Team Earthshock and Jin-Gang Errand #8

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"Night watch eh? We're not called ninjas for nothing!" exclaimed Sun, the Chimchar. Her Pineco partner made a huff, the sound of recognition. Beside the Pineco stood Tong Ling, the Cubone and Razyrad, the Electrode or Team Earthshock. The Electrode raised his brow and said "You two are the ninjas, the rest of us are a combination of an awkward Cubone and a ball of electricity." When Razyrad finished Aiseel, a Heliolisk stepped out of the shadows, beside him was a Zangoose with blue eyes and a Weavile wearing a frilly white apron. Aiseel grinned and said "Don't forget the best explorer there is and this mismatched matchstick over here is Brand. Brand volunteered for night watch so he closed shop for a while and his daughter's being taken care of by one of his female friends. Speaking of females, where's Kara? That midget ought to be here waiting for us by n-Eeeragh!" Aiseel scrambled backwards as Kara, who had been behind the Heliolisk all along, stepped on his tail, retaliation for his insult towards her height.

"Say that again and I'll make sure your arms come off," said the Pancham, she assessed the group and said, "You all know why you're here, I'll be nearby and if you need any help just call me over and remember. No. Killing." Kara emphasized the 'no killing' part by glaring at Brand, famous bartender, notorious for attacking Dragon types that wander into his bar. Brand grunted, "It's not like I've killed before..."

"You almost killed before, I'll be sure to have Ligthingzard here keep a close eye on you," said Kara. Brand grimaced when Kara brought up his last incident, where he almost murdered a fellow civilian, a Gabite for 'giving my daughter the stink eye'. Brand inspected his claws and said "Well? Let's get this over with, we're just gonna send a message right?"

"We'll split up from here, Earthshock and Jin-Gang will go left, the rest of you guys will go right," said Sun, "If push comes to shove an a fight breaks out we can handle ourselves. Isn't that right boys?" Kui made a weird grunt, his version of a shrug, Razyrad said, "When by 'we', you mean 'me'. Correct?" and Tong Ling said "Yes!" almost too eagerly.

"You think you can scare us? Us?! The Boldore Gang? Think again kid, now scram before we give you a reason to," said a Boldore, the gang's leader by the looks of it. The rest of his goons snickered at the two teams. Tong Ling's eyes narrowed, he barnished his club and stepped forward, "You don't scare me. I'm Ground type, and you're all Rock type. I can smash you into pebbles and then grind those pebbles into sand, and then piss in that sand before having my Electrode friend here fry it with electricity so it turns into glass and then turn it into a bowl that I can spit in. Now. Get. Out."

The leader of the group blinked, before bursting out in harsh laughter, "Heheahahahahahaha! S-someone get me a tissue, I think I'm cryin' here! Ahahahahaha!" For a moment it looked like the Cubone's eyes flashed red, and he slammed his bone club into the ground, making it crack. The force of the impact and the sound of it made  the Boldore stop abruptly. One of the goons started talking, "B-boss, I think the kid's not messin' 'round. I-I think we should split." The goon then received a smack on the back of his head, the Boss Boldore saying, "Are you serious? This is my turf. I'm not lettin' some snotty little brat chase me off- Hik..." The boss was cut off when he felt something land on top of him. He looked up and saw Kui, glowing and expanding. "Xerneas' eyes! He's gonna blow! Everyone! Run for it!" yelled a Boldore. The rest of the gang ran, leaving their leader to his ill 'demise'. The Boldore were mistaken, Kui was not about to blow up, but instead he was evolving, his shell was hardening and he was getting heavier. The boss' legs buckled as he tried to support the rapidly increasing weight of the soon to be Foretress, a flash of light made the Boldore lose his focus and he fell, held down by Kui's sheer weight. Kui looked at his new form, whistled. He then looked down at the Boldore and said "We win, you lose." Sun let out a gasp, "Landorus! Kui! You evolved! You're Bug and Steel type now! Dude! You're life goal was to evolve, and that's your response? A whistle?!"

"I'm shiny," said the now Foretress, and he was definitely shiny, as in the shiny kind of shiny, not that other shiny kind of shiny. The Boldore beneath him gasped in exasperation, "Okay! Okay! You win! Just get off me!" The Foretress grunted and bounced off the Boldore, making the Boldore groan in pain as he got up. He looked at the Foretress and then at the Cubone, who was still glaring menacingly at him, and took a few steps backwards, before turning and running for his dear life. Sun jump tackled Kui and said, "I can't believe it you evolved! Oh man I'm so jealous now! I wanna be a Monferno!" Kui said, "Fill in the Evolution Slip and give it to that Servine. You'll get your turn." Sun made a cheerful squeaking noise before letting go of Kui, "I'm so happy for you! Also, very very jealous!" Razyrad rolled up to Kui and said "Congratulations, my legless comrade. It would seem you have improved your Forte-ress. Hehehe." 

The pun made the Cubone's shoulder slack and make a pained groan, as if the words actually could hurt him. Oh wait, it did, it hurt all of us.
Client: Kara
Errand: #8
Date Issued: August 5, 2014
Date Due: August 9, 2014

So...introducing and unintroducing the Boldore Gang, a bunch of lollygagging and not very menacing dirt bags that- Yeah, I don't like Boldore's very much. *cough* Sturdy *cough*  Oh! Look! Kui evolved! Harruy! Of was it hurray? Hurrah? Oooh Rah? Oola of Star Wars?

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