like you to find various automated Pokemon, such as Porygon, Magnemite, Golett, Voltorb, and others that seem to be artificially created, and find out what their interests and hobbies are. Participate in these interests and hobbies if possible, to get a true idea of what they seem to enjoy about them!

I'll have 1 Star Coin available for any team whose contact with these Pokemon can be considered satisfactory.

Me: Okay?

Team Jin-Gang:
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I have a legit question which I'm not sure was answeered or not, but, how does Razy see where he's going?