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Rubik Nightmare



Rubik's nightmare:

I remember when I was a child...a kid was playing with a strange colored cube. He rotated it once, and again, and again, and again...

...I asked the kid if I could take a shot. He gave me the cube. Then, I tried, for a good amount of time, to align the damn squares of hell, but I wasn't able to...

...since that moment, I hated that cube...yet again, when years passed, I was fascinated by something that was so simple could be so complex...anyway, I still hated it.

It was around 4 AM. I didn't want to go to sleep at all...suddenly, I don't know why, Rubik's cube came to my mind. I took that minding and put it into was late, really late...and was still hating the damn cube. The image that appeared through my mind was: If Rubik's cube was a could it be?. And so, after a bit of work, helped with insomnia and my battered mouse, here's the result.

Look at the number of squares. Does it say something to you?. Does 13 x 13 say something to you?.

If for some strange reason it says something to you, then...Could it be possible to build such cube in the material world?. Legends say that whoever is the first to solve the Rubik's nightmare cube, will unlock Rubik's curse, and God knows how horrible that curse it...

Can you solve this for me?. I gave up already. You know...I hate Rubik's cube.

-- Piece totally made in Paint Shop Pro. Coloring was indeed random, yet I wanted to make it as logical as possible. It's easy to see some patterns, but, man, it was late, and it was a nightmare. Do nightmares have to make sense after all?. Planning and realization took like 3 hours of my night sleep, yet I wanted to upload the most basic, raw, purest version, as corrected and revisited works can't compare in any way to the original, as it was product of spontaneity. Maybe, only maybe, I'll review this one, tweak it, and use it for future works...
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