Dungeon 1: Basalt Halls Part 1

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"Alright! It's dungeon time Kui!" Sun was bubbling with excitement, if she was a Voltorb, she probably would have exploded by then "Tong Ling and the others have already went in." The Chimchar drooped for a while, abruptly ending her outburst of joy, which came back like a roaring fire. "I'm not gonna be out done by him! He's probably already in there, clearing things up. I won't be out done! I'll deactivate every trap, widen or bridge up every gap! Nothing can stop me! Wahahahahaha!"

The Chimchar burst out with laughter, drawing attention from the few construction workers that were still outside the dungeon taking their breakfast. Her partner, Kui Jia, a Forretress, didn't seem fazed by his hyperactive and competitive partner, in fact, he was asleep, softly snoring, a parallel to the Chimchar who was already wide awake, annoying the surrounding mon and thinking too loud. The Forretress slowly opened his eyes, and made a yawning sound, "Where are we?"

"Oh, you're awake? Wake up earlier next time, Kui, we're at the Dungeon, Basalt Halls they called it, from what I've heard, there's a Whiscash inside that place, apparently they call him some 'phony king', must be a very important title, being called 'king' and all that."

"Phony means fake." the Forretress said, his partner was not the best when it came to speaking the common language. The Chimchar blushed, "Oh, err...whoopie daisies. I didn't know that."

"Whiscash, territorial, earthquakes. Be careful." said Kui. Sun nodded, "He's also Water and Ground type, which means that it's better if we don't provoke him." The Forretress' eye sparked a gleam, and Sun grinned, "I know that look, you have a plan, what is it?"

"We play along." Kui simply said. Sun looked at him confused, "We play along? I'm sorry for repeating you but what does that mean? We treat him like he is a king?"


"What if he-"

"I slap his face." The Forretress said, with a serious tone. His mind was still foggy as he just woke up, but he knows what to do if something bad happens. The Chimchar nodded and grinned, "Well? What are we waiting for? Lets go!"

"This is one tough trap." said Tong Ling, the Cubone. It was a simple trap, as if one stepped on and almost hidden pressure plate, a spiked wall would spring up from the ground and smash someone's face in. It would be simple just to place a heavy object on the pressure plate, but that would mean stepping off the pressure plate and have a hard time finding it again. To Tong Ling, the spikes on the trap were blunt on his skin, since he was a Ground Type, and his ability Battle Armor protected his skin from getting severely injured, however, his right arm was bruised when he tried to defend himself. "Where is he?" The Cubon tapped his foot impatiently on the pressure plate, making the spiked wall jerk back and forth slightly. 

"I'm back, glad you did not sent me on a wild Zangoose chase," said an accented voice, the Cubone grinned under his mask, "Finally! You're here, did you bring someone with you? Did you also make sure that that someone brought something heavy?"

Coming towards the Cubone was a bulky looking Electrode, and behind him was a Zangoose with blue eyes and a bandage around his arm, Tong Ling guessed that the bandage was for decoration as the Zangoose was holding a large rock with both paws just fine. "This here rock's about as heavy it gets lad. Now mind movin' out of the way?" said the Zangoose, "Be careful, sir, this trap springs up and slams into people, we don't want any casualties."

"Feh, as if dying has ever stopped me. I'll be fine." said the Zangoose. Tong Ling nodded, "If you say so," and he stepped off the pressure plate, causing the trap to slam down onto the ground with a loud 'clank', the Zangoose then rolled the rock towards the pressure plate, and slowly ducking behind the rock as he got closer to the trap. With a loud 'thump' the trap sprung up again, and stayed there, the rock holding the trap in place. "Done, now if you excuse me, I have a Weavile to yell at for takin' my dau-"

"Over there! I think someone stepped on it!" Came a shrill voice. "Do you think the poor guy's dead?" came another voice,deeper than the first. "Oh, of course not, he'll be fine, the trap can't kill people anyways," said another voice. Tong Ling turned to see three Barboach, coming towards the trio with what seems to be bowls on wheels. Razyrad, the Electrode, couldn't help but laugh "Bwahahahahahaha! What the heck are those? Hahahahaha! You travel around in bowls! Hahahahahahahaha!" The Electrode started to crackled with electricity, sparks arched from him and started zapping the ground. "Hey! These aren't bowls! These are the things that help us 'walk' on land!" one of the Barboach complained, annoyed with Razyrad's sudden outburst

"Hahahahahahaha 'walk on land'! Fish walking on land! Hahahahahaha!" 

"His Majesty said to attack anyone who trespasses." said one of the Barboach. "ATTACK!" yelled the one with the shrill voice and scooted his bowl on wheels towards the three. In a split second, he found himself on his sides, flopping around and helpless. "Gah! What is this? Help! I can't walk!"

"This, is called Quick Attack." The Zangoose snarled and kicked the Barboach and his bowl back from where he came, spilling water on the ground. "Now git! I don't have time for this kid's fight. Scurry back to 'phony lord' and tell 'im that we're not leavin', and I'm not leavin' till my kid gets food."

"Mon down! Mon down! Retreat!" yelled the Barboach with the deep voice. The one with the shrill voice managed to flop himself into the bowl of another Barboach and the three Barboach scurried away from the Zangoose. The Zangoose spat on the ground and said, "Idiots." He turned towards the two, and said, "Welp, I've more important things to do, like makin' a bridge. You're welcome to help, but don't touch anythin' that looks dangerous and we'll get along fine."

"Yes, sir, thank you for getting rid of those fish." said Tong Ling, with a hint of respect in his voice. "Heh, I like you kid, but call me Brand, not sir. I'm just like you, a mon. Now snap your friend there out of it, he's gonna roll into a hole or somethin'."

As Sun and Kui get ready to enter the Basalt Halls, Tong Ling and Razyrad have already been inside, he somewhat gets stuck thanks to a trap, and that attracts some not so friendly fishies, only to be driven off by one other than Brand, the Zangoose, also well known for his hate of Dragon Types.

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Lol yeah, Razyrad, if I saw fishes rolling towards me in wheels like those, I would laugh hysterically too.

Nice job in this, especially in conveying the characters of you teams.