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Sun looked at the paper pinned onto the board, she tilted her head sideways. "Iapon? Never heard of it."

"Probably a neighboring country near our home, I'm assuming it's an island state." said Kui. Sun looked at her partner, "Island state? Why do you think that?"

Kui would have shrugged, but he has no arms so he made a slight huffing sound, "A hunch."

"It says these guys are espionage agents. Why can't they just say that they're ninjas? Look at that kunai, it looks like a ripoff from the Fei Biao, and a spade combined." said Sun, her face showed that she was confused. Kui looked at his partner and said "The word ninja is adopted from Iapon. 忍者 is the our wording of ninja. I doubt the people here even knows the word 'ninja',"

"How did you know that? Been reading?" asked Sun. Kui nodded and didn't say anything else. "So we need to find a Sceptile, Gredninja, and a Riolu," Sun recapped. Thoughts when through her head as she walked away from the board, but Kui was the one who voiced them. He said "The Sceptile isn't the main problem."

"I know, our problem is that Gredninja, we don't know his moves, what does he do? I don't think we'll be able to convince him to come quietly too, and that Riolu is the least of our problems, you can talk him into seeing things our way, I know you're a great talker," teased Sun. Kui grunted, and said, "Both of us can convince him though."

"That's true, he'll be our main priority, also, I'm weak to water attacks," said Sun. Kui looked at her and said "Don't forget you're not in this alone."

Sun nodded, and the two began to head towards the market. The place is most crowded during the morning, with mons running around buying groceries. Buying groceries, groceries...berries... Sun snapped out of her thoughts and stopped, Kui stopped beside her. "I just had an idea," said the Chimchar as she turned to her partner, she continued "That Sceptile's probably gonna stock up on supplies, I don't think they know they're being hunted yet, search all the berry stalls, look for a Sceptile with no tail." 

So, the two went from berry stall to berry stall, pretending to be looking at berries instead of looking for someone, their training has told them that they can't be obvious. They'll get caught if they do. Their search in the end was 'fruitless', they didn't see a Sceptile at all, Sun backtracked too a stall that the two didn't stay too long on. That stall was selling Nanab Berries, the smell almost made Sun puke. It wasn't because Nanab Berries smell, no Durin Berries smell (They smell horrible but taste great). Sun just happens to be allergic to Nanab Berries, ironic because her species love Nanab Berries. "Ugh...well this is a waste of-" Sun was cut off when Kui bumped into her, Sun looked at him and he pointed his horn towards their right.

It was a Sceptile with half his tail missing, a small stub of a tail was growing but it was still obvious. He had a sack full of berries that he slung behind his back, he was happened to be oblivious to the two, going on his merry way to whatever his destination is. Sun and Kui decided to start tailing him, a risky move since the Sceptile might sense them, but it was their only chance. After a while, the Sceptile started to quickened his pace, a walk turned to a trot, Sun and Kui picked up their own paces as well. The Sceptile turned into an alleyway, and the two mons skidded to a stop. There were no words said, and the two nodded at each other, and Kui took the lead. 

As soon as Kui hopped into the alleyway, he met an explosion of water that knocked him off balance, he struggled to get up but no avail. It was then he heard a 'Chuk'-ing sound, and a shadow fell over him. "Knocked over and helpless. Poor little Pineco."

The Sceptile held up a Cheri Berry, and Kui's eyes widened. 他会自然之恩, 那辣樱会变成火焰,孙啊 你快来呀! Kui's thoughts were so frantic that he started thinking in the old Eastern language. The Sceptile saw his eyes and smirked, he tossed the berry at the Pineco and...

Nothing. Kui had set up a Protect shield quick enough that the berry was just a red-orange stain on the green dome around him instead of an inferno. The Sceptile's eyes widened and turned around immediately, Kui turned a bit to see Sun, her fist aflame, leaping at the Sceptile. The Sceptile had turned around just in time to intercept the Chimchar's attack, grabbing Sun by the wrist and slamming the Chimchar into Kui.

