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Rubik cube - Aftermath
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Published: October 15, 2002
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Rubik's cube: Aftermath

As I said some time ago, I was going to make a still and an animated revision of my original "Rubik's nightmare". But it would be too easy to add just some lighting and nothing else, so, I decided to play with different stuff a bit... pixels, words, thoughts... and this is the result. I decided to put the source of light at the top of the cube, so it gets brighter at the center, and darker when it gets further the center of the cube.

For now, this will be the last installment on the Rubik's cube theme. Maybe, if I get hit with inspiration, I can add another piece, but for now, that's all.

As you can see, the cube isn't solved. Perhaps it can get solved someday?. It's up to me, to you...or somebody else...who knows.

Specs: the entire pixelation was made in Paint Shop Pro. No filters of any kind were used. As the text that came to my mind was so large, I wasn't able to pixelate it letter by letter, so I used the Text tool, although I took the anti-alias out to mantain the picture as pure as possible. Only tools used were the brush, the color replacer tool, text tool and the paint bucket.
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it's hypnotizing. i could just stare and stare and stare and so on and so forth. awesome work! :D
CarlosAntunes's avatar
CarlosAntunesStudent Digital Artist
a very cool deviation...good work
-basketcase-'s avatar
-basketcase- Photographer
Hahahah, this if funny. The composition is great and the text is funny.
I have a friend who can solve a Rubik's cube in a minute or two...I don't understand how he does it. I bet he could solve this in no time. Me on the other hand, I'd end up breaking it in frustration.
Good work =) (Smile)
splat's avatar
splatProfessional Interface Designer
Cool, I like the things you've added to this to make it a more complete piece. =) (Smile)
huggles's avatar
I'll have to agree that that is the epitomy of evil cubes. Awesome indeed.
artech-x03's avatar
artech-x03 Interface Designer
i want a rubix cube now..ide even have a crack at that one, (even tho its probably impossible) :) (Smile) how about a spherical rubix cube...i mean sphere* yeah..muha..or one that can fold inside out, so u have to match the inside and the out!..dont be scared people... its natural for ones brain to be confused when facing a cube of evilness that seems to overpower us...tho who can..those u will...what the hell am i talkin bout?..sorry ive been out of it for ages..i shall say no more
patrx's avatar
patrxHobbyist Digital Artist
I could never solve the original cube....it was a bad dream, this is a nightmare...LOL. Not bad! :D (Big Grin)
banxter's avatar
Nice job. I agree with neven. The shading is fucking awesome! Keep up the good work! :) (Smile)
roberlan's avatar
roberlanProfessional Digital Artist
really cool
:-) (Smile)
neven's avatar
damn... that is nutz yo! the fucking shading is smooth! i wish i had that skill
crazy-engineer's avatar
crazy-engineer Photographer
ohman,this is fantastic..i think it was very hard to do..great kubik +fav
inj3ct's avatar
...but, who really cares?..... or do we?
nenina's avatar
neninaHobbyist General Artist
faaaaaaaaa, te pasaste!!!!!!! muy weno!!! Aww

saludos por ahi.......... en la feliz Aww
zoldar's avatar
zoldar Photographer
Great indeed :) (Smile) And I loved the words you wrote beside it, very sensible and brooding :) (Smile)
halfliquid's avatar

I said this on your past piece... and I'll say it again.

That, my friends, is the scariest rubix cube anyone could probably ever encounter.

I... am... scared.


zelda154's avatar
very nice, would take a long time to solve

I think the color differences are due to the lighting effect.
cheba2's avatar
pretty nice, but. . . you have got what looks like more than 6 colours, so you wouldnt be able to solve this as the cube only has 6 sides! :) (Smile) ahh thats just me being finickey, nice deviation Thumbs Up
Mercy420's avatar
Orange, White, Blue, Red, Green and Yellow + shades of each for the highlights/shadows.

I only count six base colours... and.. incidentally, the sides are thirteen cubes in length - nice detail.. or coincidence.

Nice art, either way.
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