Kui dropped his shield as Sun came flying at him, Sun did a flip as she grabbed Kui and tossed him at the Sceptile, the Sceptile grabbed a Bulk Berry from his sack but Kui's Bug Bite allowed him to not only absorb the berry through his horn, it also jabbed the Sceptile as Kui knocked into him. Sun yelled at the Sceptile, "Yo! You big fat green ugly [EXPLETIVE] lizard!"

The Sceptile would have used Substitude to escape, but in Sun's word's were infused with the move Taunt. He growled at the Chimchar "Stupid monkey, eat some Nanab Berries!"

Kui stopped the Sceptile from getting up, but he didn't have arms that could stop the Sceptile from reaching his sack. The Sceptile tossed a Nanab Berry at Sun, but she leaped out of the berry's way, barely avoiding the explosion of water. "I knew that Nanab Berries were bad for me, but this is a whole new level!"

The Sceptile grabbed Kui and began to use Giga Drain, the loss of energy was sudden and Kui rolled off the Sceptile's chest. The Sceptile stood up, looking more energized and dashed at Sun. Sun slammed her fists together and they caught fire, she yelled ”搞什么, 简直是玩臭,小得比不上大的呀!来呀,洒家跟你拼了!“

The Sceptile was only a few inches away from Sun before she heard a 'dunk'-ing sound. The Sceptile looked like he had hit a wall..."Protect!" said Sun. She rolled on the floor and started laughing, "Hahahahaha! Kui! You trickster! I love you when you do that!"

The Sceptile bashed on the green dome's walls, he then turned to Kui, and reached for his sack of berries, which were outside the dome. Sudden realization hit him. He was trapped, he turned to Kui, who was still knocked out, Kui took the full burnt of Giga Drain, nothing would wake him up right now. 

Sun grabbed a Persim Berry from the sack and munched on it. "Task Complete!"


"W-where am I?" 

Kui woke up groggily, his body was weak and he propped up to the wall. In front of him was Sun and Team Earthshock, Razyrad was the first to notice. "Ahh, comrade! You've awoken."

"Kui! That was amazing! Your Protect move stopped that Sceptile in his tracks!" exclaimed Sun. Ling Tong nodded and said "The Royal Guards took care of the Sceptile, he'll be taken in for questioning, probably."

"S-so...Mission Complete?" Kui asked weakly. Sun gave him a big grin and said, "Mission Complete."

"G-great..." Kui trailed off, the world turned dark, his body swayed. Sun noticed and exclaimed "Kui!"

She dashed forward to pick him up, she turned to her friends. "Guys! We need to find a healer!"

Razyrad nodded and said "Don't worry, your comrade will be fine."
Agent 1: A Sceptile last seen masquerading as the ambassador. Kinda sleek, sorta athletic-like. He’s missing a tail and should have a bruise on his cheek. We ain't got a whole lot of Sceptiles in the city, so he should be easy to pick out in a crowd, but watch it - this one’s quick to get into fights, and he’s probably the most dangerous of the three. He’s been observed utilizing the Substitute technique and attackin' with berries, so keep an eye out for fruit vendors where he might be stockin’ up on ammunition.

- Pokemon with a Strength stat of 4 should be on even grounds with this target, through a head-on approach may not be ideal due to the nature of his fighting style. For that purpose, partnering with someone who has at least 3 Intelligence is highly recommended. A MERIT will be rewarded to teams who can find some way to draw him away from crowded places before going in for the catch, but you’ll get a STRIKE if you engage in a head on brawl in a public area. Don’t want to endanger any civilians!

In order to progress the other teams, I'll assume the Sceptile escaped during questioning, forcing some other team to hunt him down. Kui's recovering nicely, with Sun outside the room he's recovering in, fidgeting nervously until he wakes up. Ling Tong and Razyrad however, are out hunting for the Greninja Sun mention. Lady Luck go with them.

Reward: Evolution Slip

(Oh boy...I just 'sparked' an idea...and you know what else causes sparks? Explosion.)

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Just to be sure, since it's not entirely clear from the story, but Kui used Protect while the Sceptile was still close to him and is in the Protect bubble with him, correct? Protect is only supposed to be a self-targeting move, so it wouldn't be able to trap the Sceptile by himself.

Also, could you be sure to add the reward you chose for your team to the description when you get the chance?